How I Purify Water In My House

How I Purify Water In My House

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I am going to show my water purification system for drinking, cooking and bathing in my household. I will show you how I create the purest clean water by using several cleaning and filtering processes with any kind of water source from contaminated public city tap water, well water, river water or rain catchment systems.

The bottom line, if you want to have pure ultra clean water then you are going to have to learn how to purify it yourself.

Public city water, well water or even bottled water have been found mostly to have a variety of very damaging toxins around the world.

Researchers and educators have known for hundreds of years that water is known as the “Universal Solvent”. In order to function correctly the body and mind must have ultra pure clean water to stay healthy, vital and well hydrated.

Over the years, I have had so many people ask me: “what are the simplest, easiest and best techniques for the cleanest and most pure water you can filter yourself?”

In order to clean and purify water correctly you will want to see how I set up my household in this video, to get a few ideas on how to set up your home filtration system for your sanctuary.

I am working on another private course for Earther Academy members that will be more in depth with show notes and videos. I will show you an eye opening electrolysis experiments to show you filtered and unfiltered water quality.

I will also explain the importance of filter differences, sizes and many of the important particulars to learn more about how and why and how I set up the several filtering systems in my house for safe drinking, cooking and bathing water.

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Drinking, Bathing And Cooking With Purified Water

Water is the “Universal Solvent” for all of nature, and is necessary for all living creatures. In a healthy living lifestyle, pure and exceptionally clean water is one of the main tenants to achieving superior health, vitality and longevity.

If we do not put clean water into the body, the body cannot detoxify itself efficiently and in time we become sick from the daily accumulation of a variety of toxicities.

Fish Swimming In Contaminated Water – Parable

Fish that live in dirty or contaminated water will eventually become sluggish, sick and then die.

On the other hand, fish living in clean and non-toxic water will live a healthy and reproductive life. The simple solution to the sick fish syndrome is to change the water in the aquarium with a new ultra pure/clean water supply.

The fish swimming in contaminated or dirty water concept is the basic same idea for people that are drinking and bathing in toxic water.

Simple Solution = Drink and bathe in clean water. Upgrade your water filtration system to achieve pure water to cleanse and hydrate the body correctly back to health.

If you live in the suburbs, in the city or residential areas, most likely you are using public chemically treated water provided by your county. In my opinion, raw water supplied by the public water company should definitely be filtered effectively to remove or reduce toxicity and contaminants before use, because of the harsh chemicals that are added such as chlorine, chloramine and fluoride etc.

If you live in a rural area and are using a ground well, or using a rain catchment system; I would strongly recommend filtering the water and also using a UV light system to sterilize the water before using it.

Over the years, people are starting to be informed about our worldwide toxic water supply issues in both rural and high population density areas.

Currently, smarter people are forced to either buy purified store bought water for cooking and drinking, or learn how to clean and purify water yourself with a variety of proven filtration systems.

Nowadays, you can learn how to effectively reduce toxicity and/or purify your main water supply for the entire household.

Importance Of Clean Water

When we drink and use “Ultra Clean Water”, the body can start to easily detox a variety of accumulated chemicals and toxins through the urine, and when we sweat.

Ultra clean water can be easily achieved by using steam distillation. You can also use a 5 to 6 stage reverse osmosis system or a Multi Stage Gravity Filtration System.

I prefer steam distilled water filtration over the RO and Gravity fed filtration systems, because the distillation process will consistently produce ultra pure water.

RO and gravity filtration systems will rely on using the correct filters and mesh size of the filters to reduce, or remove, the chemicals and toxins.

As the filters in the RO and gravity fed systems accumulate the debris in the water, the filters will start to get clogged and must be replaced consistently. Most filters must be replaced approx. every 6 months or so (depending on the water quality and gallons of usage) to be effective for chemicals, toxicity removal and water flow.

Once the filters start to get clogged, the flow rate will decrease so you will lose water pressure or the volume of water that can be filtered.

Water can easily carry a variety of parasites, heavy metals, harmful or harsh chemicals from all types of industries, pathogenic organisms and bacteria, debris/particulates, insect and animal feces, etc.

Drinking contaminated water is one of the easiest ways to become very sick, and in time could progress to a life threatening disease.

Millions of people suffer or die each year because of contaminated water sources.

Many types of pathogens can be easily transmitted through any water source. Filtering your water is very easy to do yourself if you know the right equipment to purchase. If you use the correct filtration process, removing the harsh chemicals, toxins and parasites is quite easy to create ultra pure water.

Water Stores Itself In Every Cell Of The Body

The body stores water in various amounts in different parts of the body. Most of the body’s water is floating in the intracellular fluids – about 66% of the body’s water. The other 33% of the water found in the body is located in the extracellular fluid of the body.

Hydration with clean water is essential for the body to function correctly, akin to the radiator in your car needs enough water to keep the engine from overheating.

Different organs and structures of the body have varying amounts of water. Much of the water in the body is located in the blood plasma – about 20% of the body’s total amount of water.

According to a study published in 1945 and still widely cited throughout medical literature; the amount of water in the human heart and brain is approx. 73%, the lungs are 83%, muscles and kidneys are 79%, the skin is 64%, and the bones are around 31% full of water.

What Does Water Do For You
What Does Water Do For You

Src: What Water Does For Your Body

Why Is Tap Water Bad For You?

Tap water can be loaded with Heavy Metals such as:

“Mercury, lead, copper, chromium, cadmium, and aluminum all pollute tap water. If taken excessively for a long time, these heavy metals found in tap water can harm your health. Aluminum, for example, can increase risks of the following health conditions: brain deformities.”  Feb 26, 2019 – src: 13 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drink Tap Water | Tyent USA

Check Your Water Quality By Zip Code

If you are living in the United States: check out your water quality reports in your city and district here. This website lets you find out the water quality in your ZIP CODE area.

Recommended Review:

I would suggest that you read the study in “US News” to see where your state ranks for water/air quality and pollution statistics: Stats for the Best and Worst Water / Air Quality and Pollution in the USA

What Common Toxins are Found in Tap Water? Read this article to see all of the common contaminants found in the public water systems – src:

What Kind Of Water Are You Drinking And Bathing In?

The body is made up of over 70% water. This is why it is vitally important to have a clean water source for your household.

I bet we would all be surprised by the huge number of people in the USA that drink, cook and bathe in chlorinated and fluoridated public municipal tap water that is unfiltered and treated with a variety of harsh chemicals and micro sized particles of rust, petrochemicals and heavy metals leaching from the plumbing pipes.

Water Filtration Systems I Use For Drinking And Cooking

The 3 effective water filtration systems I prefer to use for drinking and cooking are “Steam Distillation, Reverse Osmosis and Gravity Fed” filtration.


The most effective and easiest process to strip and thoroughly clean any type of water is by using a steam distillation process. Steam distillation uses electricity to boil water causing the steam to collect in the condenser tubes 1 drop at a time, creating pure clean water void of most everything but pure water.

To create 1 gallon of pure steam distilled water it takes approximately 3 hours of boiling the water, and then condensing it 1 drop at a time. The steam distillation process gives me ultra clean pure water.

The distillation process removes all contaminants, parasites and toxins in the water returning it to its original perfect state – Ultra Pure H20 – chemically only 2 Hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom – absolutely nothing else in the water but those two compounds.

As I have stated before, “steam distillation” will give you the consistent best quality of water you can have out of all the types of filtration systems available.

This is the “Midi Classic” distiller I am using in my house currently and show you in the video.

The Midi Classic model is fully automatic so you don’t have to fill the tank manually. The unit also turns on and off automatically when needed.


  • Produces 7 gallons per day
  • Stores: 5 Gallons in a built-in stainless steel storage tank
  • Has a manual drain
  • All Stainless Steel construction
  • Double insulation for maximum safety
  • Made in the USA
  • 110V or 240V

Smaller manual filled distillers are available in the Earther Academy Shop.

If you want to you can add unfiltered tap water directly to the boiler tank in the distiller. I prefer to pre-clean the unfiltered tap water first with at least a whole house water system, or with a 5 to 6 stage RO system that is located under my sink, before I add water to the distiller for the next level of purification.

Any style of pre-cleaning, the city water will save me from cleaning the dirty toxic water at the bottom of the tank sooner than I would need to.

The dirtier your water is from the water source, the more often you will have to clean your distiller or replace the filters on the multi stage RO filtration systems.

All distillers should be cleaned every 6-8 weeks or so, depending on the impurities in your water supply and how much you use the machine. All of the chemicals, minerals, toxins, petrochemicals other than pure H20 will be left in the bottom of the boiler tank (review the video below “Cleaning My Steampure” to see the filthy water that comes out of my distiller when I clean it).

Distillation filtration is the best and only ultra pure water source that is void of pesticides, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, parasites, petrochemicals, dioxins and herbicides.

For cooking water, I use my RO system that is located below my kitchen cabinet, and it has a water spigot on the sink for easy access.

For ultra pure drinking water I use my steam distiller. The steam distiller I am using is an automatic fed water supply that is supplied by the RO system under the sink. The water from the RO fills up the distiller automatically and then boils the water for distillation.

Since I am using pre-cleaned RO water for the distiller, I don’t have to clean the boiler tank but once every 4-6 months, versus if I was using unfiltered tap water I would want to drain and clean the distiller once every 4-6 weeks.

When you clean the boiler tank on your distiller you will visually see your water was full of chemicals, particulates, rust, pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals etc. After 4-6 weeks, the inside of the water inside the boiler tank of the distiller will be a darkish color and look very dirty from all of the particulates and other impurities you removed through the distillation process.

Reverse Osmosis Filtration

In my opinion, a 5 to 6 stage reverse osmosis water filtration system is the 2nd best and easiest way to purify water. Steam distillation is the best and most effective for removing a variety of many more contaminants, parasites and toxins that RO will not reduce or remove.

The 6 stage RO system I am currently using can process up to 75 gallons of freshwater daily. Click on the link below to see the specifications.

The RO filtration systems clean the water by pushing water under pressure through various stages of filtration to clean and purify the water.

6 Stage RO Faucet System Custom Flouride Removal Filter and Alkalizing Filter
6 Stage RO Faucet System Custom Flouride Removal Filter and Alkalizing Filter

A good multistage RO filtration system will definitely clean up the water sufficiently for cooking and drinking, much cleaner and better than most all of the expensive plastic and glass bottled waters you purchase commercially.

Public city water has been shown around the country to be very dirty and contaminated with a variety of toxicities and chemicals. One of the reasons I like to have a whole house water filtration system is to pre-clean and reduce toxicity in the water before I add it to the RO, distillation machine or gravity fed systems.

Once the water is pre-cleaned by the house filters and has removed the majority of the toxicity, the filters in your RO system will last at least twice as long before needing replacement.

When using pre-cleaned water in the distiller, the boiler tank will not have to be cleaned as often.

You would be surprised just how filthy dirty the filters become in about 6 months when pre-cleaning the water for the entire house using a 2 to 3 stage whole house water system.

When replacing the filters on the multi stage RO system, you will see that the filters will be very dirty after 6+ months. The dirtier your water source is the sooner you will have to replace the filters.

When the filters in an RO system need to be replaced, they will become plugged and you will notice a significant decrease in the water flow and pressure.

I recommend reviewing the CDC article on various water treatment technologies: A Guide to Drinking Water Treatment Technologies for Household Use

Gravity Fed Filtration

3rd best for purifying water is a multistage Gravity Filtration system.

Another way of filtering water is a Gravity Filter that sits on your countertop and slowly filters the water through several filters, without the use of electricity or water pressure.

I have this model of the Berkey Gravity Filter model for emergency use only (if I don’t have electricity), and do not use this for daily use. I prefer using the steam distiller over the gravity feed models for daily use.

The benefit is that gravity fed filter systems are excellent for cleaning water without the use of electricity. These units come with 2 charcoal filters and 2 fluoride filters that can remove or reduce fluoride and up to 80 chemicals.

As you can see; I set my house up with several different layers of filtration to achieve as close to purified water as I can for my entire household.

I use the 3 stage whole house water system to initially pre-clean the main water supply for bathing and other household uses.

For cooking water in the kitchen, I use the 5 or 6 stage RO system since the filter cleans up to 75 gallons a day and it is the 2nd best form of filtration for a high flow rate.

Of course I can use distilled water if I want for cooking. Since it takes about 3 hours to make a gallon of the ultra purified distilled water. I save the distilled water for drinking purposes only since it takes a long time to make one drop at a time.

I drink about 1 gallon a day of distilled water for the detoxification and cleansing effect. Filtering my raw water in this manner easily gives me ultra pure water from any source of water.

I like to drink water in a 32 oz big mouth mason jar with a BPA free lid. I also add a small quartz or amethyst crystal to the bottom of the glass to restructure the water for better assimilation.

The bottom line is public water, well water and rainwater all need to be filtered correctly to be safe to use in a world that has so much contamination and pollution.

Hope you enjoy this “How I Purify Water In My House” Video 🙂

Dr. Robert

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