Hot Yoga With Dr. Mari Sawai

Hot Yoga With Dr. Mari Sawai

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Hot Yoga usually refers to yoga exercises performed under hot and humid conditions, typically leading to profuse sweating and way better stretching.

I like using the heated room for yoga because, not only do I stretch much easier and deeper, but I can also profusely sweat and detoxify like I am in the sauna at the same time.

This is one of the best ways I have found to simultaneously unwind and detoxify the body. I like to go in a class that is 90 minutes long, and I will easily go through 64 oz of mineralized liquids in the class.

I probably sweat easily about 3-5 lbs in a 90 minute class. So, it’s really important being very hydrated before you start the class. I like to drink at least 32 oz of lemon water with Ionic Magnesium Concentrate and other electrolytes.

As soon as you start to “River Sweat” make sure you keep sipping your water every 5-10 minutes.

“River Sweating” means you are sweating really good down your Back, Chest and Arms, and the water is like little mini rivers running down your body.

In the video, I am going through part of the intermediate/advanced class with Dr. Mari.

I will be profusely sweating all the time, and this is why Hot Yoga is great for sweat detoxification. But again, if you are dehydrated it is very dangerous and even deadly not to sweat, or not to have enough water in your body to sweat.

I have taken a lot of yoga classes in 3 types of temperatures.

  • Cold Room – 68 degrees or less.
  • Air Conditioned Room – 69-72 degrees.
  • Heated Room – 105 degrees with 40% humidity.

Out of these 3 types of temperatures the best I have found for both detoxification and rejuvenation is the Hot Yoga, because the 105 degree dry heat softens up the whole body to help unwind and stretch much easier and deeper.

“The Skin is the Largest Detoxification Organ in the Body” – weighing in at about 10 lbs on the average person.

Sweating and Skin Cleaning and Detoxification Protocols are very important when it comes to simple detoxification.

If you have access to a Far Infrared Sauna you are going to love “Hot Yoga”.

Hot Yoga combines Stretching and Sweating Philosophies together, and are a really good combination when it comes to getting results very quickly.

I have been practicing a variety of forms of Yoga for about 12 years. Yoga will help you in many ways with the physical as well as the mental/emotional bodies.

The heated yoga is much harder, aggressive and intense practice compared to the non-heated yoga.

Hot Yoga rooms are typically heated between 100-105+ degrees, while you are performing your asanas or stretching.

A typical Hot Yoga class is 90 minutes long and this type of yoga is usually for intermediate participants. In a 90 minute class I will easily sweat 4-5 pounds of water that came out of me through my skin.

Hydrating Before The Hot Yoga or Sauna

Warning: It is vitally important to drink at least 32 oz of distilled water with at least Ionic Magnesium Concentrate and 10 drops of Living Silicaadded before you start your Sauna or Hot Yoga class.

During the 90 minute class, I will drink another 64 oz or more of mineralized water

When I am finished with class, over the next hour or so, I will drink at least another 32 oz of mineralized water to make sure I am totally hydrated again.

This is the correct and safe protocols to super-hydrate yourself before going into the Sauna or a Hot Yoga class.

Recap: Make sure you super-hydrate before, during and after your Hot Yoga class or when using the FIR sauna. Always, Ionic Magnesium Concentrate or at least a full squeezed lemon in distilled water when sweating.

Hydrating Liquid Mineral Recipe

I also like to add 4-6 oz of live homemade “Kombucha” to this drink.

I have had many severe injuries with my spine over the years. So, I am extremely stiff most of time if I do not stretch and stay mineralized and hydrated.

I have found that, when stretching, it is much harder when the muscles are cold and the environment is cold versus when my muscles are warmed up to 100+ degrees.

This is why the Hot Yoga works so well for me, and anyone who tries this intense type of workout.

Most of the Hot Yoga classes are heated by 4 heaters in a closed room, similar to a large sauna over 100 degrees. Always, ask to see what level of class, length of time and how hot the room gets during the class.

Again, I probably sweat 3-5 lbs of water when I am doing a 90 minute class. So, really enjoy the dual stretching and detox therapy.

If you have not tried Hot Yoga before, make sure you give it a try for at least 60-90 days and go 2-3 times a week for best results.

I guarantee you the results will be incredible and noticeable both internally and externally in yourself.

Hope you enjoy this “Hot Yoga With Dr. Mari Sawai” Videos :))

Dr. Robert

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