Holistic Dental Repair Without Anesthesia w. Dr. Lori Cardellino

Holistic Dental Repair Without Anesthesia w. Dr. Lori Cardellino

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I am going to show you some really cool technology for repairing fillings, and making new crowns with a computerized milling machine called the “Cerec”.

I was in California a few months ago visiting family and friends, and did some needed dental repair. I will only use an experienced  bio-dentist for any dental restorations, and the best dentist I know practices in the Ventura area, next to the beach.

I wanted to record the dental visit to show you some state of the art techniques for repairing fillings and making me a new tooth in about 9 minutes, on a computerized milling machine that creates a perfect copy of the tooth to be repaired.

I was truly amazed to see this machine in action, and how fast it was creating the tooth and fillings to be replaced.

Cleaning and detoxing the mouth and gums should be a priority in everyone’s life – once we understand the concept that if the mouth is unhealthy, then most likely their body and mind are as well.

If you want to see toxic dental repair; watch this eye opening video created by the IAOMT – International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology on the leakage of mercury fillings in patients with the slightest bit of stimulation. Wait until you see the amount of mercury vapor being spewed – leaking out of a mercury amalgam filling.

It’s been over 15 years since I have removed the 8 toxic mercury fillings I had put into me when I was about 8 years old.

Smoking Teeth – Toxic Dental Mercury Fillings also known as “silver amalgam fillings”

The doctor scammed both my sister and I, and gave us both what is called the “Super 8” – that translates to giving the patient 8 mercury based fillings (or also called amalgam fillings). 2 on each molar – uppers and lowers – to create unjust revenue and cause undue toxicity from the fraudulent criminal work. My dentist in our local town went to jail for doing this to hundreds of children – billing the insurance company and drilling people for no reason other than to make money.

CEREC – The Milling Machine For Perfect Dental Restorations

CEREC stands for CEramic REConstruction and represents a process where the dentist digitally scans the area of the mouth where the dental restoration will be repaired or replaced, designing a replacement restoration and then finally milling the final restoration during the same appointment in house.

With this type of in-house computerized machine, patients don’t have to walk around with bulky and uncomfortable temporary crowns and will not have to return for a second appointment for the final fitment and placement of the dental restoration.

Cerec Milling Machine – Creating a New Tooth in about 9 minutes.

Cerec Milling Machine – Creating a New Tooth in about 9 minutes.

If you are in need of a dental restoration, chances are the CEREC machine can provide it in just one visit.

If you want to learn more about the Cerec milling machine – how it works and a basic training course – then you may like this video:

Try To Not Use Anesthesia Next Time You Visit The Dentist

I don’t like to use any numbing solutions/anesthesia type of drugs if I can help it. These numbing solutions/compounds/drugs are all synthetic, and as far as I am concerned toxic and cause inflammation as well.

One of the main benefits of not using numbing drugs is that you can feel everything perfectly while you are in the dentist chair. When using a numbing drug – the doctor is going to make several deep injections/shots with a long needle, into the jaw and mouth areas to eliminate any feeling/pain from the dental work.

Stabbing the needle into the jaws, gums and mouth creates quite a bit of inflammation, discomfort  and soreness in the injection areas for days after the dental treatment. The toxic chemicals and the deep needle probing from the syringe is something I try to always avoid if possible.

The shot and numbing chemicals cause inflammation of the gums and a lot of stress on the mind for anyone getting the big needle.

I can handle high pain tolerance from training hard in the gym for years – “no pain no gain” is the motto :). So, not having any anesthetic drugs was not a big deal.

Dentist holding a syringe and anesthetizing his terrified patient
Dentist holding a syringe and anesthetizing his terrified patient

Try Skipping the Needle next time you go to the Dentist

You will be surprised if you have a little courage and a good doctor with gentle skilled hands, and most likely you may not need the toxic agents shot deep into the gums and jaw areas.

When you have a mouth that is totally numb – dentists know it is just about impossible to get the bite perfect grinding the new tooth just enough so it fits with the real teeth.

Without the anesthesia or numbing drugs, you’ll be surprised you can handle more discomfort/pain than you think.

I have always been able to handle the discomfort quite easily. When I did this video I was videotaping the treatment and as you can see I didn’t have any problem with the drilling, grinding or any of the procedures.

I have known Dr. Lori Cardellino for over 10 years, and she has been working on my teeth ever since without any numbing agents or anesthesia of any kind. She is located in Ventura, California.

Dr. Lori has been in practice for over 30 years and has experience in all forms of dental care, repair, mouth and dental surgery. She specializes in dental surgical procedures and repairs, usually undoing damage from other dentists previous work.

I have to say, out of all of the dentists I have used to repair my teeth in my 62 years of life – Dr. Lori is the best bio-dentist/surgeon hands down for sure. Most regular dentists cause more harm and damage to the mouth than they do good. It is a must for anyone who wants to stay or get healthy that you only see a qualified experienced bio-dentist.

Anyways, next time you go to the dentist for any procedure, other than maybe getting your teeth cleaned – make sure your dentist is a bio-dentist and has at least 3-5 years under their belt practicing on a variety of people.

As they say, “Practice makes Perfect”, and the last thing anyone wants is to have someone practicing on them, especially a dentist.

Most patients, friends and even family have had such terrible toxic dental work and unneeded procedures to them.

If you are going to have dental work or any repair done to your mouth, teeth or gums; make sure you are not just fixing your teeth with a regular mainstream dentist. It’s always a much better idea your mouth is being repaired by a holistic bio-dentist that understands toxic dental materials, so you will wind up getting less toxic dentistry, and hopefully procedures that you only need.

You can see Dr. Lori Cardellino online at: https://holisticdentistventura.com/

Nothing’s worse than paying for expensive and toxic dental repair that in time will cause some type of toxic mouth syndrome.

Word of the wise; find a local experienced bio-dentist in your area. Even if you have to travel a bit to get less toxic dental work, it may be worth your while to do the procedures correctly instead of installing any toxic or unneeded dental work.

A Healthy mouth usually means you have a healthy body, so make sure you put extra time and energy in to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Follow some of our Earther Academy video courses below to learn about some of the protocols I use to keep my teeth and gums detoxed and healthy.

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