High pH Activated Charcoal Detoxification

High pH Activated Charcoal Detoxification

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We are going to show you two very effective “Detox Drinks of Vitality” that are super easy to make, and very effective in releasing or absorbing accumulated garbage in the intestinal tracts, in this High pH Activated Charcoal Detoxification Video.

This is one of my favorite drinks to share to people that are wanting to absorb a lot of various toxins from Radiation to Parasitic Acidic Waste / Toxicity that accumulates in the small intestines and colon on everyone that lives on this planet.

In this recipe we are going to use a High pH Pure Coconut Charcoal that we get specially made for us. This is great for absorbing a variety of toxins in the small and large intestines.

Are you killing the good beneficial bacteria from your diet?

Most people have more bad pathogenic bacteria, called anaerobic ( not air breathing ), in their gut wall flora than the good bacteria we all need to live and thrive called aerobic bacteria ( air-breathing ).

Taking antibiotics are sometimes necessary in the medical world, but they are very disastrous on the good bacteria too. It’s always a great idea to re-populate the good bacteria consistently throughout the year.

We have two different recipes to choose from in the video.

One is the Acidic Solution with the concentrated Fulvic Plant Minerals, which helps dissolve accumulated garbage in the small intestine, and the other drink is the Alkaline Detox Drink using Sodium Bicarbonate which primary directive is to neutralize and absorb toxicity.

Please try not and eat the processed dead junk foods / meats full of pesticides / insecticides to re-accumulated toxicity and / or acidic fecal waste from parasites.

If you are still eating flesh then make sure it is organic and grass fed – Not GMO corn food.

If you have not cleaned your intestinal tract lately for toxins and other culprits of disease and death to our delicate balance of beneficial gut wall flora, then it is probably time to clean up after yourself.

It’s always very smart to drink Live Probiotic Ferments that we show you how to make.

Recipe #1

Acidic detox drink for supporting “dissolving” accumulated debris:

Optional: I add 3-5 drops of Organic Liquid Vanilla Stevia makes it taste much better.

Shake well or blend in the blender and drink.

Recipe #2

Optional: add 3-5 drops of Organic Liquid Vanilla Stevia.

All products are available wholesale direct a earthshiftproducts.com.

Always start slow with your detox / rejuvenation program, and it’s always a good idea to ask your doctor if you can do these therapies with any medications that you are taking, or because of your physical well being.

These are the recipe’s I use personally but they can be adjusted by personal experience.

“All diseases begin in the gut” – Hippocrates.

Hope you enjoy this High pH Activated Charcoal Detoxification – Liquid of Vitality Video :))

Dr. Robert

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      Aloha Pamela, the fulvic acid we have is a concentrate and it is for super mineralization and for supporting breaking down the house of many oxalate’s in the muscle, bones , glands and other parts of the body or supports most reducing calcification’s in the body and the mind.

      I use fulvic acid in many of my acidic drinks not the alkaline ones .. Ones that use the the baking soda or sodium bicarb do not mix with the fulvic because they will cancel the other out. One is highly alkaline and one highly acidic so they cancel each other out of their powers that hold.

      . Usually 1-2 dropper full’s of about 20 drops i use in the drinks. The more I use the more I deotxify for sure. So I would start out show. The fulvic acid we have is specially formulated with zinc and boron thus giving it its purple color. It is also a low pH of 2.2 so it is highly concentrated more than other brands. Watch the vids I have on gardening and using the fulvic acid to stimulate you plants to grow much faster and healthier.

      :)) Dr r

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      Aloha Clay, Dr c here :)) The cayenne accelerates the effect the of the detox drink .. as the Sodium bicarb and mag minerals do too. Its always good to start out slow and move up form there.

      I use depending on how hot the cayenne is 1/2 tsp per drink and I usually use 2 tea spoons of sodium bicarb with about 30-50 drops of mag minerals.

      This drink can be modified to your liking.

      keep enjoying the journey,

      :)) Dr r

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      Aloha Frederick, Dr c here :)) Detoxification and rejuvenation is the big key to regaining our youth and our conscious development for sure. We are all poisoned and poisoned in our own special way.

      So we are all a work in progress and an experiment upon ourselves to see what works for us. I can tell you this … You/we definitely need to learn about the philosophy of why we are going to do what we are going to do ???

      I do lots of videos on essential philosophies in many departments of terrain modification and it is vitally important to learn the reasons why we are going to do what we are going to do.

      As I always say to everyone,

      Its all a work in progress :)) Dr r

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      Aloha Clay, I like to switch it up and use activated high pH coconut charcoal by it self with distilled water sometimes and sometimes in a specialized good detox drink like this.

      This drink is good for help dissolving some of the debris so that is why I like to use it with this drink together.

      Most people are very toxic in their bowels and need to do these small and large intestinal cleanings for a while and get on the variety of liquids of vitality we have shown you how to do. This is why I always say stick with the liquids of vitality consistently for 180 days.

      Dissolve – Wash – Re-Nutrify are the different liquids of vitality. Use them consistently and they will change your life for sure or your intestinal creatures will be getting washed out.

      The magnesium minerals and concentrated fulvic, MSM and the rest of the recipe all help dissolve/wash and renutrify the accumulated garbage’s in the intestines for elimination and the recipe is also a superior form of ionic minerals to re-wash the body too internally.

      High pH Activated charcoal like I said I use it by itself with distilled water and also in combination with this drink. They both work in a different way and I have found to be very beneficial.

      Good Question.


      Dr Robert

      You can also add the charcoal and minerals to vodka to aide in cleaning out the small intestine on an empty stomach.

      We go over this on many of the videos in the “acid reduction” massage playlist.

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