Hidden Toxic Debris in Your Home - Body and Heart Activating Recipe

Hidden Toxic Debris in Your Home – Body and Heart Activating Recipe

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Hidden Toxic Debris in Your Home – Body and Heart Activating Recipe.

If you don’t know how to clean your body and house that means your house.

We are going to “Connect some of the Dots” and parabalize the “Accumulation Effect” of toxicities in my house, my body and mind.

The parable is simple and profound :))

We are also going to share with you a Heart Opening Super Mineralized Drink made from Organic Kratom.

We will do other video recipes on this miraculous plant later as well.

Here is a super good parable for all of us to see and understand.

Have you really cleaned and detoxed your Skin lately? Your Body? Your Mind? A real good or deep Body and Mind Cleansing?

We all accumulate toxins daily even if we have the best of diets and really try to take care of ourselves.

If we live in any metropolitan or suburb cities, then we accumulate massively daily, and over time in many areas.

We eventually get sick and tired of being sick and tired, so either we start to learn how to navigate the booby trap poisons, or we learn how to de-accumulate these hidden unknown toxic debris that is in all of us.

Remember we all accumulate various toxicities, parasites, mentally, emotionally etc., whether we like or not.

I am going to share with you a very powerful parable that relates to us learning to clean the house and our bodies of all hidden debris.

Most of accumulations are dirt, debris, insect feces that are in my house in Hawaii.

We all have dust mites – other microscopic creatures of many types in my carpets, food, pollution type dust and everything else that found it’s way in my internal house where I live.

The Simple “PARABLE”

My “Body and Mind” are same as my house accumulates all kinds of debris.

We all accumulate heavy metals, parasites, toxicities, chemicals, synthetics, debris of unprocessed foods of any kind to name a few … on a daily basis.

I clean my house daily, make the bed and make sure my home is in some type of organization before I leave the house.

Likewise most of us take a shower, shave everyday, clean our selves up on the exterior.

The big problem is we all have hidden debris and toxicity that accumulates, unknown to most of us, until it is too late, and we get sick and have to go to the doctor and start on the hamster wheel of medications and / or treatments.

Recipe for “Heart Activation Drink” :


1/2 to 3/4 tsp White Vein Organic Kratom

White Kratom Powder, with this Highly Conductive and Mineralized Recipe, highly activates the “Heart Energy Chakra”, or Ener-CHI centers of the body and mind.

So, be careful with this beautiful heart and mind activating plant that comes from a variety of coffee leaves in Borneo or Indonesia.

All of the Organic Superfoods and minerals needed to make this drink can be purchased distributor direct from EarthShiftProducts.com

All new customers receive free shipping on the first order ( in the 48 states ), and we ship internationally too.

We always have free shipping promos and weekly super specials.

I always recommend everyone I meet to learn and understand the over 50 departments of Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles, so we can all understand some simple navigation’s in our lifestyles.

Hope you enjoy this Hidden Toxic Debris in Your Home – Body and Heart Activating Recipe Video :))

Dr. Robert

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