Growing Living Foods and Introduction to Quantum Exercise

Growing Living Foods and Introduction to Quantum Exercise

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We are going to show you my Live Food Garden, talk about Growing Living Foods and Trevor Wilson is going to give you a brief Introduction to Quantum Exercise.

This is the “Exercise of Choice” in the future for you and anyone that wants to balance the Mind and Body together.

Do you have a home or friends garden that you are growing any real live food on?

We are going to to show you my Live Food Garden with a short Mini Lecture on some other topics.

If you / we really want to stay healthy, or get healthier and more conscious, then we all need a real Food Garden and start practicing Quantum Exercise.

Real Food means that we are going to grow and eat only Heirloom Foods which are not GMO’s or Hybridized Seeds or Fake Foods.

We are going to grow food that has existed for 1000’s of years before the Pseudo Science of commercialized industry has perverted the seeds and foods that have been and always will be sacred.

Quantum Exercise is an advanced and much smarter way to train and en-train the body and mind to work together. This is the next level of exercise and eating live food is the next level of your diet.

Quantum Balance while exercising is hard to do in the beginning for sure. Quantum Exercise uses your sixth sense and trains the other parts of the body and mind to work together.

We have a series that we just did on Quantum Exercise and how to start this advanced but not advanced way of en-training the body and mind.

Get your heirloom seeds to plant on – wholesale direct and free shipping promotions.

This link is to our “ESP Garden Department” – Organic seeds.

Its so easy to grow your own live food in a garden or planters on your deck 🙂

Hope you enjoy this Growing Living Foods and Introduction to Quantum Exercise Video!

Dr. Robert

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