Getting Started with Terrain Modification

Starter Guidelines with Earther Academy

So you’re all amped up and ready to go, right? That’s good news! Here are some small tweaks you can make in your life to start terrain modifying your life.

1. Install a dechlorinator in your shower.

2. Buy organic, non-gmo food as often as possible

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In order to begin your terrain modification transformation, you’ll need some things to get you started. Here is a list of things that can set you along the right path.

1. Yerba Mate
3. Fulvic Minerals
4. Living Silica
5. Magnesium

Oral Care

6. Estrella Toothpaste
7. Tongue Cleaner
8. Smart Floss

9. Chia Seeds
10. Coconut Oil
11. Coconut Shavings
12. Goji, Golden Berries, Mulberries
13. Healthy Snacks
14. Blue Green Algae
15. Chlorella Powder
16. Spirulina Powder
17. Chlorella/Spirulina Tablets
18. Hibiscus Tea
19. Himalayan Salt
20. Protein Powders
21. Shilajit
22. Probiotics
23. Cacao
24. Nuts and seeds
25. Baking Soda
26. Hydrogen Peroxide


27. Cosmetics
28. Feminine Hygience
29. Ceramic Cookware, Knives
30. Install a shower dechlorinator
31. Soaps
32. Enema Bag
33. Ayurvedic Herbs