Garden and Body Parasites

Garden and Body Parasites

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Aloha all, its my spa day today … This is a ”Lymph/intestinal Parable” : Sunday is where I really spend all day on me and my personal surroundings that I live with and in.

I am going to ”Terrain Modify” my-self’s internal and external terrain and my households internally and externally that I live in too all day long in a variety of ways.

The lymphatic system is about 3 X’s the size as the blood system. It is the large organ we can call the ”Master Drain”.

This is a very important and occult or hidden part of the body that most of us do not understand this vital organ at all. If we did then we would smartly take care of it … as we all should.

The skin/intestines/lymph/liver/lungs are all connected together and if one area gets clogged or dysfunctional then the rest of the connections also become sick in time.

This short parable on how the intestines/lymph systems are just like the grass in your front lawn of your house. Yes the lawn will grow weeds and get parasites and bad bugs like our bodies and minds do too.

You can always tell when someone really puts the time in takes care of there house, yard, garden, body and mind.

If we could only see what our intestines and lymph system could look like internally it it would be so easy to pick the weeds out and fashion the yard to be beautiful and harmonious with a variety of flowers and beautifully groomed landscapes.

If we could see our inner self and we were responsible/knowledgeable and of course we had integrity with our bodies we would take care of our internal unseen self much better.

If you go around the local communities of any neighborhood you can easily see the people that put much time into the maintenance and grooming of there households and the ones that care not to care of there household. People do the same with their body and their mind some take care of it and some choose not too.

Ignorance is ”NOT” bliss especially when you get sick and tired.

These parables is very simple and profound but many people will not have integrity with there body or there household. This is what I call dis-ease of the body and mind. Integrity with ourselves and our surroundings are is one of the biggest obstacles that we all face.

It takes a lot of work/effort/integrity to have a beautiful home as it does the same to have a healthy body and mind.

If we have weeds in the grass or pathogens in the grass-as if you would have them in our bodies we would want to repair and terrain modify the dysfunction and bring the yard or the body back to health and vitality.

There may be many weeds/pathogens in your grass/body so it will take soem time and effort to do some weeding and replanting.

Learn the ”Terrain Modification Principles” is a must to live healthier in this world that is so dysfunctional and toxic.

Everything in Life is all a ”Work in Progress” so keep practicing the protocols.

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