Finding Our True Purpose

Finding Our True Purpose

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Finding Our True Purpose Mini Lecture – Tying it All Together.

Aloha all, another very important Mini Lecture for us to help us ”Finding our True Purpose”.

The Big Question to ask ourselves – How do we find our “True Purpose”?

I can help you with this process I call the “GREAT WORK of YOURSELF / OTHER”.

Let’s see if we can tie all of the loose ends together for Health, Wellness and Evolution. We have 35 years of experimentation and research for you to see and possibly give it a try if you feel it is reasonable and logical.

“Knowledge” is the Ultimate Form of Living a Smart and Vital Existence.

It’s just not enough to be Healthy, Wealthy, Happy and Wise, but the “BIG PICTURE” is to figure out that we are all here to become more HUMAN / WOMAN or in simple terms more complete or possible more authentic as an Earth Steward instead of a destructive being that we are all taught to be.

Please take a look at our cutting edge information we have helped people help themselves through self responsibility of learning how to honor the body and grow the mind.

“Terrain Modification” is in my opinion the “Antidote” to many sicknesses of the body and the mind.

We have over 50 departments that you will Upgrade, Enhance and Optimize as much as you can… when you can… if you can 🙂

Remember once you’re on the “Terrain Modification” programs – as you will see: “This is a beautiful journey of the Self / Others”.

Self Responsibility is to really see the gift we have all been given. We are alive and are a part of the Miracle of Life.

Once we all start following the rules of “Natural Law” then we all start to flourish in many areas that we were not before.

See Mark Passio – Natural Law Lecture on YouTube. He has several videos you may want to watch and learn from.

The first phase is “180 days” to start to learn some of these protocols that will definitely change your life for the better.

The Terrain Modification programs are designed for you to get you “Kick Started for You / Us to get to the Next Layer of Engagement Towards Living with Ourselves and All The Creatures here that share The Plane-it with us all.

The key is to clean the body as well as you can by living a “Super Natural Lifestyle”, which simply means to Live with Awareness and live as Smart and Natural as you can.

You are what you “Eat, Drink, Say, Hear and Do” – so be conscious of that.

Hope you enjoy this “Finding Our True Purpose” Video :))

Dr. Robert

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