Dr. Mari Interviews Betty Irawan and Chris Russo

Dr. Mari Interviews Betty Irawan and Chris Russo

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Aloha all,

this is another interview to show you that some people are taking control of their ”Health” and advancing their ”Awareness”

Are you taking control of your life?

Betty is from Singapore and Chris is from Long Island, USA . Betty traveled over 30 hours to come to Participate in the Hawaiian 21 day advanced detoxification/rejuvenation Terrain Modification retreat and Chris traveled 12 hours to get here.

A lot of people that come and stay with us sometimes for up to 2-3 months are sick in their own way and fear has made them clean up their act instead of pure logic.

Betty and Chris are on this ”Super Natural Lifestyle” program because they are really logical and reasonable and are not doing this because of Fear they are doing this because of Logic and Reason. It is a lifestyle to live optimally and gain more awareness.

Chris and Betty have both been terrain modifying for 1-2 years already. They both came up here to Hawaii to pave the way to there next layer of ”Optimal Health and Advanced Awareness” of the self.

You will be as everyone is on their own ”personal journey” There are three different groups of people 1) coming from some type of sickness/dysfunction wanting to be-come healthy 2) once healthy then you want to Optimize or enhance yourself 3) Once Physically Optimized then you want to work on awareness or advanced consciousness activation and realization.

We are all on our unique paths to where ever we think we need or should be.
Once you real-ize that the layer you are in is not serving you any longer then you are ripe for change… If you feel everything is great, fine and dandy then in your mind your in the right spot already and you are not searching or looking for any change … If you are tired of your life then you are searching for the optimal change for your next layer of life.
Examples .. you are sick and tired of being sick and tired… you don’t like your habits .. your addictions… obesity… depression … friends… relationships… where you live .. etc etc …

Changing or upgrading ( as I like to say it) your diet to a raw and live non GMO non contaminated foods/water … more liquids than solids … terrain modify s the energy that you are consuming into your physiology of the body and the mind … is a good start … thus changing the density, toxicity and vibration levels of yourself to a higher less dense and much more aware individual or more illuminated or brilliant ( glow is prana , chi, lifeforce ) … It takes about 6 months of really sticking to the protocols to see the conscious or awareness changing through the 5 senses that we all have.

Most of our senses are just barely working so upgrading the diet will definitely change the way you understand and comprehend everything.

Follow the Terrain Modification Protocols and see what happens to you, your family and friends. being healthy is the old NEW … but being aware and optimally healthy is another layer of development … Like graduating from 10th grade to 11th…

For advanced detox and rejuvenation then its a great idea to treat yourself to the best gift you have been waiting for … A vacation for yourself to rejuvenate and recharge from the toxic city life.

The key is to clean the body as well as you can by living a ”Super Natural Lifestyle” which simply means to live with Awareness and live as smart and Natural as you can. We give you plenty of ideas to upgrade your world before your body get the sickness.

You are what you ”eat, drink, say, hear and do” so be conscious of that.

En-joy :))

Dr. Robert

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