Dr. Mari Interviews 4 Fasting Retreat Graduates

Dr. Mari Interviews 4 Fasting Retreat Graduates

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Aloha All,

this is a good interview to talk to some of the participants that were here for the 21 day terrain modification retreat with Advanced detox / regeneration protocols. Its so nice to see people change so much in the short stay of 21 days and some people actually stay up to 3 months. The medical IV therapies are very special to cellular rejuvenation and detoxification.

Everyone has a variety of heavy metals such as mercury from dental fillings, lights, fish, computers, environmental factors, high fructose corn syrup which all of these have been shown to have ample amounts of mercury. Nickle, arsenic, pesticides, chemicals, plastics etc are everywhere in our world.

I have personally done a series of these special IV therapies and other regenerative protocols. My experience was life changing for me too. We are all in different layers of health and evolution. I really notice the clarity I have in my mind and my body stretch’s about 40% better in all directions. I have also really noticed that I lost a layer of toxicity in my lymph system to have more transparent skin. I lost about 10 pounds from 150 pounds to a super lean and flexible140 pounds.

We have had many 21 day terrain modification participants over the past year. All of them had miraculous results following the rejuvenation and detoxification protocols. Come on up and join us in Hawaii. We are open all year round. No matter what level of health or awareness you are at …

I guarantee you will have a life changing positive progression in Optimal Health, Vitality and Evolution. This is the reason we want people to stay for at least 21 days to really reset the nervous system and gut wall flora/bacteria that are both essential for regeneration.

If you live in the city then it is very smart to clean out the accumulated toxins and make sure you have all of the available nutrients to help keep you healthy, young and vital.

Once the body starts to harmonize at a higher level of vibrational and energetic order then you will experience a new beginning in the form of consciousness or awareness from where you are today.

You are what you ”eat, drink, say, hear and do” so be conscious of that.

En-joy :))

Dr r

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