Dr. Cassar Discusses Optimizing Your Time

Dr. Cassar Discusses Optimizing Your Time

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Aloha all,

“Optimizing Your Time” in many ways is one of the best ways you will see to experience low stress and vitally alive. When we our living and feel like we are really progressing and being conscious with our actions and reactions we flourish and expand. It not just being effective with your time .. but it is what you/we are also doing with the ”time and space” in this multi dimensional-fractional continuum.

Once we really start to fill our time and space with experiences that will help us evolve in the physical, mental, emotional, ethereal etc this connection is one of the most sought at feelings and existences we can have.

“To feel more complete” (more Hu/man/woman) is what we all want and crave.

You can Optimize your time, mornings, health , exercising, learning teaching and sharing abilities, personal lifestyle and all of your relationships with your family- friends-animals etc, etc etc

Once you body and mind become more optimized you really are now ready and have space to grow again. Going on a 180 day plant based diet and non flesh … this will bring harmony tot he body and mind very easily in time. try is and you will see. Step up to the plate and see what happens to you and the family that adheres to a ”Super Natural Lifestyle” a Natural Lifestyle but with advanced awareness.

We call this the “Super Natural Lifestyle” an advanced “Natural Lifestyle” with “Awareness” attached to it. Once you upgrade to a “Plant Based Non Flesh Lifestyle” then you will see what I am talking about. In about a 6 month period physiologic transformation of both the body and mind will be surprisingly optimized.

Take this “180 Day Optimizing Research/Experiment” on yourself.

The directive of the “New Enhanced Lifestyle” is to upgrade everything you can in your personal world. It will take some doing but this will be the best upgrade you have ever done.

Simply put: Now you are going to “Upgrade or Optimize” all areas.

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