Do You Have Hunger Pains?

Do You Have Hunger Pains?

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Aloha All, Do you have Hunger Pains?

Could it be possible that you or your personal body are not the ones that are causing the hunger pains inside of you?

Could it be possible that the parasites especially yeast, mold, fungus, candida and many more species including Tapeworms from eating flesh may be manipulating our Minds and Bodies to the liking of the parasites that are in control and very numerous in the people of the USA, Mexico and Canada that we all get but it what lives inside you is calling for food.

Mexico and Canada are by far the fattest nations in the world. When we find out that most of us have mind and body controlling parasites in us then we will start to observe our actions and thoughts much more. Just because you have a signal for some need from the body doesn’t mean it is directly from you. Parasites do there dirty work form behind the scenes or from the back stage.

Many of our thoughts and emotions are manipulated by parasites. They hijack our nervous system and this gives them the ability for them to manipulate us through our minds and bodies.

Eckhart Tolle talks about this phenomenon in this book called the New Earth. He calls one of these ”parasites” the ”pain body”. Which is an out of control ”emotional body”. The ”Parasite body” is another of these behind the scenes manipulators of all of us.

Go to and watch our private videos on the many areas of inforamtion are to sensitive for the general public airways.
Eat real food and try not to feed the parasites sugar, processed dead fake foods, buy organic when you can, add ionic minerals to your water and foods, drink 140 ounces of mineralized liquids a day, upgrade your household and personal detergents and tools in the kitchen to non toxic ceramic cook ware etc.

Learning the ”Terrain Modification” principles is the most logical approach to Optimizing everything in your life but that usually mean you will have to re-learn everything too.

You are what you ”eat, drink, say, hear, be-lie-ve and do” so be conscious of that.

En-joy :)) Dr r

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      Aloha Charles, Part 2 is for Earther Academy members only because the inforamtion shows protocols, practices and principles that are too sensitive for YT. Lots of regulations there in the public circle.
      Once a member at EA, I share with the members a lot of my protocols and deeper layers of understanding for you to be able to navigate from another perspective.
      If you are a paid member for 120 dollars for 6 months and all of the monies are returned in the form of credits to our discounted health and wellness niche stores for the products necessary for many of the protocols.
      Do you have a steam distiller? We have the best model I have found that is a USA company that is the best deal on the internet for sure. We sell at a discount with extras the Steam Pure models.

      Keep enjoying the journey,
      :)) Dr r

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