Do The Experiment: Are You Magnetized?

Do The Experiment: Are You Magnetized?

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In this Earther Academy “Experiment and Report of Findings”, I am going to show you a collective magnetic phenomena that I have tested not only myself, but have also tested on well over a few hundred people who have also tested positive for this bizarre magnetic phenomena, that was present in all subjects who volunteered to try.

I am sure there are many theories circulating on the internet why humans are now becoming more magnetic to metallic objects, than in the past was previously unnoticed.

Don’t forget to do this simple experiment below and write your results in the comments.

In fact; with all of the people I have tested thus far, I have not found anyone that does not have some ability for metallic objects to stick to their body.

Results have varied; on some people the magnetic field was very subtle but still held a steel paper clip steady to the forehead. Other people who have been tested; the magnetic fields on the body are strong enough to have a kitchen spoon, tweezers or pair of metal scissors stick to their chest, but all of them did have some metal attraction strong enough to hold the metal paper clip.

I graduated from medical school in 1984, and with all of the years of extensive study and clinical practice (35+ years)I have never seen or heard of this type of bizarre magnetic phenomena in a mass population of people before.

Lately, I have watched a few people on YouTube have a magnet stick to their “jaberuni” site, without any investigation into this phenomena, I thought the video was just another YouTube click bait trick on the people for views.

A few days later I received a few pictures and videos from some friends in Vegas, showing me that they are both super magnetic, and they have the ability for metallic objects to stick to their body.

The Vegas couple told me they have not had any injections of any kind, are not on any medications and are just eating organic foods and living a healthy life.

Since these are reliable and intelligent friends, I went to the mirror to investigate with a metal paper clip. First, I put the paper clip on my upper chest and was completely amazed it was sticking to my chest magnetically.

Under further investigation, I found out quickly that the metal paper clip easily sticks and holds firmly to my chest, back forehead, face, arms and parts of my legs. Basically, many parts in my entire body were able to have this light metallic object stick to me with some type of magnetic force.

The next day I wanted to see if other people had the same magnetic abilities that I witnessed on myself. I started testing friends and then the workers here at the farm, people at the gym etc. to further investigate this phenomena present.

Again, I was amazed that everyone I tested all had the ability to have a steel paper clip stick to their forehead and upper chest very easily.

In this video, I show you a variety of metallic objects from paperclips, scissors, spoons, a few knives, and wrenches that will stick to my body magnetically, without falling down, while I am standing straight up defying the so-called “Gravity Theory”.

It would be very interesting to see a cross section of results from people in different locations from around the world, to see if this phenomena is present in other countries too.

Do you think you will have these bizarre magnetic phenomena abilities like you will see on this video?

I have only tested people in my immediate area where I live on the Big Island of Hawaii. I am curious to see if other parts of the world are also conductive to steel and magnetized.

One of the reasons for this experiment is to self-test a sampling of people from different parts of the world – jabbed or not – to see if they have the ability to conduct a piece of metal/steel to the body magnetically.

Let’s see what happens 🙂

Try The Experiment And See If You Are Magnetized

Important Concept: In order for the metallic object to magnetically hold to my skin, the object must be iron/steel based or be made up of a solid piece of metal that is not magnetic itself, but is attracted to magnetism for this experiment to work correctly.

Aluminum and other alloys will not be attracted to magnets and thus will not have any attraction to any magnetic field you add to them. So, if you use a piece of aluminum for this experiment; this type of metal is definitely not even going to stick to the strongest magnet.

Iron/steel filings of any kind will always be attracted to even mild magnetism and will be pulled directly to the magnetic source.

Remember, you are going to try and see if you have enough stored up magnetism in your tissues to attract and hold a piece of iron metal that is not at all magnetic by itself.

Properties Of A Metal Paper Clip And Magnets

A metal paper clip and a magnet have completely different properties. The magnets are powered and charged with an invisible measurable force that can easily attract other metallic objects to itself.

Metal Paper Clip = Does not have any direct magnetism itself, but is attracted to magnetism.

Steel or iron are void of having a magnetic field – opposite to the magnet that has its own magnetic field. The magnet will pull or attract the iron or steel to it when they come into close proximity. The paper clip is not a magnet and will NOT pick up other materials as a real magnet can. The paper clip does not have any source of measurable magnetism energy.

Magnets = Contain direct magnetic power themselves and are attracted to other metals that have their own magnetism or have an attraction to iron or steel. Magnets have their own source of inexhaustible measurable magnetic energy.

The two metal compounds are direct opposites of one another thus they are attracted to each other.

Horseshoe magnet attracting paper clips on white background
The paper clips are being pulled to the source of the magnetic force. If the paper clip holds to anywhere on the body, then the body is the magnetic source not the paper clip.

Testing For Magnetism With A Metal Paper Clip

First find a paperclip that is metallic and not corroded. Put the flat side of the paper clip directly onto the forehead and upper chest to see if the metal twisted wire will hold magnetically to the body.

Start with a metal paper clip and see where it will stick magnetically on many parts of the body. I would first put the paperclip on the forehead, temples, neck and on the upper chest to start the experiment.

On some people you may notice and feel the slight magnetic field when removing the metal paper clip from the forehead, temples and upper chest areas.

The metal should always be tested on the skin that is a flat smooth surface – not on bumpy or hairy areas. This will ensure a good solid magnetic connection for the experiment to be tested correctly.

Dr. Robert Cassar - Are You Magnetized?

Like I said previously, I have not tested a person so far where the paperclip would not stick to their forehead or upper chest. Again, I have never seen this phenomenon in a collective group of people before.

Dr. Robert Cassar - Are You Magnetized?

Once you get the paperclip to hold to your head and upper chest. Try other areas of the body: the upper back, neck, calves etc. and see if you have enough magnetism in those areas for the paperclip to hold.

Dr. Robert Cassar - Are You Magnetized?

If you were successful with the lightweight objects, then you may want to experiment like I did with other metallic objects of various sizes, shapes and weights.

Dr. Robert Cassar - Are You Magnetized?
These are two heavy Spyderco pocket knives being held on my inner chest.
Dr. Robert Cassar - Are You Magnetized?
Try the experiment on yourself and friends

I am very interested to see how many other people, who are living in different areas of the country, are also bizarrely magnetic.

Simple Report Of Findings:

I was saying previously, I have tested a few hundred people and have not found one person that the paper clips on the forehead or the upper chest will not stick, or hold in magnetically to the skin.

Never before in my lifetime of research and experimentation with a large group of people have I seen everyone test to be magnetic, except for the rare few individuals I have met who were “freaks of nature,” magnetically compared to everyone else.

Now the average sized person I have tested has a super conductive magnetic field to hold a paperclip to the body.

Some people have very strong magnetic fields, and some people have much weaker magnetic fields than others, but everyone I did test; the metal paper clip sticks to their forehead and upper chest areas quite easily.

I tested a variety of people as young as 12 years old to 75 years of age. Some people had taken the jab and the majority of people I tested were not jabbed. It did not matter if the person had the jab or not – they were all magnetized enough to hold the paperclip on the forehead and upper chest areas.

Questions And Thoughts To Ponder

Have you ever seen one person or group of people before who could take small metallic object and have enough magnetism in their bodies to hold any size or shaped metal object firmly to the body?

This could possibly mean that science/doctors/schools/teachers have never known about the magnetic conductivity of the body. Maybe science didn’t want to tell us for some reason.

Another possibility is that this magnetic phenomena is new to our human species because of some change and differentiation in our biology, either from natural or synthetic sources.

Why do you think groups of people are now magnetic to metallic objects, and the world population didn’t know this before? Was this “Magnetic Phenomena” present with groups of people years ago? or is the super conductivity of the body to metal something completely new?

Red and blue horseshoe magnet or physics magnetic with iron powder magnetic field

If this phenomena was present in the years of the past, wouldn’t you think that mainstream science/teachers/doctors or just common folk would have shown us this cool magnetizing trick/phenomena as early as grade school. or just for fun and games to impress your friends?

In Closing

In all of my 40+ years of research, I have never seen anyone conductive enough magnetically to be able to hold a piece of metal to their body before while they were standing.

Have you seen this magnetic phenomena in yourself or friends before? Is there anyone that you know that is conductive enough to hold a piece of metal to the body?

Are we all being “Transhumanized” into a different species? Human 3.0 by technology and science, or is this simple natural evolution of biology in some way?

Anyways, try the experiment on yourself, family and friends and leave your thoughts in the comments below and/or send me pics or videos of your “Magnetic Phenomena” experiment to

Send this video to your family and friends so they take part in the magnetic phenomena experiment to see if you’re magnetic to metal objects as well.

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Hope you enjoy this “Do The Experiment: Are You Magnetized?” Video 🙂

Dr. Robert

Further Study and Review:

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Comments 5

  1. Hahaha I just did it to my self. 3 spoons on my chest, a fork / small disk on my back all kept on it while moving.

    I even tried with my family a had the same magnetic pull.

    Crazy, if anyone has a theory on this I’d love to hear it too.

    I’ve already confirmed it works with multiple people too, so this must be a worldwide phenomenon

  2. Thank goodness someone else is talking about this!!! 5-weeks ago I discovered I was suddenly magnetic. I am NOT vaccinated. I am living in the United Kingdom. A friend in Portugal told me tweezers & scissors were sticking to her, I thought it was a joke but happened to have a teaspoon in my hand at the time…..which stuck to my chest, followed by several more & a fork!!!
    I asked people in my friendship group to check themselves, and I personally know of about 30 people who like me, found themselves to be suddenly magnetic. The people are in England, Wales, Portugal, Italy & Australia. I can’t believe the magnetism is occurring in only the people I know and believe this is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, and is a global phenomenon. Another interesting thing is, very few people want to talk about this. Many people who found themselves to be magnetic have shut down communication with me about this. I have been met with a wall of silence. I’m so glad to see you are speaking of this phenomenon Dr. Cassar.
    At the beginning of my magnetism, the force was such that I could literally throw a teaspoon at my chest & it would stick!!! Over the last 5-weeks, I have reduced my magnetism by my estimate of 70%. I have been following nutrition protocols to support the body & degrade Graphene oxide. My main results in reducing the magnetism have come over the last week whilst using various pieces of anti-nano hardware equipment following on from the work from Tony Pantalleresco. This is a new area I am very busy researching and following up on, following on from my own magnetism and my desire to reduce it.

  3. I saw the video and said to myself “holy smokes wtf!” and tried it promptly with a paperclip on my forehead and sure enough it stuck. Then tried it on my wife and it stuck! Didn’t stick to my older son though which is strange. I just now thought maybe the paperclip was just lightweight so I just now walked into the kitchen and tried a HEAVY metal spoon and the darn thing stuck to my chest! WTF Robert! Electric universe theory seems reasonable and this seems to add to that. Nicely done; how did I never know this.

  4. I live in Henderson, NV. I am 60 years old and have not had any of the shots. I also am careful who I am around. I tried your paperclip experiment and did NOT have anything magnetic stick to my forehead, body, arms, chest, etc. I have been using Dr. Cassar’s recommended products and cook most of my own food vs eating out. I wish everyone the very best in finding something that will remove the “cause” of this magnetic stuff.

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