Deworming "Nanu" The Pig

Deworming “Nanu” The Pig

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I am going to show you how I deworm “Nanu” the Russian Boar Pig with the anti-parasitic medication called “Albendazole”. If you have been following me for some time you will know that I caught Nanu over 10 years ago on a bike ride next to my house, and have been taking care of her ever since (see: Super Foods For Super Pets).

Robert Cassar with a bottle of Albendazole
Robert Cassar with a bottle of Albendazole

Over the past three weeks, we observed that Nanu was unwell, frequently sleeping and displaying a lack of appetite. It’s unusual for pigs, as they are typically always hungry, and a disinterest in eating can indicate poor health or an emerging illness.

Nanu developed a severe eye infection on her right side, characterized by a yellow discharge. The pain and impaired vision caused her to whimper frequently, and the discharge was visibly affecting her face, making it clear she was unhappy.

It’s important to remember that domestic animals, birds, reptiles, and humans should all receive deworming treatment at least twice a year to manage the risk of disease-causing parasites.

Nanu the pig with an infected right eye
Nanu the pig with an infected right eye

The infection in Nanu’s right eye was evident, with discharge dripping down the side of her face. It’s crucial to remember that handling a 300+ pound animal with solid muscle can be hazardous.

I hadn’t dewormed Nanu in a few years, but I noticed that after deworming, she would become more energetic and appear rejuvenated within 3-5 days of taking the anti-parasitic medication.

Both Nanu and her daughter received treatment, and within a few days, Nanu was back to her playful self in her enclosure. Her eye infection, which had persisted for at least three weeks, healed completely after administering the recommended dose of Albendazole, an effective antiparasitic medication. This drug is commonly used for various animals, including fowl, pigs, goats, sheep, cattle, dogs, and humans. I purchase Albendazole from the feed store or online retailers like Amazon and use it several times a year to deworm and control parasites in all my animals.

A Little Background on Nanu the pig

When I discovered Nanu as an orphan, she weighed only about 2 pounds. I have been caring for her ever since. Eventually, I captured a small male boar, and Nanu mated with him, resulting in a litter of approximately eight piglets.

We kept one of her female offspring for companionship and released the rest into the creek when they were old enough to fend for themselves.

Nanu with the birds on the back going for a walk
Nanu with the birds on the back going for a walk

Going on a bike ride with the 3 (mouseketeers) Macaws and Nanu.

When I moved back from California in 2011, I brought along my three Macaws, including Hodie, the Scarlet (red) Macaw, who has been with me since I was 15 years old. Nanu and the birds have grown accustomed to each other and coexist like family members.

I recorded a video of Nanu, affectionately called Miss Piggy, back in 2016 when she was just a small piglet. It’s remarkable to see how much she has grown since then, (see: Super Foods For Super Pets).

It’s crucial to deworm your pets at least 2-3 times a year, regardless of their species.

I also apply this deworming philosophy to myself. All animals, including humans, can be easily infected by various parasites throughout their lives.

What is Albendazole?

Albendazole is a broad-spectrum anthelmintic and antiprotozoal agent of the benzimidazole type. It is used for the treatment of a variety of intestinal parasite infections, including ascariasis, pinworm infection, hookworm infection, trichuriasis, strongyloidiasis, taeniasis, clonorchiasis, opisthorchiasis, cutaneous larva migrans, giardiasis, and gnathostomiasis, among other diseases.

Common side effects include nausea, abdominal pain, and headache. Rare but potentially serious side effects include bone marrow suppression which usually improves on discontinuing the medication.

Liver inflammation has been reported and those with prior liver problems are at greater risk. It is pregnancy category D in Australia, meaning it may cause harm if taken by pregnant women.  

This drug is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines


Albendazole kills adult parasitic worms and their larvae by making degenerative changes in their external surface (tegument) and intestinal cells. These changes inhibit their ability to absorb glucose from the host and convert it into adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the form of energy they use to survive and grow, eventually leading to the immobilization and death of the parasites.


Albendazole, patented in 1975, was invented by Robert J. Gyurik and Vassilios J. Theodorides and assigned to SmithKline Corporation. It was introduced in 1977 as an antihelminthic for sheep in Australia, and was registered for human use in 1982.


Albendazole and several other effective antiparasitic medications are on the World Health Organization’s (WHO) list of most essential medicines.

Read the PDF: Albendazole is on the World Health Organization’s List of Essential Medicines.

“Albendazole is used massively in livestock (mainly in drenches and feed additives), and only moderately in pets (often in tablets, pills, etc. or oral suspensions). There are hundreds of generic brands worldwide, also in mixtures with other anthelmintics.”


Manufacturer’s Recommendations using Albendazole

The product label and manufacturers recommendations for dosing is below.

Front label of a bottle of Albendazole
Front label of a bottle of Albendazole

Front label above; as you can see each ml (milliliter) of Albendazole gives you 113.6 mg/ml. This product is an Oral Suspension which simply means that you would take it by the mouth/orally.

I would like to draw your attention to the various parasites targeted by Albendazole, which include Liver Flukes, Tapeworms, Stomach Worms, Intestinal Worms, and Lung Worms.

The following section will provide a better understanding of the parasites that Albendazole effectively treats. These creatures, often referred to as parasitic demons, archons, or adversaries by some, are simply known as parasites in mainstream discourse.

In my opinion, these parasitic creatures are responsible for numerous hidden diseases and illnesses. Regrettably, very few doctors possess knowledge about parasites, as this topic is not commonly covered in medical schools or universities.

As a result, if medical students or doctors are uninformed about the parasite world, it is likely that patients and animals are not receiving adequate treatment for parasitic infections.

Contrary to popular belief, parasites are not exclusive to third-world countries. In reality, everyone harbors various species of parasites in their bodies. All domesticated animals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians are known to carry parasites, which can easily spread and infect their owners and families.

Once people become infected, they can quickly transmit parasites to others. This ease of transmission is a primary reason why everyone is susceptible to parasites; infection is practically unavoidable.

Given the prevalence and ease of transmission of parasites, deworming is an essential preventative measure to consider.

For further investigation/understandings on parasites, please see our “parasites” page.

Back label of a bottle of Albendazole
Back label of a bottle of Albendazole
Back label of a bottle of Albendazole
Back label of a bottle of Albendazole

Here is the back of the label for some of the dosing recommendations for animals

Multiple Medical Uses of Albendazole for Eradication of a Variety of Parasitic Infections

If you are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of these parasitic creatures, I encourage you to follow the provided links. These resources offer valuable information on the various types of parasites, their life cycles, reproductive processes, and more.

It is crucial to recognize that these parasites are highly intelligent species, offering no benefits whatsoever to their hosts or the infected individuals.

Understanding that these creatures can infect any living being, particularly humans, is essential. Managing parasites is comparable to tending to a garden by removing weeds that compete for nutrients in the soil. Being responsible and proactive is key to maintaining health and well-being.

Albendazole is an effective treatment for These Parasites:

Though albendazole is effective in treating many diseases, it is only FDA-approved for treating hydatid disease caused by dog tapeworm larvae and neurocysticercosis caused by pork tapeworm larvae.

src: Albendazole – Wikipedia

Dosing the Pigs with Albendazole – 10 mg/kg of Bodyweight

The dose recommended for pigs is 10 mg of albendazole/kg of body weight. If miss piggy weighs in at 300 pounds, I would then convert pounds to kgs (dividing by 2.2).

300 pounds divided by 2.2 kgs = 136 kgs – 136 kg X 10 mg/kg = 1363 mgs.

Each ml of Albendazole = 113.6 mg – 1363 divided by 113.6 = 12.06 ml.

1363 mg converted into ml dose = 12 ml of Albendazole, is her dose at 300 pounds of body weight.

This is an oral dose, so the easiest way for me to administer the drug to Nanu and her daughter is by using a piece of bread, and adding the dose of Albendazole to soak in the bread.

The use of bread, or just added to food, is the easiest way I found to medicate the animals, and this will make sure they get the full dose needed and recommended by the manufacturer.

Depending on the type of parasitic infection the animal or human may have, there are many dosing schedules to take a look at.

I am not doing any testing for specific parasites, so I will use Albendazole as a general overall parasitic treatment and best dewormer for pigs. Normally, or for general maintenance, I like to give the recommended dose and then wait around 10-20 days and give another treatment to kill the newborns that mostly hatch in the following 10-20 days.

I like to treat the animals at least 2 times a year, or preferably 3 times a year with Albendazole and I have always had excellent results in keeping the animals healthy and vital.

Adding Albendazole into the bread
Adding Albendazole into the bread

Cutting into the bread to add the Albendazole, so it will absorb into the bread easier.

Adding the correct dose of Albendazole to the bread
Adding the correct dose of Albendazole to the bread

Adding the correct dose of Albendazole on the bread.

Pouring a little oil on the bread to increase the Albendazole in the gut
Pouring a little oil on the bread to increase the Albendazole in the gut

Optional: Pouring a little Oil on the bread to Increase the Albendazole absorption in the gut.

Further Research and Study for Dosing of Animals and Humans

Further Research and Study for Albendazole, Cancer, Side Effects and Protocols


If you are not familiar with using anti-parasitic medications – I would recommend doing your own research and consult an experienced veterinarian and or health professional for diagnosing and dosing recommendations.

You can buy Albendazole directly online, Amazon, the local feed store, your veterinarian or family MD, as a prescription for human use.

I am working on several videos with detailed descriptions on how I use a variety of effective anti-parasitic medications, and a detailed video course on effective parasite treatments using 4 specific potent herbs. 

Hope you enjoy this “Deworming “Nanu” The Pig” video 🙂

Dr. Robert

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