Why Do I Get Hungry All The Time?

Why Do I Get Hungry All The Time?

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Why Do I Get Hungry All The Time? This is a question I get asked just about everyday. This video course is to answer a few questions about the reasoning behind hunger, and a few simple tips to lessen or solve the craving of hunger. Most people are chronically hungry because they are chronically dehydrated, or a variety of internal “Mind Controlling Parasites” are wanting a quick meal, or are feeling “Emotionally Unsound” or just unhappy.

Hunger is a feeling that we all know so well, and we usually feed ourselves very quickly when this happens.

Some simple questions to ask yourself when you are hungry, or have the signs of hunger: “Are You Hungry? or Are You Thirsty?” = Dehydration of water.

Tips and Some Simple Solutions:

First of all, every time you are hungry I want you to try this simple therapy that really works. Most people are dehydrated all day long, and the most prevalent disease is in my opinion chronic dehydration.

So, every time you are hungry I want you to try to drink 25-30 sips of distilled water, and wait 5 minutes. If you are still hungry drink another 25-30 sips within 5 minutes. Using 1/16 tsp of Organic Cayenne in your water will help curb the parasites the call to feed.

You will notice it is not food that you needed but it was in fact water. This is a simple experiment to prove to yourself.

Also, another great therapy to practice is to drink 25-30 sips of distilled water every time you urinate, 24 hours a day. Even if you get up in the middle of the night, drink water as you are urinating.

This will cause a liquid flushing and hydration effect to all of the cells to hydrate, then detoxify and/or just keep cleaner.

“Are You Hungry? or Are They Hungry?” = Parasites

Mind Controlling Parasites can easily control our habits, feelings and desires, including what we eat, and when we eat – very easily. The best part is these parasites do the manipulation without us knowing it. Depending on what kind of parasite is feeding really compels what kind of foods you are going to eat.

Yeast, mold, fungus or candida are sugar eaters, so this will be their command for you to eat and love the sugar for that meal. When blood parasites like tapeworms, fluke worms etc. eat you will want a piece of animal flesh – medium rare or better.

Tip! Try searching Google for Mind Controlling Parasites Found In Humans.

“Are You Hungry? or Are You Unhappy?” = Emotional

When we are not happy we tend to eat emotionally and recklessly. Usually, when we are emotional we tend to eat sugary garbage. If you feel emotional it is a good habit to intensely exercise or do 30 minutes of cardio.

“Are You Hungry? or Are You Irritated from Wireless Technologies?” = Cellular and Biological Assault

Wireless Technology makes me feel sickly or nauseated in the gut area. Every time I go to the city, with all of the massive amounts of wireless RF, I always only last a few hours before I feel like I am going to throw up.

My solution for wireless nausea is that I drink 25-30 sips of water, and I feel much better immediately. If that doesn’t work – get out of the wireless and go ground yourself on the grass, or get out in the sun.

All wireless technology dehydrates us and takes away our natural biological charge. Shut off all wireless devices if you can, or at least at night when you are sleeping or not using it.

I have found it very beneficial, from learning and practicing Intermittent and Block Fasting, that it helps calm down, or manage, out of control parasites that live in us, silently but deadly.

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Hope you enjoy this “Why Do I Get Hungry All The Time?” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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Why Do I Get Hungry All The Time?

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