What Are Addictions and How To Release Them Through Fasting

What Are Addictions and How To Release Them Through Fasting

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What Are Addictions and How To Release Them Through Fasting – Addictions are not really what we think or what we have been told.

Addictions and the connection to parasites (a.k.a “the demons of the self”) is a necessary understanding to why these two words go together – Parasites = Addictions.

Most addictions are silently destructive to either the body or the mind, or even worse the both of them. Parasites, and what I like to call these creatures “The silent as-simulators”‘ of the body and the mind.

It is so vital and important to understand the power of the addictions and why the addictions have so much power over your will. Study all the other courses we have on addictions so you can get a better idea that addictions most likely are parasitic in nature. The signal is usually a parasite that wants to feed on various fuels.

When you are hungry or want a cigarette, sex, drama etc. most likely that is the parasitic creature inside the body and the mind that has elusive mind controlling powers to get what it wants, – and what does it usually want? It wants to be fed some energy = food/nicotine/cannabis/sugar/processed foods etc.

Be observant of your thoughts and feelings. Ask the question where these feeling are coming from. Doing a 7-21 day dry water fast and detoxing is the best way I have found to disconnect the parasite addiction connection.

Recommended Courses: Parasitic ConnectionsIntroduction To Dry Water Block Fasting and 14 Day Dry Water Fast Interview and Gwashing Workshop.

Hope you enjoy this “What Are Addictions and How To Release Them Through Fasting” Video Course 🙂

Dr. Robert

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What Are Addictions and How To Release Them Through Fasting

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