The Invisible Electronic Parasite We Call Wireless Technology

The Invisible Electronic Parasite We Call Wireless Technology

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The Invisible Electronic Parasite We Call Wireless Technology – We are going to show you what these invisible and powerful RF’s sound and look like in real time, and take a closer look at this invisible “Electric Technological Parasite”.

Part 1 and 2 are two separate journeys to several areas of varying population densities in Hawaii where I live, to witness the invisible sounding RF’s and what the Radio Frequencies look like for ourselves.

Wait until you hear and see the massive amount of “SILENT NOISE” with a $200.- Electro Smog Meter I purchased on Amazon, in various population densities and a smart phone app.

I bought a special set of bionic RF meter ears and eyes for you to hear and see in “REAL TIME” what is going through your city, house, body and brain all of the time. Radio Frequencies (or RF’s) are a silent way to transmit information over the air wireless.

Wait until you hear the total dysfunction of all of the RF waves running silently through the air people. Humans cannot pick up the sounds of any frequencies outside of the range of 20 CPS to 20K CPS, so we are very limited in what we can hear.

Short and Long Wave Length Chart
Short and Long Wave Length Chart

We simply cannot consciously hear this super load noise unless you have a RF Electronic Smog Meter. Just because our “Normal Ears and Eyes” can’t sense these RF’s, our 100 trillion body cells does for sure, and just because you do not hear this noise doesn’t mean your body and subconscious mind can’t hear it.

The sounds and visuals that are produced by RF’s are quite “demonic” sounding indeed. The visuals of the RF’s also look like a “SKY-NET or PRISON” of electronic waves and very weird sounds too.

Definition of Radio Frequency (source:

“Radio frequency (RF) is any of the electromagnetic wave frequencies that lie in the range extending from around3 kHz to300 GHz, which include those frequencies used in radio communication or radar. RF usually refers to electrical rather than mechanical oscillations.”

Most everyone use RF technology daily with out even knowing it. All WiFi, Bluetooth, Cordless and Cell Phones/Towers, Cars, Computers, TV or any Wireless Controls, Alarm Systems, Smart Meters and Smart Appliances, Radio, Satellite TV, CB’s and Police/Fire Radios and thousands of other wireless devices all flying through the air at the same time.

So, if it doesn’t have a wire for its signal or connections then it is RF for sure.

Common Sources of Radiation
Common Sources of Radiation

Most people cannot feel, hear, sense these very powerful and silent RF’s until we use a few special RF meters to hear and see what can not be heard or seen. Again, the Human ear is not able to hear or sense this silent orchestra and the human eyes cannot see the RF’s either.

Wireless technologies/transmissions are in every city, house, school, police, military, government, business, and hundreds of thousands of residential and commercial applications around the world. The technology grid is just about worldwide.

Many researchers have the opinion that constant bombardment of these “Radio Frequencies” are damaging our DNA and or can have many disturbances to the body, mind, emotions, sleep, hunger, dehydration, anger management, male hormone castration, clarity, sleep disturbances, RF sickness and sensitivity to name a few of the reported information and complaints.

We all know that synthetically made RF’s are not harmonious with living biological organisms at all when researching the vast amount of data.

The “Natural RF’s versus Un-Natural RF’s are thoroughly being studied due to many years of complaints and cell phone tower correlations that may be linked with sickness such as cancer.

Sources of EMF
Sources of EMF

My current opinion so far: RF’s are a kin to an “A.I. – Electronic Parasite” – mind and body silently assimilating the normal biological current that we thrive and all live in when we are in nature out of the city of these synthetic parasitic currents.

Could it be possible that the bees, insects, birds, whales etc. cannot biologically navigate in all of these high frequency RF’s in the high population density city and suburbs?

These wireless technologies are present 24 hours a day, so these electronic parasites are running through our minds and bodies all the time. The “Electronic Invisible Parasites” are a “MAN MADE PARASITE” through the technologies we all use everyday worldwide for just about everything we do.

Does a Parasite have to be physical?

NO… Not at all – Let me show you a few examples of them.

Definition of Parasite (Source:

“In biology/ecology, parasitism is a non-mutual relationship between species, where one species, the parasite, benefits at the expense of the other, the host.”

There are many classes of “Non-Physical Parasites” and now we can add another parasite to the meaning of parasites: “A.I. Parasitology” or the study of “Non Biological Parasites”.

All cities then are massively infected biologically with this “Electronic Invisible Parasite” RF or Radio Frequencies.

There are many diverse opinions about the true nature of parasites either biological or A.I.

Wireless technology is here to stay and is becoming more powerful and connected everywhere than ever before in history.

Many investigative researchers look at these RF or A.I. parasitic creatures as a form of “Demonic” negative entity or frequency.

Remember, most people cannot hear, feel, see or touch this parasite, or any other in fact, so buy an RF meter and smart phone app to see and hear it for yourself.

One of the 10 classes/categories of parasites is the Electronic RF parasite, and learning/knowing about these 10 different classes/categories is a must.

Try searching online for health effects of cell phones and towers, WiFi, RF and microwave frequency, blue tooth, wireless devices etc.

Recommended Categories and Courses to study: Parasites, Radiation and Radio Frequencies.

Hope you enjoy this “The Invisible Electronic Parasite We Call Wireless Technology” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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