Hidden Noise of Cell Phone Towers

The Hidden Noise of Cell Phone Towers

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The Hidden Noise of Cell Phone Towers – Have you ever heard what Cell Phone Towers, Bluetooth Appliances, Wi-Fi or any Wireless Device sounds like with an RF Acoustic Meter? Have you ever heard the Wireless Technologies inside, or outside of your House? These wireless RF frequencies are totally invisible to the naked eye, and we can’t hear them with our ears either.

Our body’s physiology as research states feels and hears these waves very easily. We are made up mostly of water (up to 92%) which absorbs all variant, natural and artificial radio waves, wireless and electromagnetic frequencies very easily.

Many researchers call these pulsed wave forms coming from all wireless technologies “Artificial – Non Physical Ethereal Parasites”.

These artificial frequencies are very common in microwave pulsed, non-natural frequencies than can be found in every household across the USA, and most of the world’s so called civilized cities.

Quite a few people are reporting that they suffer moderate to severe sensitivities to these wireless and electromagnetic fields, in the connections in the air or open space.

These people usually complain of mental and emotional health effects from the common used wireless and electromagnetic frequencies in all of our devices, that most of us young and old use daily.

I am going to let you hear what your ears cannot hear, see, feel or touch both out side and inside the house with an acoustic meter.

I bought a a few researcher’s toys off of Amazon (EMRSS Cornet RF Meter and Hf35c EMF Meter High Frequency RF Meter (see more Recommended Products)). We will using two specific acoustic RF Frequency Meters to hear what we cannot, unless with have a “Bionic Ear”.

These meters are very sensitive to picking up specific radio/microwave frequencies in the air waves, almost everywhere used in the so called civilized planet.

The normal human ear usually can hear from only 20 – 20,000 cycles (20 kHz).

“Experiments have shown that a healthy young person hears all sound frequencies from approximately 20 to 20,000 hertz.” “The maximum range of human hearing includes sound frequencies from about 15 to about 18,000 waves, or cycles, per second.” “The general range of hearing for young people is 20 Hz to 20 kHz.”

Frequency Range of Human Hearing – The Physics Factbook

In Part 1 (100 min) we lost all of our electrical power to this side of the island in a strong winds and massive rain storm we had in Hawaii. So, this was the perfect time for me to do some RF frequency hearing testing of the cell towers with all other local electricity not functioning. We will do several experiments using 2 Radio Frequency meters to hear some of the wireless technologies used everyday.

Remember, this is not in a crowded city I live in. We live in a small community of about 250 people in the rural farm country of Hawaii. We only have 4 towers in our area of about 5 miles in radius.

There are also 11 unregistered microwave antennae’s and I only live with 8 people/mile density. Los Angeles have over 8K people/mile of population density.

Search for the cell towers registered and unregistered in the areas you live and work. Look up where your children go to school so you can see all of the cell towers in those areas.

Go to Search http://www.antennasearch.com/

The higher the density or concentration of people in crowded cities and even in the moderately populated suburbs; the more wireless technologies used is increasing the saturation of these invisible unheard energies that our ears cannot pickup.

There are so many invisible RF and other radio microwave frequencies running through the air, sky, inside and outside of our homes constantly.

All cell phones, home cordless phones, radios, microwaves, LED or fluorescent lighting, any wireless technologies of any type, Wi-Fi routers, standard 60 cycle electric infrastructure power and many more styles of wireless devices all produce RF pulsed currents.

Many of the RF’s  like the cell towers or your smart, TV, appliances, smart meters, house and security systems, cell phones are usually on most of the time or 24/7, 365 days a year and most of us never get out of range of these totally un-natural pulsed signals.

In Part 2 (45 min) we are going to take a look at the Hidden Noises of the Common Household wireless technologies. We are now going to hear what the inside of the house sounds like with an acoustic RF meter.

I am going to have to change alot of things in my household as well 🙂

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Next video on this subject will show you how I reduced my exposures of wireless technologies using some simple and inexpensive technique I have learned and experimented with.

Hope you enjoy this “The Hidden Noise of Cell Phone Towers” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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