The Adventures of a New Life

The Adventures Of A New Life

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The Adventures of a New Life – How Would You Like To Get A “New Life?”. Follow the Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles and you will for sure.

Upgrade, Enhance and Optimize are chiefly the keys to health and wellness using Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles.

The “Adventures of a New Life” is what we all get with learning and practicing “Terrain Modification”.

Part 1 is the beginning of this very informative lecture that is suitable for YouTube, and we will be discussing many important understandings with “Block Dry Water Fasting” 21 day participants. We will also go through some very profound ideas with many pictures and diagrams.

This lecture theme is connecting of the dots theme intermittent and block fasting protocols.

In Part 2 we are going to get into the deeper and more sensitive layers of “Health and Wellness”.

We have a huge variety of private personal videos on our website in over 50 health and wellness departments that we call Terrain Modification.

100 million people in the USA are obese which means they are 30 pounds+ over weight or toxic.

Remember “Body Fat” is a live creature and it can be pushed out of us with the correct Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles.

Read More Here about “Disconnecting your Parasites” and Reducing Toxicity which is the key!

Hope you enjoy this The Adventures of a New Life Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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The Adventures of a New Life Part 2

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