Terrain Modification Interview by Raw Living Radio

Terrain Modification Interview by Raw Living Radio

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Terrain Modification Interview by Raw Living Radio – 3 Radio Shows with over 4 hours of Interviews/Presentations on Learning and Practicing the Terrain Modification Protocols, Practices and Principles by Raw Living Radio.

Please watch all three radio picture shows because they are jam packed with information that may change you life in a better way.

“Knowledge is Good and Ignorance is Evil” – this is a real and true fact we all live with daily.

Editing these informative lectures are very time consuming indeed, and adding all of the pictures with the talk show is very tedious but necessary to visually see and understand most of the concepts and understandings of Terrain Modification.

The simple definition and philosophy of Terrain Modification: “The antidote to many types of sicknesses and dysfunctions is learning and practicing Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles”. Learning, sharing, teaching, investigating and igniting ourselves and others to “Upgrade, Enhance and Optimize” our personal and collective health, wellness and evolution.

We have 50+ Terrain Modification departments or categories to learn, navigate and practice. The areas we are going to study are either “Life Giving or Life Taking” departments/categories.

We all see quite easily that we mostly all live “Life in the Fast Lane”, and all of this busyness has caused most to have some form of sickness in our personal or families lives. There are many worldwide sicknesses at this time because of total ignorance of our synthetic and toxic lifestyles.

Becoming Your Own Doctor” is part of the theme of these courses we offer at Earther Academy.

Recommended videos: Becoming your own Doctor For Health and Wellness, The Big Sickness Question and Rebuilding The Gut Wall Flora for Ultimate Health.

The concept and idea’s we should keep in mind is: “How do we self repair and take care of ourselves and our families?”

We are a very complex Bio-Photonic/Magnetic/Electrical/Chemical/Ethereal Organism, and the key thing to understand is the overall positive or negative “Terrain” to keeping healthy and fit.

Understanding, learning, practicing and sharing the Terrain Modification concepts and disciplines, are truly a blessing in disguise – when we apply them to ourselves, friends and families for 180 days.

It is always better to learn and practice now when you are healthy, than when you are trying to backpedal and you are already sick and tired.

“You are your own Savior” – so start to save yourself! No one else is going to save you but you.

Hope you enjoy this “Terrain Modification Interview by Raw Living Radio” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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Terrain Modification Interview by Raw Living Radio Part 2

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