Super Foods For Super Pets

Super Foods For Super Pets

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This is short video on Super Foods For Super Pets. I am going to show you a live demonstration of how I feed my orphaned Russian Boar – Nanu ( Miss Piggy ), who was just a month old, or so, and now she is 300 pounds of solid muscle and three years old in 2016.

Piggies are 85 % human DNA or we are 85 % piggy!

I have been giving Miss Piggy a vegetarian diet instead of the typical wheat, soy, sugar, corn, meat and potatoes diet that most people and piggy’s have too.

Train yourself to eat these heirloom non-toxic super nutrient rich foods, and see what it does to you when you upgrade your fuel.

Miss piggy is the first pig in the world to probably have a superfood diet for the next 6 months or until she stops taking my baba or the bottle.

Your dogs and animals do very well on a vegetarian diet. It’s really good to feed the animals that you eat… If you’re a vegetarian then your animals will be in better line with the same foods too.

Give it try and you will see more gratitude in your life, instead of attitude, when you eat toxic dead foods and flesh. They really like eggs too.

Way less parasites in this diet for sure for people and animals.

It will undoubtedly take work, effort, self observation and constant discipline for sure to upgrade, enhance and optimize your world and reduce many of the assaults in most of our lives.

Sickness is an accumulation effect.

Learning the “Terrain Modification Principles” is a must to live healthier in this world that is so dysfunctional and toxic.

Our planet that we live on is truly a miraculous place indeed.

You are what you “Eat, Drink, Say, Hear and Do” so be very conscious of that.

Hope you enjoy this Super Foods For Super Pets Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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