Stimulating Your Hormones with The Sun's Plasma

Stimulating Your Hormones with The Sun’s Plasma

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Stimulating Your Hormones With The Sun’s Plasma – How Would You Like To Increase Your Vital Hormones For Free?

This is one of the best ways I have found to increase testosterone in males and females alike.

To increase the Hormone component / Activity it is necessary to get the Sun’s Rays consistently on the genitals.

We have many other informative videos to watch in our Miracle of The Sun Series.

The Sun’s potentials is one of the Terrain Modification Departments of Protocols, Practices and Principles.

The Sun’s Plasma, or light particles, are necessary for all life, and it is also necessary to get Sun on the whole body especially the genitals.

Please learn and practice the “Skin and Pore Cleaning / Detox / Rejuvenation” Protocols before you go out in the Sun.

The skin is one of the most important and largest organ that we all own.

The skin needs to be understood more as the incredible organ it is.

The skin and pores are known as the 3rd kidney when working correctly.

The skin also stimulates our Hormones, the necessary production of D3, Creativity, Cleansing Effect, Beauty, and Protection to name a few of the skins important functions.

Basic Skin and Pore Cleaning Recipe:

Basic Lubrication and Protection of the skin:

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Hope you enjoy this Stimulating Your Hormones with The Sun’s Plasma Video :))

Dr. Robert

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