Stimulating Hair Growth Removing Scalp Toxicity, Fungus and Hair Mites

Stimulating Hair Growth Removing Scalp Toxicity, Fungus and Hair Mites

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Stimulating Hair Growth Removing Scalp Toxicity, Fungus & Hair Mites – Could Hair Loss and Thinning be due to Toxicity or Tiny Parasites?

Do you have any Loss of Hair, Hair Thinning, Dandruff, Flaking, Itchy Scalp, Oily and Stinky Scalp, Hair Lice, Fungus, Rosacea, Wrinkles, Pimples or Acne? Is it possible to regrow some of the thinning hair back? Yes! ๐Ÿ™‚

I have used these formulas for quite some time with patients over the last 30 years and have seen amazing results.

I have personally witnessed, over many years of clinical practice, many partial and complete hair restorations/regrowing of scalps of hair thinning for both men and women.

This is a 2 part course and should be able to help your personal education in your journey of “Connecting The Dots” lectures / workshops to massively help support curing your hair and scalp dysfunctions naturally.

Part 1 (54 min) is on Basic Scalp and Hair formula – this multi layered formula/recipe is my personal basic hair and scalp formula for removing parasites and many toxicities. This “Hair and Scalp” course is specializing on detoxing and removing many types of parasites, toxicities, hair mites and fungus etc.

Part 2 (30 min) is an Intermediate/Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal formula. This formula/recipe is a more potent, therapeutic and advanced medicinal terrain modification.

These formulas are specifically designed to reduce hair and scalp parasitesย  Hair mites are super tiny hair/pore parasites and are easily found on most people tested anywhere in the world.

They are 2 very effective, easy and economical formulas to help support reducing accumulated detoxification/parasites of the scalp and thus stimulating the hair pores to want to regenerate and grow.

Hair mites and other unknown parasites and toxicities are in my opinion the big problem in most peoples scalp and hair complaints or symptoms.

Here are some pictures of a Hair Mites (or Demodex Mites) which most people have many of in their carpet, bedding’s, clothes, hair, scalp and pores. This is really an epidemic of these parasites that are everywhere.

For over 35 years of personal research and experimentation I/we have been perfecting the myriad of recipes and formulas to support detoxification and regeneration.

Basic Recipe:

I always tell patients to try this for 3 minutes for the first treatment (if you dye your hair this may change your color slightly).

The BASIC formula is a maintenance formula and the Part 2 recipe is way more of a therapeutic treatment to restore and to remove parasites that are deeply seated in the pores, and to stimulate regeneration of the hair follicles more effectively.

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Part 2 Video and Recipe are available for Earther Members below.

Hope you enjoy this “Stimulating Hair Growth Removing Scalp Toxicity, Fungus and Hair Mites” Video Course ๐Ÿ™‚

Dr. Robert

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Stimulating Hair Growth Removing Scalp Toxicity, Fungus and Hair Mites Part 2

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  1. How much Dr. Bronners soup is called for. Written instructions is 4oz inside video is 20 oz. I am concerned that if I choose what is written on web page over what was demonstrated in video the resulting soap will be 5x more potent. Please clarify.

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      Hi Peter.

      The light roast seems to work the best because it activates some of the oils and caffeine in the bean, with the heat.

      You can always try adding some of the green coffee in with the shampoo – I think that would be a great idea, but I would definitely use the light roast primarily.

      Hope that helps :))

      Dr. Robert…

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