Shoulder and Lymph Rehabilitation Using Various Therapies

Shoulder and Lymph Rehabilitation Using Various Therapies

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Shoulder and Lymph Rehabilitation Using Various Therapies – This course specializes in the rehabilitation of the soft and hard tissues of the entire shoulder joint, including the associated muscles, ligaments, tendons and other internal soft tissues that all pass through the aim pit.

Lymphatic Breast Diagram

I am going to show you several shoulder, lymphatic, soft and hard tissue massages and other protocols incl. a variety of techniques to see if we can loosen up the thick stiff tissues and get the shoulders to a more normal or optimized range of motion, and increased lymphatic flow.

I will also show you how I perform a simplified “Self Breast and Arm Pit” examination.

Part 1 – we are going to talk about philosophy and then we are going to go right into the hands on workshop on the shoulder.

Part 2 – I will show you the protocols for the Far Infra Red (FIR) sauna.

Part 3 – is for people that do not have a sauna, so we will go over the protocols when you don’t have a sauna in the bathroom.

The shoulder self rehabilitation techniques, both in the sauna and in the bathroom, will aid you tremendously if you practice them consistently. This is a self breast exam for both male and females before we get into using the protocols, deep massage and Gwashing tools.

Many people do not have a sauna, so I wanted to show you how I would perform this essential detox and shoulder rehabilitation therapy in the bathroom as well.

Lymphatic Breast Diagram Extended

Understanding the shoulder and all of its connections:

The human shoulder is made up of three very unique bones: the clavicle (collar bone), the scapula (shoulder blade), and the humerus (upper arm bone) as well as associated muscles, ligaments, nerves, arteries, veins and many lymphatic glands that aid ind detoxification. The articulations between the bones and soft tissues of the shoulder make up the very versatile and super strong shoulder joints with a variety of range of motions when functioning correctly.

Most people 18+ years old have shoulders joints and muscles of the back and neck that are very tight, toxic, weak, tense, out of balance, atrophied, prior injuries causing limitation of movement, internal scar tissue, poor circulation from non use or sitting way too much thus not using the muscles hardly at all like we used too.

So, these therapies are a necessity for children to adults to practice and learn.

Always start slow when trying anything new, and investigate your own body by feeling deep into the areas where you are going to perform this and other massage or gwashing therapies.

It is sometimes a good idea to seek medical professional assistance if you feel the need to have other choices and opinions in your detoxification and rejuvenation lifestyle.

Lymphatic Shoulder Diagram

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Products used in this course are: Magnesium Chloride and Living SilicaOrganic Coconut OilCacao Butter 1lbLiving SilicaFulvic AcidLugol's IodineOrganic Castor Oil and Pure Gum Spirits of Turpentine 4oz.

Hope you enjoy this “Shoulder and Lymph Rehabilitation Using Various Therapies” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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Shoulder and Lymph Rehabilitation Using Various Therapies Part 2

Shoulder and Lymph Rehabilitation Using Various Therapies Part 3

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