Sauna Techniques For Full Body Gwashing

Sauna Techniques For Full Body Gwashing

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Aloha all,

Please watch all of Earther Academy Sauna Series and Skin Rejuvenation Series so you can see varied techniques and ideas you may want to use on yourself.

In this video you see various techniques, concepts and understandings in regards to Gwashing techniques.

I am going to show you a variety of Gwashing instruments including a simple credit card that’s excellent for surface pore opening.

You will find out that once your pores get open you will feel so much better in your overall joint and muscular flexibility and super clarity of the mind. keep in mind you are going to let out billions of toxic particles and non conductive fluids in your body through your pores. Once you remove some of the toxicity and pollutants you will have space for your body to reabsorb highly mineralized conductive liquids to reestablish your optimal dynamic lymphatic drainage and blood flow.

The ”Quickening” is an amazing event that you will see within yourself and only within yourself once the body starts to become mineralized liquid hydrated and much cleaner and less toxic with chemicals. pollutants, plastic, petroleum, pesticides etc.

Its like looking into a mirror of the past, present and future of yourself and being able to be apart of all three at the same time. The quickening is awaking the bodies energy and the minds vibrations or frequency to another quantum leap of engagement and awareness.

Scientifically we are raising our harmonic to the tune of the Sun and Earth to become harmonious with the Suns new energy throughout Solar maximum and beyond.

The Sun will be in Solar Maximum for the next few years then it will subside to the Solar minimum once again but right now we have much energetic changes to over come as the planet is birthing itself with all of the massive weather and geological changes including earthquakes, hurricanes, volcano’s, massive Coronal Mass Ejections aka CME’s and filament releases from the Sun and Gamma ray blasts from other areas of the cosmos which we have had many over the past 18 months.

Watch and ”Suspicious Observers YouTube” for daily updates and information on this real cosmic phenomena.

Once again Google ; ”NASA: The Sun does a flip” so you can see how this cycle is a real deal to our whole solar system. Remember the Sun completely changes its magnetic poles every 11.2 years for a half cycle and 22.4 years for a sine wave cycle. Our bodies and minds are upgraded or downgraded by the activity of the Suns magnetic fields that change the Earths and our bodies magnetic fields too

By the way the Sun alone makes up 99.7% plus of the mass of the entire solar system. So the Sun really does run the show! The planets and various moons in our solar system are sort of like salt and pepper to the main dish which is the Sun.

In-fact the each planet and the complete solar system is in transformation too as can be easily seen from the Hubble telescope.

Our prime biological directive is to make sure our bodies and minds stay in tune with what ever the Sun becomes. As the Sun rises in frequency and power then we also rise in frequency and power too. So to keeping in tune is essential for optimal health and advanced awareness of the higher frequencies. Its as simple as that !

Again ”Terrain Modification” or TM is the key to upgrading our DNA to more compatible form as we can see by the sickness of the population we are way out of tune. Again we are the second fattest nation in the world Mexico is # 1 with over 33% and the USA right behind with 32%.

Keep enjoying the Journey,

Dr. Robert

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Sauna Techniques For Full Body Gwashing

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