Sauna Gwashing Techniques Using Your Hands

Sauna Gwashing Techniques Using Your Hands

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Sauna Gwashing Techniques Using Your Hands is a Workshop together with Dr. Mari on Stimulating The Flow and Purging The Skin, Pores and Lymphatic Systems. “Problem – Action – Solution” is the theme in all of the Earther Academy Lectures and Workshops.

Part 1 (45 min) – We are going to talk with Dr. Mari Sawaii, the medical director for approx. 2 years for the 21 day detoxification and rejuvenation workshop/retreats in Hawaii at our private health and wellness sanctuary.

Listen to Dr. Mari’s truths with the life changing personal and 21 day retreat participants testimonial’s using the Earther Academy terrain modification protocols.

We are also going to share with you how we do a simple “Self Breast Examination” to feel for cysts, adhesions, bumps or any hard tissues deep in the lymphatic areas.

Part 2 (34 min) – We will be showing you a variety of profound intermediate and advanced self-therapies and protocols using our hands, and several types of “Gwashing” tools for soft tissue release and purging techniques.

Dr. Mari and I are going to answer some common and advanced questions with simple solutions that we get asked consistently about using the sauna for an effective detox therapy.

We will also show you a variety of profound beginning and intermediate therapies and protocols for the skin, pore, lymph, muscle ligament and tendon areas using the hands as a therapy, with some simple release techniques using our hands for the muscles and lymph tissue areas of the upper torso.

For most people, the only reason you are not using the “Terrain Modification” protocols is because you either don’t know about them, or you had the time to prove to yourself that the protocols really do work.

These simple repeatable health and wellness truths are undeniable in that these protocols will in time upgrade, enhance and optimize and will reset and renew your new life beautifully.

The skin/pores weigh approximately 10 pounds and is one of the most amazing organs when functioning correctly.

The skin and pores protect us from all of the pathogens, but also to serve as a primary organ or breathing and transmuting toxins through the lymph and pores. As we all know – it is the largest and most important organ we all can learn to take better care of.

Skin Cleaning, Detoxification and Rejuvenation is one of the easiest Earther Academy Categories to learn and practice.

The main directive of the Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles are to learn and practice to “Dissolve, Wash and Re-nutrify”, “Purge, Purify and Rebuild” and “Upgrade, Enhance and Optimize” ideas, concepts and disciplines.

Always, try to make sure you practice Terrain Modification consistently, and always start out slowly and work your way up the health and wellness ladder a little at a time.

Remember FLOW is EVERYTHING!!!

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Hope you enjoy this “Sauna Gwashing Techniques Using Your Hands” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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Sauna Gwashing Techniques Using Your Hands Part 2

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