Repairing Skin with Sauna and Fasting

Repairing Skin with Sauna and Fasting

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This course is packed with lots of good information to help “Connect the Dots” while fasting and repairing the skin and pores.

Stevie Starosciak was one of the fasting participants in our 21 day detoxification and rejuvenation retreat in Hawaii.

Over the 21 day period, Stevie learned and practiced a variety of Terrain Modification protocols in combination with fasting protocols, especially geared towards deeper layers of detoxification of toxins, heavy metals, chemicals and physical parasites both on the skin and internally.

“Block Distilled Water Fasting” from 3-14 days combined with a variety and specific detox therapies, such as the daily use of Far Infrared Sauna (FIR), for 45-60 minutes a day is an excellent combination therapy for detoxification while fasting.

IMPORTANT: Always make sure you are really hydrated good before you get into the sauna. You may sweat about 3-4 pounds of water so you need to keep the electrolyte balance while sweating.

If you sweat, you can lose a lot of essential minerals and salt through the skin while perspiring.

As we sweat it is very important to replace the water you lost with pure clean mineralized water for effective and safe detoxification.

Making Mineralized Water With Electrolytes For The Sauna.

I like to drink at least 32oz of mineralized clean RO or distilled water before I go in the sauna. Then I’ll usually drink another 64oz while I am in the sauna sweating, then another 32oz of mineralized water when I am out of the sauna, within 30 minutes.


Optional: add 1/8th tsp of Himalayan Salt as electrolytes when you are going to sweat to 32-54 ounces of water.

Fasting and the Terrain Modification protocols are the best way I have found to kick start or advance to the next level of yourself into another healthier layer of engagement, by incorporating mineralized water fasting while we reach beyond a state called “Ketosis”, re-mineralization of the body, rebuilding the gut wall flora and the multiple types of IV therapies.

“Ketosis is a normal metabolic process. When the body does not have enough glucose for energy, it burns stored fats instead; this results in a build-up of acids called ketones within the body. Some people encourage ketosis by following a diet called the ketogenic or low-carb diet.” – source: Ketosis: What is ketosis? – Medical News Today

Take a look at our Earther Academy Courses where we have lots of great, private, cutting edge info where you can learn what I call the “Super-Naturalistic Lifestyle”.

When you make a reservation for one of the retreat spaces you get a “Lifetime Earther Academy Membership” to help you get acquainted with some other essential information.

Visit for further information on the 21 Day Detox Fasting Retreats.

After every 21 day retreat is over I am so happy to see everyone who participated with us leave having transformed so much, especially visually and the way they feel, so clear in the mind and body.

Some people actually extend their stay for a few more weeks after their initial 21 days, to up to several months.

Most people get fantastic results over the 21 days in their own special way from losing excess body weight, toxicity, inflammation, addictions and toxic parasites. Weight loss is usually from 15-25 lbs on average when it is time to re-feed, usually on the 15-17 day with the best bioavailable nutrient dense foods and liquids.

Sort of like a body and mind oil filter change and engine tune up in one 🙂

We do the retreats consistently all year long with a few short breaks in between. We have small groups come and participate with 6-10 people to experience Hawaii and learn, practice and experience “Hands On” many of the Terrain Modification protocols to renew, reset and rebuild and into your new lifestyle.

The key is to kickstart your body and mind, starting your journey in optimizing, enhancing and upgrading and to live with awareness and critical thinking, and the least toxic and as natural as you can.

At Earther Academy I will give you plenty of ideas, concepts and disciplines to upgrade your world, before your body and mind becomes suboptimal or gets the sickness as many people do.

Recommended Course and Categories: Rethinking Reality: The importance of Distilled Water and Saunas, Fasting, Skin Cleaning, Detoxification and Rejuvenation, Gwashing and Liquids of Vitality Recipes.

Hope you enjoy this “Repairing Skin with Sauna and Fasting” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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