Removing Wax and Parasites From The Inner Ears

Removing Wax and Parasites From The Inner Ears

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Removing Wax and Parasites From The Inner Ears – Do you think your Inner Ear is clogged up with excess wax, and whatever else that can live and accumulate in our ears? Wait until you see the gunk and debris I pulled out my ears! In this course I will share with you a lot of the essential secrets I have learned and practiced for over 40 years.

Most of us in our adult age have never cleaned, sanitized and re-lubricated our ears correctly and safely. So, as we age we have a huge build up of potential damaging and clogging debris.

I have finally learned how to clean, sanitize and re-lubricate my inner ears correctly from very small parasites, mold, excess wax, ringing of the ears and prior infections.

Most people have an infestation of creatures and old dirty debris living in their smelly part of the inner ears, or deep inside the ear canal.

How would you like to rid yourself of the dirty, accumulated wax made up of various toxicities from excess cerumen or wax, shampoos, conditioners, lotions, perfumes, fluoride, pathogens, parasites and their feces?

Part 1 (20 min): I will go over some very important “Connecting The Dots” information on the ears, and several tips on some of the supplies needed for cleaning and re-lubricating the inner ears.

Part 2 (33 min): Is a Hands-On Visual Workshop on myself, and I will go through the Ear Cleaning and Re-lubricating Protocols. I am going to show you several ways I have learned to clean, sanitize, disinfect and protect the inner ears.

The inside of our super delicate ear canals, are super sensitive and very complex. It is like a huge cave, or similar to the size of California if you are a small microbe or creature. Watch the recommended videos below to see the creatures alive.

Our inner ears pick up and translate sounds and vibrations via this unmaintained, and underrated sense organ. The inner ear is a very important organ, and is one of the primary survival senses we use to balance and navigate throughout the day. Hearing is also essential for our balance, equilibrium and of our health and wellness.

When we don’t feel balanced, sometimes our inner ear organs are very chemically/parasitically toxic, with a variety of clogging debris not letting us hear – causing malfunctioning and non-harmony of our overall feelings and balance in general.

Our Inner/Outer Ears Provide:

  • Listening to the birds and all of nature singing daily.
  • All types of music that could be inspiring, sad, upbeat, seductive, sedative or just any tune.
  • Traffic noise or any type of noise pollution, gun shots, any sound that will have a dramatic effect on our well being and give us a variety of moods.

The better we can hear the more true and precise our reality will be. Hearing is communicating in many ways, and we need this input to make better life changing decisions. The ear organs are the primary auditory translators to all of the other senses that are activated in our bodies.

Remember, dogs and most animals can hear high pitched and very low audible sounds that we cannot.

Optimization of the inner ears are made up of very small hairs, and lots of super sensitive tissues that helps us transcribe sounds, vibrations, equilibrium and help us navigate and survive everyday.

Many people have pushed cotton swabs into their ear canals, and it sounds like a good idea to clean the ears. I have found these protocols suboptimal and for many people over time loose part of their hearing due to jamming the wax deeper into the canal.

Always be careful – start slowly and keep up with consistency with the over 50 categories of Terrain Modification protocols to learn and practice from.

Watch the videos of the parasites and all of the excess ear wax (which I call ear puss). If you have dogs, cats or animals living in the house, then most likely they are loaded with parasites on their skin and in their ears. You also most likely have millions of super tiny creatures in the carpets, pillows, beddings and couch etc.

Ear Wax and Pus from Cleaning The Inner Ears
Ear Wax and Pus from Cleaning The Inner Ears

If you have any of these critters in your house they easily find their way into our ears, hair, skin etc.

This is why many smarter cultures do not let anyone in the house with their shoes on, or do not let animals in the house. I have adopted these smart and simple concepts in my current home.

Not maintaining a clean household for pathogenic bacteria, hair and dust mites can make our living environments, and our bodies, breeding houses for these silent parasitic invaders. Most allergies are the poop or feces excreted by these super small bugs in your house and body.

Products Used In The Videos Are:

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Hope you enjoy this “Removing Wax and Parasites From The Inner Ears” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

Additional Parasite Videos

These bizarre parasitic creatures are in most of us and our living spaces.

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Removing Wax and Parasites From The Inner Ears Part 2

Removing Wax and Parasites From The Inner Ears | Group Workshop | Robert Cassar

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  1. There is a swap meet at the stadium on Oahu. There is an Asian guy there selling tools and you can get the Asian ear scraping tool there for unde $2 bucks.
    One is like a tiny ice cream scoop. The other it like a cork screw from Japan.

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  2. hellooo from Downunder Oz
    i have ear ringing for 3 years now, happened so suddenly-i woke up with a blocked ear then it unblocked and boom it started. Before that for a long time i heard rustling -i used to say it was a moth, just because it felt so odd. this is the first time ive even heard of these solutions, and come across your amazing website. i ve watched about 3 hours of parasites and skin cleaning etc and was super excited to see the ear cleaning, but sadly its not available to me as a non paying subscriber …oh well:(
    thanks for such great information on these important topics!

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