Releasing Body Fluids and Skin Repair with Hydrogen Peroxide

Releasing Body Fluids and Skin Repair with Hydrogen Peroxide

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Releasing Body Fluids and Skin Repair with Hydrogen Peroxide – If you do not sweat in the sauna it is not a good sign, and could be dangerous to your health or life. I have seen so many people that hardly sweat in the sauna even after 30-40 mins at 140 degrees. So, these protocols are designed to open up and detox the skin pores that are most likely plugged and toxic.

The skin is the largest protective and detox organ of the body weighing in at about 10 pounds, and is about 20 square ft. in size. The skin and pores also have a role in hormone regulations and stimulations.

We will go over multiple skin and pore repair and disinfectant therapies to support regeneration and help rid ourselves of wrinkles, pimples, hard leathered looking skin, fungus and pore parasites, large plugged pores or old non-flexible dry skin, etc.

First of all, the sauna is one of the best and easiest ways to rid yourself of accumulated toxicity and chemicals we have absorbed over time, using some simple but very effective therapies I have learned over the past 40 years of clinical and personal practice.

So, if you don’t sweat efficiently you will not get any real benefit from this life enhancing sauna therapy.

There are of course many reasons why we do not sweat especially in the sauna. This is a sure sign of body and skin toxicity, pore and skin fungus, plugged skin from chemicals, lotions and sunscreens, etc., and can lead to early sickness if the skin cannot optimally function as a detoxification organ. The skin has so many other functions than just sweating and protecting us from the outside world of germs.

If the skin and pores are functioning correctly and are exposed to direct sunlight – the skin will start to produce and absorb the essential vitamin D3.

Try to never use toxic sun screen, toxic fragrance underarm deodorants, or made up bought skin and face lotions that just plug up the pores and skin.

If you smell ripe of body odor all the time, this means you are usually toxic, dehydrated and/or backed up. It is a good idea to remove all garlic, white and green onions and use the Mineralized Vodka Protocols on the armpits and body, as I share in our Skin Cleaning, Detoxification and Rejuvenation category.

Also, do not use any other skin lotions other than pure organic coconut oil or cacao butter rubbed into the skin with ionic magnesium trace minerals and concentrated living silica, if you want to keep your pores open and not toxic anymore.

I am going to show you how you can easily open up the skin pores using a variety of simple protocols. These protocols are very easy to do, and you don’t need too many accessories to perform this highly disinfecting and regenerative skin and pore therapy.

Part 1 (17 min) – We will go over some of the problems, reactions and simple solutions for “Why you/we do not sweat on the sauna”.

Part 2 (21 min) – Skin Repair Workshop (in the sauna) using hydrogen peroxide and many other protocols.

Part 3 (35 min) – Skin Repair Workshop (out of the sauna) and much more in-depth using a variety of protocols.

If you do not have a sauna I will show you the techniques out of the sauna, and in my bathroom using multiple therapies.

We will also learn how to create the non-toxic advanced skin oil you are going to use with this type of skin repair.

I will share with you how I use 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide and many other therapies such as scrub pads, gwashing tools, re-lubrication and protection of the skin, eradicating the skin fungus, hair mites, wrinkles, pimples that most of all have living on top or hiding under the skin.

I will use a variety of protocols, practices and principles for various skin conditions you may have that is causing you to be plugged, toxic, old skin or you just cannot sweat.

Also, I will go through a variety of skin and pore disinfecting and regenerative therapies/protocols I have practiced over the past 20 years. I truly know they have worked effectively for myself and thousands of other people who have used the protocols I have shared in regards to skin and pore fungus.

The old time medicinal sweat lodges used the therapy of sweating and drinking large quantities of pure water to cure many aliments and dysfunctions. This has been an old time therapy going back hundreds if not thousands of years in our history.

Sweating in the sauna is an excellent therapy, but we are going to add several other steps to make sweating way more effective and at the same time remove the skin wrinkles, pimples, skin fungus, large pores etc.

Chronic dehydration is the number sickness on the planet, and is the chief reason why we don’t sweat.

Once the body gets plugged and sluggish on the inside and outside, skin and pores get plugged up and toxic and then the onset of many diseases and sicknesses start to come out of the woodwork.

While in the sauna many people over the years have died, had heart attacks, severe dizzy spells with headaches etc. because they were not hydrated sufficiently before going into the sauna, and they did not drink any liquids in the sauna and over heated.

So, make sure you are super hydrated with water before, during and after the sauna.

Recommended Courses and Categories: Skin Cleaning, Detoxification and Rejuvenation,Β Gwashing and Hair Loss and Balding.

Hope you enjoy this “Releasing Body Fluids and Skin Repair with Hydrogen Peroxide” :))

Dr. Robert

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