Refilling the Medicinal Probiotic Living Pickles Jar

Refilling the Medicinal Probiotic Living Pickles Jar

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Refilling the Medicinal Probiotic Living Pickles Jar – Addendum to Medicinal Probiotic Living Pickles.

We are going to RE-FILL the Medicinal Pickle Jar.

Please watch Medicinal Probiotic Living Pickles first, so you can understand where we are at in refilling the Medicinal Probiotic Pickles Jar.

It only takes a few days for the first phase of the pickles to become full of essential bacteria.

The longer you keep them on the counter at room temperature the better the pickles get.

They are preserved to last for many years as long as you keep the seal tight and to store it in glass.

These Special Pickles are alive and full of Live Good Bacteria that are essential for all of us to be vital and have a Strong Immune System, and are easy and very cheap to make.

It is said that 85% of our immune system lives in the gut wall flora in the small intestines.

So, what this and all of the therapies are all about, is to rebuild the weak area so it can do the job that the body is supposed to do… and what is that?

The body is supposed to be very strong and vital, so give it what it needs – a fresh amount of enzymatic and live food in its cauldron ( the stomach ) or fire ( acid ) to stimulate the body and the mind to be efficient and strong.

The Intestinal Tract is one of the most unknown areas of the body to care of.

All is you can do is practice and learn the philosophy with ferments and live food.

Make sure to get an Earther Kitchen so you can make all of the Super Mineralized, Easy To Learn, Life Changing Recipes and learn how to Decrease the Toxicity Load on the Body and the Mind.

Learn to re-arrange the Households Foods / Detergents / Personal Care Products / Detergents / Salts / Oils / Sugars / Decrease The Loads of Toxicity and Parasites etc.

Hope you enjoy this Refilling the Medicinal Probiotic Living Pickles Jar Video 🙂

Dr. Robert

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