Refilling and Regrowing Probiotic Bacteria

Refilling and Regrowing Probiotic Bacteria

Robert CassarBeginner, Ferments 4 Comments

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Refilling and Regrowing Probiotic Bacteria

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      Aloha Joe, I will do a more explanation-al use of the blood pulser and the other essential techniques that I have used in conjunction with one another. Make sure you watch the suppressed technologies video that I put up on Earther academy.

      Thank you for the heads up ,

      :)) Dr r

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      Aloha Jay,

      The coconut is great when it is live in the coconut. Once it is in a bottle or can and it is not only pasteurized and radiated so all of the beneficial bacteria are really dead and you are eating an expensive sugar water with no enzymes at all with variety of toxicity’s from the toxic packaging of the phalates and or petrochemicals used to make the bottle or lining of the can.

      We live in Hawaii and have coconuts coming out of our ears here.

      We planted and have about 300 Samoan cocos planted here and their is probably 1000 coconuts on the tree now. The farmers markets in all tropical areas have cocos really cheap about $2.00 or less apiece.

      Its better just to buy a pineapple or use any other fruit and make a live potent ferment that way.

      All veggie work too 🙂 Dr. Robert

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