Rapid Wound Regeneration And Healing Protocols

Rapid Wound Regeneration And Healing Protocols

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In this Mini Lecture I am going to show you my out of the box journey with “Rapid Wound Regeneration and Skin / Bone Healing Protocols” of a deep wound using a variety of out of the box techniques to very quickly heal this wound perfectly in 7 days.

Skin / Wounds can be possibly healed in many ways or not be healed either… Let me show you how I did mine with fantastic results in this video – Rapid Wound Regeneration and Healing Protocols.

Dad wanted me to go to the Hospital and used my insurance and go along with the typical surgery and antibiotics, but this was a perfect time to do some more experimenting with myself. It would of probably cost me in the thousands to have a plastic surgeon work on me and I healed 3 – 4 times as fast too.

I would have had a big bill and lots of scars from the sutures and discomfort.

Remember, I cut my face badly in three spots very deeply and all the way to the bone. I bled like a stuck piggy everywhere. The cuts were so deep and the lacerations were all the way through.

I also noticed that my cheek bone was huge from the accident, and the bone was crackling in jaw and cheek area when I moved my mouth or talked at all.

I did definitely severely bruise and mod fracture the zygomatic arch or what is called the cheek bone. This injury should have taken 4-6 weeks for the tissues to heal completely and the bone just as long to heal without any pain or discomfort.

I have always been amazed, using these terrain modification techniques, how fast I regenerated and completely healed in 6-7 days. I used this same technique when I had a major a laparoscopic hernia surgery last year.

After 6 days from the moderate surgery I went on a 8 mile barefoot hike in the mountains. See this video – Barefoot Hiking and Grounding Techniques.

Please also watch the The Miracle Of Fertile Eggs on YouTube and the complete “Miracle of Eggs” series on this site. How I do the protocols specifically with a hands on workshop.

I show you how I use the GH or the massive amount of Growth Hormone in the Fertile Eggs to help with Regeneration of Bone and Tissues.

I have used these techniques and many others on myself and many patients and friends for many years and they really work beautifully.

I learned these techniques from Italian and German researchers, and then practiced their discoveries on myself and many patients to see the truth of the protocols.

Part 2 is on this iste because we are going to show the protocols that I have done personally for this ailment, but also in many areas of Health, Wellness and Regeneration.  Using EMP protocols with the Minerals / Oils / Herbs in combination is the key.

Go to earthshiftproducts.com to step up to the next level of nutrition and special tools that you will want to have to start your detox and rejuvenation.  We call this upgrade an Earther Kitchen!

Some of the products used in this video are:

All of our products are the best we can find on the planet and we have the best pricing on the internet as well (wholesale direct).

Learning the “Terrain Modification Principles” is a must to live healthier in this world that is so dysfunctional and toxic.

Our planet that we live on is truly a miraculous place indeed!

You are what you Eat, Drink, Say, Hear and Do – so be conscious of that.

Hope you enjoy this Rapid Wound Regeneration and Healing Protocols Video :))

Dr. Robert

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Rapid Wound Regeneration And Healing Protocols

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  1. no i am desperately looking for part 2 to the teeth healing protocol. I have an absess. Small one in theback of my mouth. It leaches this awful juice and my breath is horrid. I need the protocol because the dentist gave me clindomycin 4x a day two capsules. I know that will mess my body up. Help me please dr Cassar.

  2. I am looking for the wound healing 2nd part too.
    My 18 yrs old son has a vascular malformation larger left leg birth mark that keeps on getting sores on it we can’t get to go away partly because he is wearing tight jeans and when he gets antibiotics he is sometimes forgetting to take them the cuts are open and sore leaking puss and it smells please help dr Caspar what would you recommend ???

    1. Post

      Aloha Dr c here :))
      Part 2 should be on Earther Academy’s private website.
      Please search for it. I found it when I searched the website.
      We also have a new video that will published shortly on rapid wound healing of my bad would I got on my ankle that should have had medical and surgical care.

      :)) Dr r

      1. Hello, Dr. Cassar, can you please provide me with the exact number of fulvic acid drops to dissolve the scar tissue along with the amount of lugol’s iodine drops and all the other essentials you personally used in this protocol? Please, include how many treatments done daily and for how long is the duration of treatment, Thank You Very Much for Your Time and Help!

        1. Post

          Aloha Jonathan,

          I have found out … over time … to use this therapy several times a day (2-3 times a day) for several days in a row… I use about 3=10 drops of fulvic and and the same with the iodine – Lugols – together … then I always add the cocnut oil after I have left the solution on the skin dry for about 10 minutes .. then i apply a lubricant of coco oil and magnesium concentrated trace minerals with silica ( concentrated forms found on found on earthshiftproducts.com) and after that I seal up my skin with cacao butter.

          Also watch the vids on the G’washing techniques we have in our course categories on eartheracademy.com

          :)) Dr. Robert

  3. hey ya’ll. I have an old sports injury that is flaring up and getting worse with age- in 2010 my left thumb was bent backward extremely far and being a kid I just pushed it back in and kept playing- Years later I saw a doctor any physical therapist and they weren’t able to tell me anything. Exercises like push ups, bench press and even arm curls set it off or sleeping wrong- today I set it off and half of my hand has been numb since- the pain comes on the inner side of the elbow I can feel something slipping a bit – any suggestions?!

    1. Post

      Hi Andrew!

      If you have a sauna or a spa you can start to deeply massage all the tendons, muscles and ligaments in both arms. This will let you get an idea how the muscles feel on the good arm vs the one that is injured.

      Most musculotendonis injuries take sometimes several years to rehabilitate. They won’t fix themselves by themselves usually, so you are going to have to make some experimentation.

      You may want to also try doing ice massage to the affected areas that are inflamed or sore. Get a dixie cup and fill it halfway with water and put them in the freezer until frozen. Once frozen cut off the top half of the cup and put the ice directly on the skin and start moving it back and forth. This really helps to reduce inflammation and pain.

      Hope that helps :))

      Dr. Robert

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