Pumpkin Seed Raw Soup Recipe

Pumpkin Seed Raw Soup Recipe

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Pumpkin Seed Raw Soup Recipe – Rebuilding Your Intestines with Raw Superfood Vegetable Soups.

30 days of liquids and soups is a very profound and easy gut/intestinal pathogenic bacteria cleanse and regrowth of essential bacterial (always use very little sugars and the Ketogenic Diet Recipes are always optimal for healing the gut or intestines).

This pumpkin seed soup recipe is a 95% raw soup and one of my favorites. I am also making 2 – 2 minute boiled fertile eggs, which are a great transitional way to get to the next layer especially when getting off a meat based diet.

The dessert is a fresh pineapple with kombucha. You can add a small apple or banana flavor and enzymes.

This is a great way to slowly clean out the intestinal tract of old garbage and debris we accumulate daily. So, for the next 30 days give yourself a variety of super nutrient rich raw soups and liquids to detox and rejuvenate your health.

Any “Sugars” are your enemy when wanting to rebuild and detoxify the intestines. In time, the ketogenic diet and and oils will be your best friends in your intestines for dietary super fuel.

Parasites don’t like, and cannot process the live or raw foods, so this diet really pushes them out of the body.

Try this experiment for 30 days: Raw Live Liquids/Smoothies all day, and also add 150 ounces of distilled water or other Liquids of Vitality Recipes when you are hungry or thirsty.

Then for your evening meal have a large bowl of the variety of Superfood Raw Soups of Vitality that we have.

For over 15 years of clinical practice, seeing just one on one patients in my medical practice, many people are pushed into seriously re-booting their whole lifestyle from the toxic one they have.

Intestinal damage always comes in time from eating a processed, GMO, high sugar, lots of meat, not enough liquids diet to name a few of the culprits of disease.

I always would put patients on the correct liquid and enzymatic rich diets, and everyone has great results after the 10-15 days of this liquid fast. Even though you will have a ton of energy at the 5-10 day mark try to do the full 30 days.

Drink at least 1 ounce per pound of body weight per day, and use a of a variety of Liquids of Vitalities including vegetable and carrot juice smoothies, and organic plant based food replacement proteins.

Most of the patients that really excelled were from the super toxic Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) and healthier food level.

Pumpkin Seed Raw Soup Recipe:

Toppings: Celery, Roasted Mushrooms, Olives, Avocado and Jungle Peanuts.

Misc: Whole Lemon, Cabbage, Carrots, Soaked Cashews, 2 (2 minute boiled) fertile eggs.

Please try to make the soups as raw (or live) as possible, as this helps rejuvenate the toxic and inflamed intestines. Also, try to add a lot of the super greens like chlorella, spirulina, and blue green algae to the soups and smoothies.

You will notice that your bowel movements will be more than usual because of all the fiber and liquids you are having. Most people have super excellent results with IBS, constipation, or other toxic and clogged intestinal ailments.

People usually loose about 15 pounds of toxicity or fat from this simple intervention, and reset the intestinal tract. Use a good probiotic multi strain bacteria as well, and lots of kombucha or tapache enzyme brews.

You can also use a variety of food replacement meals we have wholesale at earthshiftproducts.com.

This 30 day cleanse is quite enjoyable and very easy to do with very profound results when followed for 30 days or longer.

We all can optimize ourselves if we really truly want too – give it a try!

Hope you enjoy this “Pumpkin Seed Raw Soup Recipe” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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Pumpkin Seed Raw Soup Recipe

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