Probiotic ” House cleaners of the body ” mini lecture

Robert Cassar Essential Philosophy, Fasting, Ferments, Mind Controlling Parasites, Parasites, Rebuilding The Gut Wall Flora, Recipes, Rejuvenating for Vitality 4 Comments

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      Aloha Anna, I am glad you are enjoying :)) Practice and share with your friends when you feel like what you are doing is the right way to go for your revolution now. Learning and practicing detoxification and rejuvenation is the key to living vital and don’t forget once you get over the hump .. its fun too.

      Lots to share :)) Dr Robert

      1. Dr Cassar,
        do you have details on your retreats? I would love to know the cost etc and some more details.
        Ps- I just made the above probiotic drink, I let it brew for approx 1 week. It actually smelt like fruit wine after a week! I am drinking it now!!
        my email is
        thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom!

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