Plant Mineral Experiment Parable

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      Aloha Chanel, I have been using many solutions that make plants grow really good or really bad.
      The easiest solution per quart or 32 ounces of solution is :

      All of the products can be purchased at wholesale direct , usually with free shipping too.

      It is important to use the non diluted forms of all of the products. I use all of these same products/minerals for myself and my animals/birds too.

      Earth Shift does not sell diluted products so they are all at full strength compared to most other versions that are diluted massively.

      Here is the recipe I use.
      20 drops magnesium minerals
      2 cap fulls of living silica
      30 drops of fulvic acid infused with boron and zinc
      1/2 tsp of MSM
      2 tbs of your favorite ferment that you are making to eat for yourself. (We show you how to make in the Ferments playlist section)
      1/4 tsp of organic sugar ( this feeds the ferment microbes that you are adding to the recipe)

      Use organic fertilizer only ( I use chicken manure or other manure from a clean source) every 2-3 weeks.

      I use a Home Depot sprayer from the paint department.

      Spray the solution (about 4-5 sprays per small plants or more on larger ones) on drip line of the plants or mix in the soil. I like to add calcium carbonate and or dolomite to the soil or put on top of the soil and then spray the solution on the rock dust every 2-3 weeks or as needed.

      Its all an experiment and work in progress so try different plants with different concentrations and so forth.

      This is my simple recipe. I have done many videos on this subject: in the “Garden Series playlist” or “Live Food” playlist”

      I just spray them

      :)) Dr Robert

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