Parasites In Fish Experiment

Parasites In Fish Experiment

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Have you ever seen real parasites in fish before? In this video course I am going to do an experiment to investigate if there are parasites in my dissection of this freshly caught, 20 pound Pacific Amberjack species from the local marina in Hawaii.

The Amberjack species is a very common species and can reach up to 6 ft in length – 160 pounds being the largest caught. I have caught 100’s of these fish over the years in deep water of about 100-300 ft.

I have personally noticed from fishing all over the world for 30 years, that there is a increased correlation to water pollution and parasites in the flesh of many types of fish that eat from the toxic sea floor. The more polluted, or high concentrations of people and industry, the more sea parasites are in the water and are thus transferred to the people and other creatures that are eating them.

Further down in the description I will explain more about this phenomena: “Increased Water Terrain Toxicity Increases The Parasites In The Fish And Ultimately In Humans that eat them”.

Wait till you see the 12-18 inch Fish Tapeworms, or what are called “Cestodes”. I will dissect and remove several large live tapeworms hiding in the flesh of this super fresh and healthy looking fish.

Here is a sneak pic before you see the video on what you are going to see.

Dr. Robert Cassar with a Fish Tape Worm from a Pacific Amberjack
Dr. Robert Cassar with a Fish Tape Worm from a Pacific Amberjack

Is It Safe To Eat Fish With “Parasitic Worms”?

Eating any type of raw, lightly cured in lemon juice, or insufficiently cooked infected fish can transfer the live parasitic worms and eggs to animals, birds, humans and many other creatures.

People eat parasites in infected fish all the time, they just don’t know it. Most people do not get, or have, intestinal symptoms or ill effects at first from eating infected fish with parasites.

If you are going to eat any “Raw Fish or Sushi” you may want to freeze the fish for at least a 24-36 hour period to kill the live parasites. The parasite eggs have been found to not die easily, and freezing them sometimes does not kill or destroy the parasite eggs from hatching later.

Cooking your fish thoroughly all the way through is the best way to eliminate the eggs and the live parasites.

Remember, freezing the fish may not kill the eggs in the flesh of the fish if you are going to have sushi or eat the flesh raw. Most sushi restaurants freeze their fish first so as to kill any live parasites in the meat before eating.

Parasite eggs once in the intestines can easily start to grow like they did in the fish. The fish tapeworm live primarily in the intestines, and can reach up to 60ft in length.

The Tapeworms we found in this experiment were in the flesh and muscle and up to 18 inches long! These parasites are boring through the flesh and eating their way through the body.

Can A Tapeworm Make You Sick Or Even Kill You?

All types of Tapeworms cause unknown sickness and health problems around the world, and can even kill weakened hosts, since they steal or rob us of nutrients, block up and toxify our intestines, and take up space in our organs and stop them from functioning normally.

A Tapeworm Cyst can settle in the brain, eye, liver, and elsewhere on the body.

So, freezing the fish for an adequate time, or thoroughly cooking the fish will kill the live parasites, but if you want to make sure you are NOT eating any live parasite eggs it would then be best to only eat fish that has been cooked well.

Parasites In Fish Life Cycle
Parasites In Fish Life Cycle

Do “Wild Fish” Have More Parasites Than “Farm Raised” Fish?

The truth of the matter is that every type of wild fish is susceptible to parasites, especially if they are feeding off other creatures or food that have been infected – usually by Human and animal feces and toxicities while swimming in the oceans, lakes or rivers.

Farm fresh fish are the worst for getting infected, because of the unnatural foods and toxic living environment they are raised in.

There can be many types of parasitic worms that live inside and outside the bodies of fish, and marine mammals like dolphins or seals.

I have found a high correlation of parasites in fish that are on the coasts due to all the feces and contamination that gets spilled into the oceans, rivers and lakes. The bottom feeder creatures like crabs, shrimps, lobsters all eat from the floor of the ocean where all of the toxicity and contamination is.

The bottom feeding fish like the Amberjack, Groupers, Sea Bass etc. all eat the bottom feeding creatures, and the parasites are then easily transmitted to the fish that ate them.

The life cycle just keeps on going from one creature to another. As the person eats the infected fish with parasitic worms they then become the next Parasites “Host”.

As the person now becomes parasitically infected from eating the infected flesh, they can now transmit the parasite’s eggs through their own feces. The parasite’s cycle repeats itself when another living creature becomes infected from eating the parasite’s eggs in the feces of animals and humans – then being eaten by another and transferred again.

Do Lobsters And Crabs Have Parasitic Worms?

Most lobsters are loaded with parasites and a variety of heavy metal toxicity because they are mostly living on dead rotten food and muddy/bottom garbage eaters.

I call lobsters and crabs the “Giant Cockroaches of The Sea“. They eat and clean up the dead carcass of other creatures, and live in the toxicity on the seafloor.

Parasites in a Crab
Parasites in a Crab

All lobsters can carry hepatitis, but not all do, which is one of the reasons to always cook and freeze all crabs and lobsters before eating.

What’s The Problem With Farmed Fish?

The majority of salmon, shrimp and many other types of seafood on the market are farm-raised. Meaning it’s farmed and harvested under controlled and suboptimal unnatural conditions in sea cages or net pens.

The problem, according to many researchers, is the crowded growing conditions of most farms can cause contamination with a variety of antibiotics, hormones, petroleum based toxic chemicals, hormones added to the GMO food for faster and larger growth, a variety of endocrine disruptors including glyphosate and atrazine and parasitic infection.

A 2003 report from the Environmental Working Group (EWG) found that seven out of ten farmed salmon purchased in grocery stores in San Francisco, Washington, DC, and Portland were contaminated with cancer-causing polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) at “levels that raise health concerns.”

Parasitic Worms in An Amberjack
Parasitic Worms in an Amberjack

Additionally, farmed fish and shrimp have been found to contain toxic chemicals methylmercury and dioxins, and many farms have been accused of polluting the oceans, advancing and creating disease, and spreading parasites of all kinds including sea lice and many other varieties.

Fish farms have also been criticized for other questionable practices, including the toxic content of the unnatural GMO feed. So, best advice if you are going to eat fish is to not eat any bottom fish or bottom feeders.

Remember, the shite eaters (or the poop eaters) – crabs, lobsters, shrimp, reef fish or any other bottom fish, eat the human feces and all of the human garbage off the seafloor and become infected with these types of parasites, and a variety of others.

I have found that fresh wild caught migratory pelagic fish, are top water predators, and do not have the parasites like the deeper feeding species since they are not bottom eaters, or feeding off of the fish that are bottom feeders. The bottom feeders eat the garbage on the seafloor, and are then eaten by larger fish thereby get infected in the higher food chains.

Most oceans are treated as a waste dump, and I am seeing much more fish with parasites than ever before. Mostly from fish caught living around cities or populated areas, where the quality of the water is toxic from a variety of toxins and chemicals like human waste and industrial garbage.

Most of the parasites are infecting and moving from one creature to the next because they are infecting the host organism with their feces or excrement.

Research has shown that approximately 40% of Louisiana and Mississippi speckled trouts are host to spaghetti worms or tapeworms, with an average of between 1 and 2 worms occurring per fish.

I have caught many of these fish in pristine, clean, non-polluted waters in Mexico called the Revillagigedo Islands.

These 4 volcanic islands in Mexico are a national sanctuary and like I said super pristine – non polluted clean waters since these islands are not inhabited by any people, so the fish do not get infected from all of the pollution and human waste we as people produce.

I used to be an avid fisherman of 100+ days a year, and unless I fish in the city areas, I never see parasites on the fish or in the fish in these pristine areas far offshore the Mexican coast.

Large Parasitic Worm
Large Parasitic Worm

In conclusion: I see this parasitic tapeworm epidemic increase substantially to the amount of the pollution the fish swims and eats in. So, we are mostly why the fish and animals have many parasites due to the toxic, polluted terrains of the fish and animals that live and eat in our garbage in the oceans and rivers.

The places where I fished were usually deserted isolated islands so there was not any pollution from Humans, because there aren’t any people that live on these uninhabited islands.

I have never seen parasites in the Amberjack, unless we catch them close to the city. I think that the fish are being infected from the cities variety of toxicities that go into the ocean everyday.

Many hotels around the world I have been to, just have a large raw sewage pipe going directly into the ocean just a few hundred feet from the hotels, where people swim and fish eat the feces.

The dirtier the water quality is the more infected the fish are. This is exactly what I see in our society of sickness.

Our bodies are like an 18 gallon water bottle, thus if pure water gets dirty the oceans then we become dirty to support housing all of the parasites that live in filth or toxicity.

So, these are a deeper feeding species like Groupers or Sea Bass that are usually filled full of parasites that are caught next to any populated or toxic rivers and oceans.

“Amberjack is an Atlantic and Pacific fish of the Carangidae family. They are a game fish, most often found in the warmer parts of ocean. There are many variations of Amberjack, including Greater Amberjack, Lesser Amberjack, Almaco Jack, Yellowtail, and the Banded Rudderfish. – Wikipedia” ~ Wiki


What Does “Pelagic Fish” Mean?

“Pelagic Fish” live and grow up in the pelagic zones of oceans or lake waters. These types of fish are not close to the bottom or near the shore, and they live and grow in the upper column or the sun layer of oceans and lakes.

The Pelagic Fish are a much better choice of fish to eat because they live, grow and eat in less toxic cleaner water. These fish are are also migratory travelers in the vast seas, and don’t eat from the bottom of the sea floor.”

What Does “Demersal Fish” Mean?

“Demersal fish live and feed on or near the bottom of seas or lakes. They occupy the sea floors and lake beds, which usually consist of mud, sand, gravel or rocks” ~ Wiki

The bottom dwelling fish are called “Demersal Fish”, who live on or near the bottom. Coral reefs and the fish that live on the bottom column of water are found to be chemical toxic and full of parasites. When these bottom dwelling fish are caught next to populated cities from all the toxic human pollution and parasite eggs, these bottom feeder fish eat this human garbage, and then become infected themselves with a variety of parasites – and so the life cycle goes on and on.

“The pelagic fish have much less parasites in them than the bottom dwellers do, eating the toxic pollution and feces from the sea floor.”

All I can say, if you are going to eat any fish at all then make sure you don’t eat the Farm Fresh fish, because most of the sea farmers add hormones, antibiotics, GMO food full of glyphosate and many other chemicals in their food and water, where they live and grow in an unnatural crowded toxic environment.

Also, if you are going to eat fish from the market you would want to eat fresh smaller Tuna or other pelagic species that are migratory and swim thousands of miles yearly, following the oceans currents for food. The bigger the fish is the more toxic the flesh is, and definitely have more parasites as well.

When I used to go Halibut fishing in Alaska every year, I noticed the large halibut I caught (over 100 pounds) had small holes in the flesh when I looked at it with a hand held magnifying glass. The flesh was also not firm like the younger 25 pound halibuts I inspected.

The large fish had lost a lot of the muscle firmness, due to the parasites eating and boring though their muscles.

So, if you eat the bigger or older fish you will notice that the flesh is mushy and not firm when eating or filleting, because of the cestode tapeworms inhabiting and eating the muscles in the fish.

Hope you enjoy this “Parasites In Fish Experiment” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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