Oxygen Therapies Using Hydrogen Peroxide To Remove Parasitic Feces

Oxygen Therapies Using Hydrogen Peroxide To Remove Parasitic Feces

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I am going to share with you how I use Oxygen Therapies to reduce parasites and their feces accumulating in our bodies on a daily basis.

I have been experimenting and researching using oxygen therapies for over 40 years. I have also been experimenting with a variety of oxygen therapies using Liquid Oxygen – H202 and Gaseous Ozone therapies in a variety of biological dysfunctions, infections, detoxification, cleansing to support the eradication of certain types of parasites such as mold, fungus, candida, yeast and parasitic feces toxins both internally and externally on the skin and pores.

In this video I will use a diluted, but potent, form of “Food Grade H202” or “Liquid Oxygen” for 14-21 days to increase the amount of available 02 – oxygen in the internal body, and use it to support the cleansing and detoxification of the intestines, lymphatics and blood stream.

In Part 1 (29 min) we will discuss the basics of oxygen and the variety of ways to administer and use oxygen as an adjunctive therapy.

In Part 2 (102 min) I will share with you the current dosages and simple protocols I have been using with Food Grade H202 for over 30+ years personally as well as in my clinical practice for 14+ years, with excellent results and minimal side effects.

In Part 3 (108 min) I am going to talk about a variety of subjects that came up with the September 2019 Retreat Group of 10 participants for the 21 day Terrain Modification Workshop in Hawaii.

All Creatures That Live In The Body Defecate In The Body

The parasites, or any biological creatures that live inside the bodies of other creatures, will excrete their toxic feces and waste inside the body of their host.

Strongyloides stercoralis or threadworm in human stool
Strongyloides stercoralis or threadworm in human stool

All types of “Parasites, Fungi, Mold, Yeast, Bacteria”, or any type of parasitic or biological creature living inside the body, defecates inside of the host causing inflammation, allergic reactions and the increased accumulation of parasitic feces, which are extremely toxic to the host.

I like to use the Oxygen/Ozone/H202 therapies while the stomach and intestines are completely empty and void of all food and debris, for the best results to cleanse the body of accumulated feces or biological toxins.

When using any type of detox therapies, I have found that Intermittent and Block Fasting Protocols are a great advantage to get maximum cleansing and detoxification results when the bowels are empty of food, especially when using this type of oxygenating H202 therapy.

I have also used and practiced with liquid oxygen H202 therapy for increasing available oxygen while performing intense cardio and resistance exercises, with excellent results of increased stamina, oxygen and recovery time.

Increasing the oxygen in our bodies has a detoxification, antimicrobial and oxidizing effect, especially to reduce pathogenic anaerobic parasitic creatures and the toxic waste products they produce daily, that accumulate in us.

What Is “Oxygen Therapy”?

Oxygen Therapy, also known as supplemental oxygen, is the use of oxygen as a medical treatment. … Air is typically 21% oxygen by volume while oxygen therapy increases this by some amount up to 100%. The use of oxygen in medicine became common around 1917 – src: Oxygen Therapy – Wikipedia

Ozone Therapy is a form of alternative medicine that purports to increase the amount of oxygen in the body through the introduction of ozone. Various techniques have been suggested, with purported benefits including the treatment of cancer, AIDS, and multiple sclerosis, among others – src: Wikipedia

This is the basis to most all of the oxygen therapies, to increase oxygen or 02 in the blood. These types of oxygen therapies are called “Bio Oxidative Therapies”.

“Oxygen Therapy” has been used by physicians for over 100 years with excellent results reported in the medical literature. “Oxygen Therapy” can be used in a variety of very effective protocols that can be used both internally and externally for Health and Wellness.

I have witnessed over the years, both personally and in clinical practice, how 02/Oxygen Therapies can significantly and positively support many illnesses, and advance the areas of health and wellness.

Increasing Blood Oxygen

There are many different ways to administer, or get a higher percentage of oxygen in the blood.

To increase blood oxygen you can use various methods such as Hyperbaric Chambers, Rectal Ozone Insufflation, Intravenous Ozone, Exercising, Deep Breathing, Drinking of Ozonated Water and Soaking In The Bath Water with diluted H202.

What Are “Bio Oxidative Therapies”?

Bio-Oxidative therapies involve the administration of small amounts of diluted ozone and/or hydrogen peroxide (H202) into the body for the prevention and treatment of disease. People are using Bio-Oxidative therapies for reducing parasitic infections, detoxification and cleansing of the body.

Ozone Therapy has been used by licensed physicians in Germany since the early 1960’s, while Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy was developed in the United States primarily by Dr. C.H. Farr, nominee for the 1993 Nobel prize in Medicine.

What Are The Benefits Of Oxygen Therapy?

People who have used Oxygen Therapy say it boosts their energy levels dramatically, increases endurance during any type of exercise, increased libido, supports healing from physical exertion, increases cognitive abilities, provides relief from mental fogginess stress and pollution, increases your concentration, helps you relax, and eases headaches and hangovers.

According to Frank Shallenberger, M.D., who is best known in the United States for treating AIDS patients with a holistic protocol including ozone, bio-oxidative therapies have affect the human body in the following ways:

  1. They stimulate the production of white blood cells, which are necessary to fight infection.
  2. Ozone and hydrogen peroxide are anti-virucidal.
  3. They increase oxygen and hemoglobin dissociation, thus increasing the delivery of oxygen from the blood to the cells.
  4. Ozone and hydrogen peroxide are antineoplastic, which means that they inhibit the growth of new tissues like tumors.
  5. They oxidize and degrade petrochemicals.
  6. They increase red blood cell membrane distensibility, thus enhancing their flexibility and effectiveness.
  7. Bio-oxidative therapies increase the production of interferon and Tumor Necrosis Factor, which the body uses to fight infections and cancers.
  8. They increase the efficiency of the antioxidant enzyme system, which scavenges excess free radicals in the body.
  9. They accelerate the Citric Acid Cycle, which is the main cycle for the liberation of energy from sugars. This then stimulates basic metabolism. It also breaks down proteins, carbohydrates and fats to be used as energy.
  10. Bio-oxidative therapies increase tissue oxygenation, thus bringing about patient improvement.

Note: Shallenberger, Frank, Intravenous Ozone Therapy in HIV-related Disease” Proceedings: Fourth International Bio-Oxidative Medicine Conference, April 1993.

Is There A Difference Between “Ozone, H202” And Oxygen?

The only difference between Ozone and Oxygen is that Ozone is made up of 3 oxygen atoms, 03 or “Tri-Atomic Molecules” bonded together and is “very Unstable, the simple air we all breathe is called “Molecular Oxygen, 02” or “Di-Atomic Oxygen” and it has 2 atoms bonded together and is “stable”.

Oxygen O2 and ozone O3 molecule models and chemical formulas
Ozone and H202 have 3 atoms bonded together and regular Oxygen has only 2 atoms bonded together.

Ozone and H202 are very unstable and will drop one of the oxygen atoms into the air or body, thus increasing a higher percentage of oxygen into the blood when administered in a variety of ways I will talk about.

H202 is stabilized oxygen in liquid form. H202’s strength depends on the dilution rate being used usually ranging from 3% to 35%.

Food Grade H202 are sold in many health food stores or through the internet (see recommended products below).

Remember, H202 and Ozone are unstable and will lose an oxygen molecule and become regular H20, thus adding an oxygen to the solution or body if ingested.

Pure non-diluted 35% H202 is very dangerous, so be careful when handling. You can burn yourself very easily if this strong concentration touches the skin non-diluted.

People have reported severe injury to the eyes, skin and even death, by ingesting the pure non-diluted or full strength 35% H202 or Liquid Oxygen directly without diluting first.

I have used undiluted 35% H202 full strength only on certain skin conditions like warts or tags of skin. It’s best NEVER to use 35% in full strength unless under the supervision of a qualified healthcare professional because it can be quite dangerous and could be deadly if swallowed full strength.

I will talk about the variant dosages I have used with Liquid Oxygen, and several ways I have used this therapy, in part 2 of the video and description.

Is There A Difference Between Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide And Regular Hydrogen Peroxide?

Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide does not have chemical compound stabilizers in the solution. So, it will degrade much faster without the toxic stabilizers.

All H202 solutions are not stable unless they have stabilizers in them. H202 will decompose to water and oxygen very quickly without the chemical stabilizers that allow for long term shelf life.

So, the main difference is that food grade H202 does not contain any toxic stabilizers. Regular over the counter 3% hydrogen peroxide does contain a variety of toxic chemical stabilizers that should not be used ingested or internally.

Commercial or household over the counter grades of non-food grade 3% H2O2 will always contain toxic chemical chelants and sequestrants which minimize the oxygen breakdown, or decomposition, under normal storage and handling conditions.

The only reason they add stabilizers is because they add a long shelf life to the product.

Again, regular H202 is only used for exterior cleaning and disinfecting and not to be ever taken internally.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Never use regular H202 internally this is an external product only. Food grade can be used for internal oxygen therapies because it is void of the toxic chemical stabilizers.

Common Chemical Stabilizers Found In NON-Food Grade H202

These are the stabilizers found in the 3% OTC brown bottle H20. This grade should only be used for cleaning, and should never be used internally or even on cuts.

It is always best to use FOOD GRADE H202 with the body because the industrial grades of H202 contains many, or all of the toxic stabilizers you see below.

Colloidal stannate, Tin, Phenols, Organo-phosphates and sodium pyrophosphate. Nitrates (for pH adjustment and corrosion inhibition) and phosphoric acid (for pH adjustment) also are used.

Manufacturers of drug store grade hydrogen peroxide do not, as a rule, identify the chemical stabilizers used in their products. It is well known that the most common stabilizer of H202 is acetanilide.

It was discovered in 1948 that acetanilide is toxic to the liver in humans if ingested. It was removed from use as a fever reducing drug at that time. This is why Non-Food Grade H202 should never be ingested because of the toxic chemical stabilizers.

Only use Food Grade H202 for INTERNAL and EXTERNAL use.

Hydrogen peroxide is the simplest peroxide (a compound with an oxygen–oxygen single bond). It is used as an oxidizer, bleaching agent, and antiseptic -src: Hydrogen Peroxide Wikipedia

Articles On The Controversial H202 Oxygen Therapies

Most of the articles you will now see are leaning toward quackery and danger/death, if you are going to use this product or type of O2 therapy.

Use your own discretion about reading internet articles and do your own homework before thinking about using. Always, best to be under the care and supervision of an experienced licensed health care practitioner that understands “Oxygen Therapies”.

Google “food grade hydrogen peroxide therapy” for more articles and references.

Food grade hydrogen peroxide can be corrosive to the eyes, possibly resulting in: pain, redness, blurred vision, severe deep burns and corneal ulceration.

Src: Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide: Suggested Uses and Warnings

Warnings And Cautions When Handling 35% H202

Remember, 35% strength H202 Non-diluted) is a very strong oxidizer and is very dangerous at full strength. Do not be fooled because you think it is just concentrated oxygen!

You must be very careful with the 35% H202 full strength or non-diluted solution because it can cause moderate to severe burns and other severe injuries if not used or stored correctly. 35% H2O2 is very dangerous in the full strength – Never Use Undiluted! Keep away from children and in a safe place. NEVER drink any strength of pure non-diluted H202. Even low concentrations of 3% is too strong without being diluted first. Undiluted Hydrogen Peroxide if taken internally could cause severe harm or even death to the individual. Always keep out of reach of children and make sure you or anyone else never use this product undiluted or at full 35% strength unless being supervised by an experienced practitioner.

I recommend to always seek the advice and supervision of a licensed health professional before using any type of detoxification practices. Also, it is always a good idea to learn how to do your own investigation via the internet research papers, and other people that have used these practices.

Always do your own research and/or seek expert medical advice before using H202 and/or any other therapies that you are not familiar with.

If you get 35% H202 on your skin, eyes or clothes wash it off quickly with water.

The longer the H202 is on your skin at full strength the more oxidation or damage it can do, and could result in burning or injury.

In some areas of the country it is very difficult to find 35% Food Grade H202. You can acquire 12% on Amazon, you will just have to adjust the dilution rate to get the same dose of 35% strength (see links below).

In part 2 I will go over the way I have used the 02 therapies safely and effectively. I will also be sharing with you a lot of pertinent information if you are considering using any type of oxygen therapy in the future.

There is a Q&A session at the end of the video course in part 3.

Recommended Course and Categories: Parasites, Ferments, Skin Cleaning, Detoxification and Rejuvenation, Fasting, Lymphatic System and Rebuilding The Gut Wall Flora.

Recommended Books to read on “Oxygen Therapies”:

Recommended Articles:

Here are a few articles on the controversial H202 Oxygen Therapies. Most of the articles are leaning toward quackery and danger/death if you are going to use this product or therapy. Use your own discretion about reading internet articles, and do your own homework before thinking about using this or any detoxification therapy.

Recommended Products: 12% Hydrogen Peroxide Food Grade

Hope you enjoy this “Oxygen Therapies Using Hydrogen Peroxide To Remove Parasitic Feces” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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      1. I bought a ozone machine to do, ozone water, rectal, ear & vaginal insulflations.

        I stopped using it as I was still unwell due to really bad rheumatoid arthritis I went from being super fit & strong to losing 3 stone & barely being able to walk or lift my arms.

        It’s been a hard time.

        That’s why I’m back listening to your videos.

        So looking forward to your chat on ozone,

        I was considering selling the machine I even have a steam sauna to do ozone sauna.

        1. Post

          Hi Lisa!

          The Ozone Machine is very effective for many different types of ailments. If you have this machine you may want to hold on to it and learn how to use it better. In the short future I am going to show how to use the Ozone Machine in various ways.

          You may want to reduce most or all of your oxalates in your diet, to help you with the rheumatoid arthritis inflammation.

          Watch some of the videos where we talk about Oxalates in the video and descriptions.

          You can also look at this course: Soaking Your Hands And Feet With EDTA

          Hope that helps 🙂

          Dr. Robert

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  1. Hello 🙂

    I was just wondering if there is any research you could share with me, regarding your comments on oxalate calcifications and h202? I’ve been using this therapy for a week now and my body is crackling like crazy! my family are slightly concerned and I struggle to find any research online to show them… (they aren’t going to trust you) any help would be appreciated 🙂


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    1. Post

      Aloha Kathleen, I have found its best to do stool samples close on on the full moon for some of the parasites reproductive cycles. Many parasites will replicate everyday and most are more active on the full moon for mating – for sure.
      I would send my stool sample to a veterinarian – I don’t really have trust in most all of the facilities that test human stools at this time. I have found much more accuracy to send the stool to the vets – I tell them that the stool sample is from my dog and I want the stool to be checked for eggs counts and other differential parasitic creatures in the stool.

      Remember, everyone has a variety of parasites – in the blood – organs – muscles, etc. the eggs are not only in the stools. That stool test is mostly to check for intestinal species only – and the examination is only as good as the technician looking in the microscope.
      I have found this parasitologist group, that has done good screening for me in the past – run my Dr. Oman – http://www.parasitetesting.com/ is a good source if you want to get testing from a parasitologist.

      Hope that helps,

      Dr. Robert

    1. Post

      Hi Brendan.

      I have used many brands – as long as the H202 is food grade then it’s good.

      You can find food grade H202 on Amazon – here is a link to 12% strength. Amazon will sell up to 12% strength.

      Then you can dilute the 12% down to 3-6% quite easily. I use H202 in different strengths – So I like to dilute it depending on the strengths I would use for the various therapies.

      I like to use stronger concentrations than 3% for hand and foot soaking therapies. Diluting 12% is much more economical to use.

      Here is the link for the hand and foot soaking master class: Hands and Feet Cleaning and Detoxification Master Class

      Here is the link to 32 oz of 12% food grade H202: Viva Doria H2O2 Hydrogen Peroxide 12% Aqueous Solution – Food Grade, 16 Fl Oz, 2 Pack (Total 32 Fluid Ounce)

      To create 3% hydrogen peroxide from 12% hydrogen peroxide, the general mixing guideline is: 1 part – 12% hydrogen peroxide plus 3 parts water = 3% hydrogen peroxide. You can use this guideline with any quantity you need to mix.

      To make a gallon of 3% peroxide: In a clean gallon container, combine 4 cups of 12% food grade hydrogen peroxide with 12 cups of water. That makes a gallon of 3% hydrogen peroxide.

      Always take a look at our “Recommended Products” page on Earther Academy – Lots of good links there.

      Hope that helps,

      Dr. Robert

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