Non Surgical Facelift Series

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In this video we are going to over many different techniques of removing small and large wrinkles, sagging facial skin, scleroderma, fungus, glandular clogging of the parotid gland, lubricating the skin and dissolving old skin, unclogging the pores, a myriad of super tiny parasites that can live on the skin and pores and just underneath the skin too etc Always be-careful and practice slowly these protocols, practices and principles as a recommendation and how I do these techniques. You are going to want to possibly tweak some of the protocols to your level of health and experience. Most everyone does have some form of critters that live in the pores and the scalp.

So really learn the skin cleaning, detoxifying and rejuvenating practices for the entire body. it is really good to add our Living Silica spray int he 4 ounce bottle to your hair and scalp daily. This is essential silica that helps nourish the scalp and all skin,hair, nails all soft tissue in general.

Here is the URL for the living silica. This is a 3.75X concentrate which means you can almost make 4 bottles of the other versions sold all over. We do not dilute ours.

All of the others I am aware of are diluted down to 70-75% less silica and 70-75% more water wasting your monies not buying the concentrate. So do not be fooled by buying watered down products the same goes for Magnesium chloride and fulvic acid and many others. Earth Shift only sells the concentrates of everything.

:)) Dr r

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