My 4 Day Workout Routine

My 4 Day Workout Routine

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I am going to show you my home gym and the effective workouts you can do at home, even if you don’t have a costly gym membership or just don’t have any idea what simple equipment you may need to get an effective full body workout.

I have split up the strengthening workouts in a 4 day a week full body schedule, working each body part 1 time a week, very intensely.

Even if you have never worked out before; a 4 day workout schedule is very easy to do and can be started at any age.

I have been training with weights consistently all throughout my life. My workout routine is still intense but I have added more flexibility and stretching as the number one virtue, along with strength training secondarily into the mix since I am now 60 years old.

In order to increase your muscle mass and strength, it is almost impossible to make any substantial gains on a plant based diet. Therefore, if you are looking to gain muscle mass and strength; I have found that an anabolic diet is essential for the body to make easy gains.

If you do not know what an “Anabolic versus Catabolic diet” is – I would suggest you watch this video I did on the differences of a diet that will grow you versus cleanse or detox you: Catabolic Versus Anabolic Diet

Young Teenage Competitive Bodybuilding Philosophy

When I was competing in bodybuilding, I was 17-19 yrs old and I took first place in several natural bodybuilding championships as well as placed in the top 5 in over 15 events out of 30-50 competitors in my teenage class (under 20 yrs).

All of the competitors who compete in the natural contests (meaning no steroids allowed) are tested for synthetic anabolic steroids by blood and urine tests.

I have always been searching for the most natural and non-polluted vitality lifestyle I could live.

19 Year Old Dr. Robert Cassar Bodybuilding Shot
19 Year Old Dr. Robert Cassar Bodybuilding Shot

In my early teens, I trained 6 days a week and sometimes even trained 2 times a day, to experiment with different workout styles, schedules, diets, sleeping habits, supplements, high reps or low heavy reps, etc.

I had no idea what I was doing as far as diet, so I followed the champion bodybuilders of that time and copied their exact workouts to see if I could mold my body into a old time Greek statue, or to bring out the best male genetics I could for my level of knowledge and understanding.

Muscle Memory

You could have had muscle mass and strength previously in your lifestream, and then in time lose your muscles because you are not using them like before. The body is really smart – once you start to feed it correctly and start training consistently again; your muscles will come back miraculously and faster than the person who has never worked out before.

I am bringing this concept up because I gained 20+ pounds of solid muscle in just a few months by primarily eating grass fed and non-infected animal products.

I also removed all of the intestinal irritants/phytoalexins from my diet, which are plant poisons or the defense mechanisms naturally present in the plants to protect them from parasites, mold and pathogenic bacteria. They are in most all plants such as oxalates, lectins, isoflavones, seeds, nuts, greens, grains and all of the catabolic/estrogenic foods.

These naturally occurring plant poisons are basically in most of the plants I was eating for the past 15 years as a raw vegan/vegetarian. I was also supplementing with a few eggs a week with my very strict raw vegan type diet.

Watch the Anabolic versus Catabolic Diets video and read the detailed description to learn a few things about the difference between an “Anabolic Diet” that can help rebuild you, versus a “Catabolic Diet” that can help you detox, cleanse your body, and over time will most likely malnourish you, like it did to me.

60 Years Young, Old, Experienced and Wiser

Now since I am 60 yrs old – I am concerned about keeping muscle mass, bone strength and overall flexibility. I don’t want to wear myself out by overtraining, or over eating, as I did when I was younger because I didn’t know any better.

We all have to go through various ups and downs of publicized fad diets or lifestyles we were told about searching for a better way.

As you get older you become more experienced and wiser, because the longer you are alive the more you should be learning and practicing about what is “right to do and what is wrong to do” – by trial and error.

Over time, many of us are ready to change it up, searching to find a better way, or to fall back in place where you were previously in life when you were younger and healthier.

Robert Cassar Sitting Down Showing His Main Arm Vein
Robert Cassar Sitting Down Showing His Main Arm Vein

Now at 60 yrs, I can still stay in shape with a minimal 4 day exercise program, along with an anabolic diet and weekly detox management therapies following a variety of simple Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles.

Health is truly a lifestyle and you must see the benefits in yourself or others for you to continue into this beneficial lifestyle – Nobody said it was going to be easy to stay healthy – wealthy – happy and wise but what I have found out in life anything that is good is usually not the easy path.

The prime mover for me personally, is not just to physically keep my body in tune but also with the intense exercise which completely resets my brain chemicals and releases any stuck emotional energy I may have stored up throughout the day or weeks.

The 4 day a week workout is perfect for most people to create gains throughout the entire body and to have enough time in between workouts to repair, renourish and rebuild the muscles that you have torn down by exercising.

Moral Of The Story

As we all age, we do want to keep advancing in muscle density, endurance, strength and flexibility.

I have found that intense full body exercise several times a week will keep our body and mind in balance with one another. The body usually wears out before the mind does, as we can see by most of the elderly people with physical limitations.

This is one of the reasons why it is vital to keep the body and mind in tip top shape by learning about the many departments of detoxification and terrain modification protocols, practices and principles I have been teaching all of my adult life, since I graduated Cleveland Chiropractic College in 1984 with a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine Degree, as the youngest graduate out of the entire professional college.

Over the years of medical practice, I became a self taught parasitologist and toxicologist with all of the clinical research and experimentation I did with the patients.

Over the time span of 14 years of practice, I had seen over 100,000 patients in my office, so I learned a thing or two with all of the patients I had seen trying various detox protocols, diets and protocols for a variety of physical ailments along with a plethora of people with sickness in all areas of the body and mind.

This is one of the primary reasons I opened up our Earther Academy online learning programs, so I could share privately ideas, disciplines, concepts, treatments to people that were interested in learning and practicing to become their own doctor and to self heal themselves.

Detoxification Is Also A Part Of Your Training Program

Eating a healthy “Anabolic Diet” – mostly 1 meal a day and a small anabolic snack, exercising and stretching at least 4 days a week and practicing detoxification protocols are the main tenants to upgrading, enhancing and optimizing the body and mind.

Some Of The Detox And other Essential Protocols I Perform Weekly

  • I use the FIR sauna 1 time a week for 60 minutes/session – incorporating the Gwashing Techniques and self massage to purge my week’s toxicity through intense sweating.
  • 1 time a week, I clean my skin and entire exterior body with the vodka skin cleaning recipe.
  • I try to get full body sun 3-4 times a week to help stimulate my own personal testosterone.
  • I follow a once a week parasite detox day with a variety of therapies and protocols I can choose from the detox courses.
  • I fast daily from food for at least 18-24 hours daily, drinking ¾-1 gallon of distilled water daily.
  • OLMAD (One large meal a day) is my daily goal – to feast on anabolic foods, then fast with liquids for 18-24 hours before I eat again.
  • Every night I stretch for about 30-60 minutes, listening and learning from the internet, or might listen to some jazz music while stretching to keep my mind busy.
  • If I feel the need and am tired, I will take a short 60 minutes nap in the late day to help recharge me. Sleep is a very important part of your regeneration and strength program.
  • I try to always get about 7-8 hours sleep each night and wake up with the roosters singing.
  • I also use my mineralized hot tub every night to unwind me and relax me for the evening.

Taking good care of yourself and rebuilding yourself is definitely a full time job, on top of the other full time jobs you may have. Maintaining yourself is a much easier program and requires less time than the total body repair I am doing for myself right now.

Start Slowly And Work Your Way Up To More Intense Workouts

Starting your training and stretching program; If you have never done any strength, weight training or stretching before or for a great while, then a word of caution is to always start out slowly when you first start into your new lifestyle stretching program.

Most people that are very sedentary can still start with a 4 day a week program.

I guarantee you if you have not trained or stretched in a while, you may get very sore for the first 5-10 training sessions. The soreness is a natural part of the course of stretching and stretching the muscles, ligaments and tendons.

For newcomers to start working out and training of any kind, your primary job in the beginning is to slowly start to entrain the muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves to work in some sort of harmony with the new motions your muscles will start to learn and balance.

Words of advice:

Do not be Gung Ho and overtrain yourself for the first 30 days. Always best to slowly increase the poundage and intensity of the weights a little more each week.

Most workouts should only take 45-60 minutes to completely finish. Do not overtrain in the beginning because you will become very sore for several days.

Try and pick a weight or exercise you can do for 3 to 4 sets of 15-20 repetitions.

Need A Medical Check-Up?

If you feel the need to get checked out first by your neighborhood doc, then go and get a physical.

Most people can just start out slowly and then work up the intensity as the weeks progress to your own liking.

The average person in the world nowadays with the invention of the electronic world are usually very sedentary everyday, and any type of working out will make your muscles feel sore the next day – as I have said previously; this is totally normal.

The soreness is a good thing, and shows that you pushed the muscle to perform its normal daily duties. The soreness is a sign that you have sufficiently caused stress to the areas trained.

Sore and stiff muscles are a good thing to have happen the next day after working out or training. The soreness means you have caused sufficient strain and stress for your muscles to grow. Soreness will usually last 1-3 days depending on how intense you exercised.

After 30 days or so, your body will enjoy working out, stretching and training. The first 30 days can be quite challenging for most people, because the body needs to build back stronger and can be quite uncomfortable if you overtrain in the beginning of your program.

Intense exercise stimulates the muscles to grow, and the correct food with an anabolic diet with bioavailable protein and fat will feed the muscles to grow and become stronger than the previous training session, if done correctly.

The ligaments, tendons, nerves and bones will also become much stronger in time.

If you can get through the first 30 days of training, you will feel like you are really advancing to the next level of training, strength and endurance.

How Many Hours Do We Sit In A Chair Per Day?

“Based on survey results from 51,896 individuals, this study found that, in 2016, American adolescents 12-19 years old spent 8.2 hours per day sitting and that adults over age 20 spent 6.4 hours per day sitting.” – src: How Much Time Does the Average Person Spend Sitting

Instead of using a typical chair at my office I use a exercise training ball

I have put together a long detailed description for my 1 Year Healing and Transformation Diet” video that will explain some of my ideas, concepts, disciplines and results on my new diet.

Question: “Dr. C, are you using any hormone replacement therapies to gain the 20 pounds of muscle mass?” – The short answer to that question is an explicit NO!

Many people think that they need to replace their hormones with synthetic hormones. In my opinion, this could be risky and a dangerous experiment indeed.

I have seen many friends and patients try the hormone replacement route with negative effects on their own hormonal system.

When you add synthetic hormones to the body; the glands that produce testosterone will sense the extra hormones in the body and most likely shut down the natural production of these hormones.

There are many ways to not only to increase your testosterone, but also many ways to make sure you are not stopping your own hormones to be produced.

At this time, I am eating an anabolic diet and following many other detox and cleansing protocols for better health and rebuilding results.

Remember, over a 15 year period I destroyed my body with a malnourishing diet based solely on eating plants.

A Malnourished Body Slowly Comes Overtime With A Plant Based Diet

The malnourishment comes when the body starts to run out of the storage of minerals and essential nutrients in the body.

When we malnourish ourselves, the body steals the nutrition needed from our muscles when we are protein deficient, from our bones when we are calcium deficient and from our organs when we are deficient in micronutrients and so on.

Low Testosterone?

As statistics will tell us; the average male nowadays (compared to 50 years ago) has low testosterone.

These may be a variety of reasons and factors why people have lower testosterone and terrible low sperm counts. You would be surprised just how many young boys, men and women have incredibly low testosterone, such as:

  • Eating phytoestrogenic plants such as Soy, Flax and Beer to name a few.
  • Absorbing Xenoestrogens daily in your diet (also called chemical estrogens) in our food, drinks, packaging, linings of cans with BisA, using plastic bottles, plastic wrap and plastic or petrochemical disposable cups and plates.
  • Herbicide consumption such as atrazine and glyphosate in the diet.
  • Wireless Smart tech including but no limited to: Wifi, smart meters, cell phones, cell towers and any type of bluetooth device which are all microwaves.
  • Not getting enough sun and vitamin D.
  • Parasites in the intestines and the organs.
  • Eating a Vegan/Fruitarian/Vegetarian/Standard American Diet and becoming malnourished.
  • Not exercising and stressed.
  • Obesity or overweight 10+ pounds or more.
  • Heavy metal toxicity.
  • Chemical/Petrochemical/Plastic Toxicities and accumulation.
  • Chlorine/Chloramine/Fluoride in your water.
  • Not drinking enough clean water.

These are the main factors both singularly and collectively that can easily be the reasons why you are low in testosterone and feel lazy, tired and not motivated to exercise.

The more of these basic and mostly unknown assaults you can have on a daily basis, I would say the more you will not be able to effectively grow muscle or be able to regenerate yourself. This goes for both men and women since males and females both have testosterone in their bodies naturally.

Testosterone makes us “do things” in the physical world and estrogen basically makes us “feel things” (emotional)  instead of doing things in the physical world.

If you are a man and your testes are smaller than a medium sized chicken egg, then most likely your testosterone is low or very low. Many men complain about their testicles shrinking as they age, and this can be a cause of many of the assaults I just listed for you.

Low testosterone is a true sign of you losing your mojo, and most likely you suffer many symptoms of low “T” like fatigue, weight gain, memory loss, muscle mass, small testes, erectile dysfunction, depressed, mood changes, lazy, tired, decrease in bone density and advanced wrinkled and aged skin.

I always try to read through the comments on the videos and answer some of the questions that people ask. Since I changed my diet and gained 20 pounds of solid muscle in a few months, many people in the comments are saying and thinking that in order to get the quick results I got (and since I am 60 years old) it is impossible to gain that much muscle in such a short span of time, and stay lean and muscular without synthetic testosterone steroid hormone injections or pills.

Here is an example of one of the comments:

Dr. Robert Cassar On Being Natural
Dr. Robert Cassar On Being Natural

I would also recommend watching many of the Earther Academy videos I did in 2020 and 2021 in the Blog, Courses and Rethinking Reality pages on our website.

Do I Use Any Supplements?

Since I started again on animal products and fruit in the beginning of 2020; in this experiment I did not want to use any protein powders, creatine, vitamin B or multivitamin supplements, green powders, maca, testosterone boosters such as Tonkat Ali or Tribulous any more.

If I am eating muscle meat, organ meat, eggs, raw cheese and dairy I am getting all of the essential and micronutrients in my diet, and have zero needs for supplements like I had to take when I was on the plant, or vegan type diet.

The typical vegan doctor recommend taking over 25 supplements on a daily basis. Usually, all the vitamins we buy and take are not enhancing the body and are not good for us to take for the malnourishing diet you call the vegan diet.

Mostly all of the supplements are chemical based, are totally synthetic and not natural at all. The worst part of taking synthetic vitamins are their very poor bioavailability.

If you have to add and take all of these chemical supplements to your diet, you should look into your malnourished diet and make changes before you get sick, tired, weak and premature aging – this is what happened to me.

Video Recipe Courses to Help Rebuild the Malnourished Body: Sashimi and Eggs Lunch, Bone Broth Soup For Healing Leaky Gut And Intestinal Stress, Liver and Onions Pate and 4 Organ Hamburger Meat for Healing.

Keeping My Diet Anabolic

I am not eating any rice, potatoes, greens, veggies, grains or nuts either. I have just been eating mostly one big feast at night: usually 1.5-2 pounds of a variety of grass fed or wild caught beef, liver, kidney, tallow, pelagic fish, eggs, grass fed raw dairy/butter/cheese, kefir, Himalayan sea salt, some mild spices and a few herbs from the garden, mushroom blend in my tea in the morning and that is about it, besides a little bit of organic mustard, ketchup or a few sliced dill pickles with my evening meal.

When I am done eating my feast of a variety of meat (usually about 1.5-2 pounds) I have a little raw sharp cheddar cheese (RBST hormone free), maybe ½ avocado if they are in season on my trees, and a few sips of kefir milk.

If I dont go to bed immediately after 20 minutes, I will definitely fall asleep on the couch. The fats and proteins help to sedate me for the 7-8 hours of sleep we all need to stay healthy, wealthy, happy and wise.

Robert Cassar's 60 Day Transformation
Robert Cassar’s 60 Day Transformation

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Hope you enjoy this “My 4 Day Workout Routine” Video Course 🙂

Dr. Robert

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