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  1. Dr Cassar, I’m presently on day 5 of my water fast, and looking to go 7 to 10 days, but I’d also like to optimize the effects of the fast if I can. I’ve already bought several of the essentials from your store, so is there anything you would recommend I take in addition to just water during this fast?

    1. Aloha Carol!
      I hope your fast was a success! Sorry for this late response, we get so many questions asked, it’s often easy to overlook something like this. For your future enhancing, optimizing and regenerating you could always add different herbal teas to your fast that won’t through the whole thing off. Typically I’ve had patients at our retreats use different liver stimulating and bile stimulating teas which help facilitate removal of toxicity when used with different oral elixirs and toxicity binding drinks like psyllium powder for example. On our Courses page, there are different elixir and drink recipes that show you these protocols to enhance your fast.
      In health,
      Dr. Bryce

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