Making Sashimi and Eggs Lunch

Making Sashimi and Eggs Lunch

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I am going to show you how I create a “Sashimi and Eggs Lunch” as a high fat and protein snack or meal, anytime. This recipe is an excellent source of high test fuel to give you excellent, and long lasting, energy for the rest of the day.

This course is also full of “connecting the dots” information to help you in health and wellness lifestyle, especially for nourishing and rebuilding the body.

The recipe I am going to show you is very easy, as well as quick to make anytime you are wanting to have a nutritious meal that will help you regenerate and rebuild your biology, in a variety of ways.

This is one of my favorite 5 minute lunches or snacks to make, that is totally satisfying, with superb flavor and dense full spectrum nutrition.

Raw fish and eggs in combination are highly nutritious, very healing to the intestines and it is easy to digest the protein and fats if eaten correctly.

I will also talk about what kind of fish and eggs are best to use.

Sliced otoro sashimi in a mixed sashimi set
Sliced Otoro Sashimi

As you may already know, 2020 was the year for me to rebuild myself from 15 years of a slow malnourishing plant based diet.

Don’t get me wrong; plants especially specific fruits, herbs, spices and resins have amazing detoxification and cleansing benefits, but the bioavailable nutrition versus absorption of plants is currently under much debate.

Over the past 12 months, I have regained about 25 lbs of solid muscle from eating mostly animal products for 1 meal a day, and a small amount of fruit before I exercise, for explosive energy. I started rebuilding myself at 127 lbs and now after 12 months weighing in at 149-151 lbs average.

Robert Cassar's 60 Day Transformation
Robert Cassar’s 60 Day Transformation

Plants Detox The Body And Animal Products Heal The Body

Many plants are excellent sources to support the detoxification and cleansing process of the body and mind. Once the body has been detoxed and cleansed; I found that eating a diet of pasture raised healthy animal products help us massively and quickly to rebuild and re-nourish ourselves.

As for the bioavailable nutrition of plants; they are lacking many of the vitamins, minerals, beneficial saturated fats, cholesterol, creatine, essential fat soluble ADEK vitamins, B12 and many other micro essential nutrients we all need to keep our bodies strong and regenerative.

So, if you are primarily eating only plants for your diet, such as a vegetarian, fruitarian or vegan diet; in time most people will start to become malnourished and then advanced aging and chronic disease can start to slowly develop in time, as it did for me.

I was on the plant diet for 15 years and would not recommend only eating a plant based diet long term because of the malnourishing effects almost everyone starts having in 2-5 years or less.

The speed of your malnourishment will depend on how nourished you were before you started your diet, strictly or mostly on plants.

In my opinion, eating plants only (especially conventionally grown pesticide laden plants) will in time make the body unsustainable to function at peak levels for most people.

One of the reasons why many doctors will advise you to swallow up to 20-30 pills or powdered supplements, daily is because of the micronutrient deficiencies in the vegan, vegetarian and Standard American Diets (SAD).

I always consumed plenty of high quality supplements daily, and over time I still got severely malnourished starting at about 6-8 years and became severe in my 12th year into the plant based diet.

Remember, our family owned 2 large superfood companies and always had the best quality organic plant products, protein supplements, algaes, vitamins, minerals, etc. that we sold at and

There are many good supplements that are beneficial for adding to your already nutritious diet, but if you are taking them because your diet is weak in nutrition then this is the beginning of your malnourishment.

The bottom line is, supplements are not as bioavailable as you think and many of the even so called “good supplements” are chemicals and can be dangerous thinking you are getting most of your nutrition through supplements.

I have seen many of my close friends, patients, hundreds of long term vegans and even the SAD diet people become overweight, depressed, bloated, intestinal dysbiosis, acne, sunken eyes, brain shrinkage, unknown inflammatory nerve, muscle and joint diseases, malnourished, loss of testosterone, imbalance hormones, lose muscle/strength and decreased cognitive thinking and ability over several years.

Once your body becomes deficient it could take many years to get your health back and excellent nutritional status once again, especially in children in the developmental stages of life.

Over a year now, I have changed my diet from primarily eating only veggies, grains, greens, nuts and seeds to an animal and fruit based diet to renourish and rebuild myself once again.

Some of the reasons I had to change my diet was because I had many chronic health problems from blood in my stools, muscle weakness, cognitive weakening, intestinal stress/joint and muscle pain/constipation to diarrhea/thinning hair/wrinkled skin/weak fingernails becoming brittle with visual vertical lines in my nails from mineral/collagen deficiencies all due to a long term chronic malnourishment.

I have been on a low oxalate diet for the past year and have not had any beans, rice, potatoes, grains, seed or nuts to heal my stomach and get my nutrition status back up to par.

Here is the video I made in January 2020 so you can have a better idea on why I changed my diet.

Bioavailable Nutrition In Raw Tuna And Fertile Eggs

Before we get started making my favorite quick sashimi and eggs recipe; below is the nutritional information on the raw fish and eggs. As you can see in the charts there is a lot of super nutrition: 25.2 grams of high quality protein and 7.2 grams of the good fats without any fiber, carbs or sugars.

Albacore Tuna (raw) – 100 gram serving (3.5 oz)

  • Calories 172.0
  • Calories from fat 66.0
  • Protein grams 25.2
  • Fat grams 7.2
  • Saturated fat grams 1.9
  • Sodium milligrams 51.0
  • Cholesterol milligrams 38.0
  • Omega-3grams 2.1
  • Carbs 0.0
  • Fiber 0.0
  • Sugars 0.0

Fresh tuna is a rich source of lean protein, omega-3 fatty acids and a wide variety of vitamins and minerals including.

Fresh albacore tuna is an excellent bioavailable source of riboflavin, folate, vitamin K, vitamin B-12 and vitamin A and is especially rich in vitamin D and niacin.

Albacore tuna is also an excellent source of the two most important omega-3 fatty acids: docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA, and eicosapentaenoic acid, or EPA.

Research shows a diet rich in both DHA and EPA may help prevent high blood cholesterol, cancer, many types of heart disease, hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis and neurological disorders like depression, Alzheimer’s disease and dementia and will definitely help with cognitive function.

Many people, who have been on a vegan diet, are deficient in DHA and EPA. I have found that adding bioavailable omegas DHA and EPA will definitely help with depression, usually right away. I felt the positive and profound effects cognitively after eating one serving of salmon and tuna.

Egg Nutrition

Eggs are loaded with protein, good fats, cholesterol, vitamins and minerals. Eggs are also super low in carbohydrates, about 0.6 grams per egg. They are a great addition to any meal for added protein and good fats.

I try to only use organic raised and fertile eggs that have not been fed soy, corn or flax seed.

You can get organic fertile eggs now from many markets such as Trader Joe’s or from your local Farmers Market.

Infographics about nutrition facts in raw egg
Infographics about nutrition facts in raw egg

The Miracle Of Fertile Eggs is a good video to get a few more pointers and other ideas on how to use eggs for the ultimate nutrition supplement.

Fish And Eggs For Weight Loss

The fish and eggs recipe is excellent food for people who want to lose some excess poundage you could have gained over time, by cutting out the carbs, sugar and fiber. At the same time, you will get amazing nutrition and energy at the same time.

For the past year, I have cut out all of the fiber out of my diet to help me heal my intestinal distress, I had for several years, at the end of my plant based diet, and the results are excellent.

After 3 months of removing fiber, most of my intestinal bloating, blood in the stool, constipation etc. were relieved by 95%.

In my opinion, fiber is terrible for people that have any intestinal distress or inflammation. Most fibers we eat are totally insoluble and will not be digested at all causing more bulk, gas, fermentation, bloating, constipation or feeling like you are backed up.

Fiber will absorb a lot of the key minerals and vitamins from your meal.

Good video to watch on fiber experiment:

Want Better Digestion?

I try not to mix any sugar or carbs with my protein and fat meals.

Mixing fruit, sugars of any type including potatoes, rice, salads etc. will all dilute my stomach acid and make it very hard for me to digest the dense protein and fat I have consumed.

I get the maximum benefit of complete digestion without diluting my stomach acids with carbs and sugar.

Complete digestion of your food is what we all are striving for.

Simple Tips For Digesting Better

First of all, I don’t drink any liquids with my meals. I will usually drink 8-16 oz of water 15 minutes before my meal.

Once I have eaten a protein and fat meal; I will not have any liquids for the next 1.5-2 hours as I do not want to dilute the strong stomach acids from the pH of 1.5-2 acidic strength. The lower pH or stronger HCL acid in the stomach, the better the dense proteins and fats will be broken down and assimilated correctly.

Proteins and fats need strong HCL (hydrochloric acid) to break down the fats and amino acids to usable building blocks for energy and regeneration.

Sashimi And Eggs Meal Recipe

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Local vs Pelagic Fish For Sashimi

I don’t eat any fish that are locally caught. I found that local fish caught around coastlines have lots of visual parasites in the flesh from eating human and animal waste runoff. I only will eat fish that are called “pelagic species” – these are fish that roam the oceans in search for food.

Most local fish live in the same area their whole life, so they become toxic by the humans sewage waste and chemicals that go into the ocean from the farmers.

Local fish have a local home and pelagic fish are nomads of the sea, – they have no home.

Once a week I do a parasite protocol to keep any parasites I pick up from food, water or the air.

To learn more about parasites in local fish versus pelagic fish watch:

Parasites In Fish Experiment

Recommended Courses and Categories: Catabolic versus Anabolic Diet, Parasites In Fish Experiment, Using Oregano Oil for Parasite and Intestinal Detoxification, 10 Ways to Protect Yourself from Biological Attacks and What is EDTA?

Omega-3 (EPA+DHA) Levels in Common Fish and Shellfish

Also watch:

Hope you enjoy this “Making Sashimi and Eggs Lunch” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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Making Sashimi and Eggs Lunch

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