Refilling Pedro’s Live Probiotic Bacteria Workshop

Robert Cassar Becoming Your Own Doctor, Essential Philosophy, Ferments, Ketogenic Diet Recipes, Liquids of Vitality Recipes, Live Foods, Lymphatic System, Rebuilding The Gut Wall Flora 4 Comments

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Comments 4

  1. Hi dr cassar,

    Just wondering if I left my probiotic bacteria for a few weeks without giving any sugar what happens to the bacteria?
    Do they turn bad or do they just become stagnent.
    Also I’ve noticed I feel abit drunk when I take a lot of my bacteria, is this normal?
    Thank you for your help

    1. Post

      Aloha Mark, the bacteria will not die when they run out of food or sugar they just go dormant until they are fed again. I have ferments on my counter that are 3 years old and not in the refrigerator just on the counter so they do not need to be in the refrigerator.

      You can refrigerate if you like to eat or drink the ferments that you make. I like my pickles cold but sometimes I like them at room temperature.

      So the bacteria once they are grown and used all up all of the sugars in the ferment recipe then you can put them in the the re-fridge if you like them cold to eat or drink. It is not necessary to refrigerate these live microscopic critters.

      The bacteria like to grow in about 80-100 degrees and will replicate until the fuel or sugar is used.

      :)) Dr robert

      PS: I have over 20 different ferments going in my kitchen all the time. These will massively help rebuild your gut wall flora if used consistently and correctly.

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