Lyme Disease From Tick with Mike Campanile

Lyme Disease From Tick with Mike Campanile

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In this Interview and Sauna Detox Workshop, we are going to speak with Mike Campanile from Long Island who participated in the 21 day terrain modification detoxification and rejuvenation retreat with us in Hawaii.

In Part 1 (33 min) we will talk about his 14 day water fasting journey, and his debilitating sickness from Lyme Disease over the past several years, as well as 21 day ”Life Changing Experience”.

Part 2 (40 min) is a hands on workshop specifically for detoxification of the skin, pores and skin fungus.

I will be using several acidic solvents, such as concentrated Fulvic Acid, Lugol's Iodine, Ionic Magnesium Concentrate and several very effective protocols to help purge the pores, as well as clean and detox the skin and lymphatic system with the Gwashing Deep Massage Techniques on the muscles.

These skin/pore scraping protocols are very effective for pore detoxification and supporting fungus removal. The most common skin fungus I see on most everyone is the parasite called Tinea Versicolor.

We are going to show you various Gwashing skin techniques/protocols in the sauna to support the purging of the lymphatic system through sweating and the gwashing, or scrapping protocols.

Mike has been diagnosed with Lyme Disease from his doctors. He has had many severe and debilitating symptoms, as many people do with this parasitic infection that comes from being bitten by an infected tick, or other blood sucking creatures, that all inject some of their fluid in us when they bite.

Mike was here for 21 days learning and practicing a variety of Terrain Modification protocols, while fasting on mineralized and distilled water, to see if he could get some relief from all of the inflammatory symptoms he had with the Lyme infection.

What Is Lyme Disease?

“Lyme disease (LD) is an infection caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, a type of bacterium called a spirochete (pronounced spy-ro-keet) that is carried by deer ticks. An infected tick can transmit the spirochete to the humans and animals it bites.” – source: Lyme Disease ALDF

“Borrelia burgdorferi is a bacterial species of the spirochete class of the genus Borrelia. Borrelia burgdorferi exists in North America and Europe and until 2016 was the only known cause of Lyme disease in North America (Borrelia mayonii, found in the midwestern US, is also known to cause the disease).” – source: Borrelia Burgdorferi Wikipedia

Lyme Spirochetes on an electron microscope
Lyme Spirochetes on an electron microscope

The Lyme disease spirochete is called the “Borrelia burgdorferi”, (See above picture) infects other species of ticks, but is known to be transmitted to humans, and other animals, only by the deer tick (also known as the black-legged tick) and the related Western black-legged tick.

Studies have shown that an infected tick normally cannot begin transmitting the spirochete until it has been attached to its host for about 36-48 hours. The best line of defense against Lyme Disease, therefore, is to examine yourself at least once daily and remove any ticks before they become engorged (swollen) with blood.

Generally, if you discover a deer tick attached to your skin that has not yet become engorged, it has not been there long enough to transmit the LD spirochete. Nevertheless, it is advisable to be alert in case any symptoms do appear; a red rash (especially surrounding the tick bite), flu-like symptoms, or joint pains in the first month following any deer tick bite could signal the onset of LD.

I grew up in Southern California and played in the creeks and mountains everyday. I personally have been bitten by more than 100 ticks from when I was 7-20 years old. That was 40-50 years ago and the ticks were ever present in our mountains and animals.

I remember pulling out many ticks out of my skin with a pair of pliers, or burning them with a match to make them pull out of my skin. I usually just pulled their burrowed heads out from my skin. I wonder how many pathogens these blood suckers transmit to us when they are drinking our blood.

Phases of Lyme Disease
Phases of Lyme Disease

What Bugs Feed On Human Blood?

How many times have you been bitten by a bug that wants to drink your blood? I am sure many more people are infected with these types of bug bites that can be deadly to biology.

Ticks have been around in large numbers in many areas of the USA since I was in my teens. I remember our dogs getting 100’s of ticks on their bodies and especially in the inner ear. The dogs always had ear infections in the spring and summer when the ticks were out of hibernation and hungry for blood.

There is a lot of research today which is suspicious the tick/bug spirochete type parasite may be able to be transferred from other infected biology by sexual fluid transfer from humans, or infected animals.

Most of us have been bitten by bugs that suck our blood like fleas, bed bugs, flies, lice, chiggers, mites, mosquitoes, etc. These blood drinkers are all parasitic types of insects and are attracted to carbon dioxide and warm blood.

I am sure these parasitic disease transferring bugs are responsible for many autoimmune diseases we see today.

This is a picture of an “Infected Arm Bite” from a tick.
This is a picture of an “Infected Arm Bite” from a tick.

You can notice the red “Bullseye Effect” on the skin where they were bitten by an infected bug. This type of slow growing rash is called a “EM” rash or “Erythema Migrans” rash. Usually the symptoms and rash will occur with 7-14 days of being bitten.

So, they are not easily seen on your clothes or body. It’s always a good idea to shower yourself, shake your clothes outside and wash and check for ticks on your pets when going living or traveling around the mountainside.

Ticks are bugs in the order “Parasitiformes”. They are in the Arachnida class, so these ticks are related to spiders. Ticks do not have wings or antennae. Ticks embed themselves in your skin and can be quite difficult to remove.

Ticks can transmit a number of nasty diseases including Lyme disease, Q fever, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Colorado tick fever and I am sure many more diseases that we do not know about related to these blood sucking bugs.

These blood sucking “Ticks” are very small indeed.
These blood sucking “Ticks” are very small indeed.

Cases of Lyme Disease in the USA

Is Lyme disease becoming more common?

“Lyme disease is ten times more common than thought. The 30,000 cases of Lyme disease reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) each year are just the tip of the iceberg. According to a new CDC estimate, more than 300,000 Americans are diagnosed with the tick-borne disease each year.” – source:

I personally suspect that there are many more cases of Lyme or Spirochete disease than we know about. Lyme affects many hundreds of thousands of people per year just in the USA alone.

We have had many 21 day retreat participants that have been told by their doctor they had Lyme disease.

We have had fantastic results in the reduction of inflammation and symptoms with “Block Water Fasting” for 14-30 days, and collectively following through with a variety of Terrain Modification protocols for detoxification.

Lyme on the march chart
Lyme on the march chart

After a long period of fasting and detoxification protocols, the body is dry like a sponge, we are now ready to start the “Re-feeding” program with bioavailable closely related mitochondria type biologies and reducing the oxalates, phytates, lectins, grains, seeds, nuts, isoflavones and nightshades in the diet for the next 90 days as much as you can had marked positive results.

Please watch “Lyme Disease and Miraculous Recovery with Anita” from Australia. She was here for 3 months and had miraculous results.

Since 2013 we have been doing clinical research with fasting and combing the Terrain Modification protocols together for the ultimate detoxification in a short period of time. If you really “dry” yourself out from all foods, sugars, carbs and fats for 7-14 days at a time, – 1-2 times a year with pure and clean distilled water combined with conductive electrolytes, most people will reset, renew and rebuild themselves in a short period of time.

I have found if you add the Terrain Modification collective symbiotic therapies such as water or liquid fasting, it will support removing toxins/contaminants. There are many other therapies to support the removal of petrochemicals like plastics, BPA’s, phalates, oxalates, heavy metals.

Reducing inflammation is one of the main components of sickness and mental dysfunction.

Adding a variety of Terrain Modification protocols such as deep massage, hydro colon therapy, Rebuilding The Gut Wall Flora, thyroid protocols, saunas, rebuilding your nervous system, deep rest, removing WiFi and wireless radiation from your house, sun, saunas, parasite therapies, re-nourishing with bioavailable foods and exercise to name a few departments of essential maintenance to your lifestyle.

Reducing parasites, heavy metals, petrochemicals, wireless technologies and nourishing yourself with bioavailable foods and liquids will definitely add positively to the years of your life :))

All of the collective therapies I have mentioned above, are very effective when used in combination for removing various toxicities and support the rebuilding process that is essential to regaining your health.

Learning to take care of ourselves is a constant “Work In Progress” and is always in a state of progressing to Optimize, enhance and upgrade the information and practices.

The key is to clean, detoxify and re-nourish the body and mind with bioavailable foods and liquids as well as you can by understanding the Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles.

Learn and practice a little at a time, so you are not overwhelmed by all of the information we share.

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Hope you enjoy this “Lyme Disease From Tick with Mike Campanile” :))

Dr. Robert

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  1. There is a book out the title is Medical Medium Mystery Illnesses published 2015. I really feel you should read this book it explains Lyme disease in a whole new way that makes much more sense. I really appreciate what you do and your passion for helping people but read this book to see the real definition of Lyme disease. The book explains so many mysteries about Illnesses. I suffered from neurological pain for 18 years. Doctor after doctor – no help. Read this book implemented his simple protocols and in 1 month had so much relief. Much of it similar to yours. 8 months later I am 95% better. I am 66 years old.
    Just wanted to share you seem like someone with an open mind to healing.
    Anita Hall

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