Live Medicinal Fermented Probiotic Papaya Drink

Live Medicinal Fermented Probiotic Papaya Drink

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Live Medicinal Fermented Probiotic Papaya Drink – We are going to use the sugars in the fruit to make us huge Probiotic Colonies of Essential Bacteria.

Live Medicinal Fermented Probiotic Papaya Drink is a continuation of our “Live Fermented Recipes and Lecture Series of Superfood Liquid Elixirs”.

Live Ferments are one of the key components to a vibrant and healthier life.

I personally and faithfully drink “Live Ferments” daily, and this department of Terrain Modification is one of the major contributors to learning and practicing these protocols to massively support healing my severe 10 years constant biological intestinal dysfunctions.

These are a few of my constant symptoms I had for over 10 years: constant nagging intestinal gas, bloating, terrible digestion, diarrhea, constipation, stomach aches after eating anything, constant very painful and hyper irregular stools when defecating, blood in my stools and many more very unpleasant symptoms of colitis or IBS ( Irritable Bowel Syndrome ).

The Terrain Modification protocols, practices and principles I share on Earther academy are what I personally used to heal many of the variety of parasites I had, along with thousands of hands on clinical practice with patients in California for over 15 years.

Learning Body and Mind Detoxification and Rejuvenation techniques is the Prime Directive of Terrain Modification.

Personally, I have had over 35 years of research and experimentation in these areas to rebuild my whole body and mind.

Just remember this concept: Your Gut Wall Flora is more important to keep healthy than you going to work, relationships with anyone, eating correctly or even exercising.

Your healthy Gut Wall Flora are responsible for about 85% of your immune system – Make a Super Probiotic Ferment and change your life for the better.

I have an Earth Kitchen so this recipe is very easy to make for me. If not use what you can to make this genius life food ferment recipe.

This recipe is what I call “Real Live Food Medicine”.


Add Organic Liquid Stevia too if you want to drink it with a little sweetness after it ferments. The sugar will be all gone in a few days and it will become stronger each day which means it is making more bacteria’s.

White cheese bacteria on the top of the ferment is the culture so don’t think that your culture is bad at all – that’s the good stuff :))

NOTE: Usually takes a 1-2 days before you can start eating. The Live Ferments grow a lot sometimes, so make sure you leave a 2-3 inches in the jar for expansion. You will probably have to burp this recipe a few times in the beginning while the recipe is feeding, which means making live fermented fruit to make essential gut wall flora bacteria.

Blend in the ingredients slowly. Do not blend to fine – blend to 1/8 – 1/4 inch.

Optional to increase medicinal qualities: 1/4 tsp of organic cayenne or organic chili.

You can see more in our Ferments section.

Constantly adding small amounts to your diet daily is a way to ensure you get a good healthy constant flora of good fermented foods full of the essential microbes that are responsible for so many of the behind the scenes than you could ever imagine.

The BIG PICTURE here is to cut way down with the sugars in the body – no matter what kind: processed sugar, honey, fruit, sugar of any kind and replace it with fats and ferments mostly. This will change the level of candida, yeast, mold and fungus in anyone’s system.

GET AN EARTHER KITCHEN so you can make 100’s of my personal life changing recipes that we teach and share!

We have all the products necessary with wholesale internet direct pricing at our discount superstore for organic superfoods and essential products at We also have discount shipping rates to Alaska and all of the Hawaiian Islands.

The Live Ferment Recipes I am sharing are the healthiest and most inexpensive way to make “Super Mineralized Fermented Crunchy Veggies”.

Most of all the ferments/sauerkraut you buy in the stores these days are pasteurized and dead of the life giving reason we want to have them.

Any pasteurization kills all the probiotic good bacteria. This is why we make our own and it’s super easy, cheap and fun to do. The main reason why you are eating the veggie ferments is to get the rich amounts of good bacteria in your gut.

Everything in Life is all a “Constant Work in Progress” when we are living an evolutionary lifestyle, and “You are what you eat, drink, say, hear and do” so be conscious of that.

Hope you enjoy this “Live Medicinal Fermented Probiotic Papaya Drink” :))

Dr. Robert

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Live Medicinal Fermented Probiotic Papaya Drink

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