Life Threatening Cancer/Sickness Interview with Shanti and Erik

Life Threatening Cancer/Sickness Interview with Shanti and Erik

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Life Threatening Cancer/Sickness Interview with Shanti and Erik. They are both fighting “Cancer” using alternative protocols and total lifestyle changes.

In this video course – Shanti and Eric are going to tell you their tumultuous and truly inspiring journeys. Both of them have been diagnosed by the medical establishments as having a life threatening sickness.

They will tell you some of their story and share with you what they are doing to navigate sickness to health, which is why this video is important to watch.

Please make sure that you watch part 1 which is approx. 60 minutes. They both have stories that we can learn from and how they are navigating their sickness back to Health. Shanti was a whooping 330 pounds and now she is 170 pounds. Wow! Loosing close to 150 pounds of toxicity and debris.

Wait until you see the debris that comes out both of Shanti and Eric!

What you are going to see coming out of their pores and skin is massive toxicity and parasitic debris. This debris comes out quite easily when following the protocols.

Shanti and Eric are participants at our 21 day – 3 month retreat center in Hawaii. Shanti finished with a 18 day dry water fast and Eric did 14 days of fasting.

The cutting edge programs are to re-set and re-start the software of the body and to start to re-build areas that are deficient such as the gut wall intestinal flora and the nervous system.

Parasites and Detoxification are very important to understand and negotiate.

Its all a work in process and we should be proud of people that are looking into different areas to see if they can ”CURE” themselves or management of their so called ”SICKNESS”

Again we are not treating any sickness we are doing “Terrain Modification“.

The body and mind are very intelligent and have the complete capacity to “Self-Organize” and repair itself as long as we take away what is ailing the body and give it what it needs so it can repair itself with its own “Innate Intelligence”.

We all need to remove the toxicity and the parasitic loads we all have in our bodies and minds. We have all accumulated over time large amounts of many types of organic and non organic debris that has lodged itself in many areas of the body. As you will hear the sickness affects people in different areas of the body and the mind.

The Terrain Modification Protocols, Practices and Disciplines will surely change the way you feel, think and look for the better. It does take a minimum of 180 days to go through the first stage of what I call the “Metamorphosis”.

  • There are approximately 50 areas in “Terrain Modification” that are separate to one another but they are all connected to one another too.
  • Terrain modification is not treating any dis-ease we are upgrading, enhancing and optimizing many departments I want to make this clear to people.
  • Everyone that is “Sick or Healthy” or “Young or Old” should study and practice the protocols specializing in detoxification and rejuvenation. Again, this is to reset and reorganize the body and mind.

Shedding the old ways, accumulations, feelings and lifestyle to a more authentic and natural way of life.

You will have to navigate and negotiate many areas that we call “Terrain Modification“. The journey starts with the first step and it’s always baby steps at a time for sure.

Tens of thousands of people have already started their “Self Responsibility” by learning these cutting edge simple protocols.

In time you will want to learn and practice “Intermittent Fasting” and “Block Fasting” are 2 areas you will be learning along with a “Ketogenic Blood Free” type Diet / Lifestyle that is very low on any type of Sugar / Carbohydrates and high in “Good Fats”.

Self responsibility is one of the keys to a Healthy, Wealthy, Happy and Evolutionary Life that has Meaning and True Purpose.

Enjoy the journey :))

Dr. Robert

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Life Threatening Cancer/Sickness Interview with Shanti and Erik Part 2

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