Lemon Enema For Dissolving Parasitic Biofilm and Mucus

Lemon Enema For Dissolving Parasitic Biofilm and Mucus

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This course is specifically targeting Parasitic Biofilm and Mucus that accumulates in the lower intestines or colon. The large intestine (or colon) is where many pathogenic bacteria and parasites grow and live in the protective mucus or biofilm. The effectiveness of this therapy is to learn and practice a two stage 32oz enema.

Part 1 – I am going to show you the beginning recipe. There are only two ingredients in the beginning enema formula – Lemons and Salt.

Part 2 – I am going to share with you a much more effective recipe to remove biofilm, parasites and mucus. We will be using several other collective compounds together along with the lemon/salt juice for a much more effective biofilm/parasite removing therapy.

The biofilm or mucus is a protective layer that surrounds the intestinal tract, but also holds many of the pathogenic toxic parasites causing much irritation to the intestines and body. The parasites not only live in the biofilm/mucus areas, but they also defecate in it causing the biofilm to become much more toxic and irritative to the intestinal walls.

The Lemon Enema Therapy is to dissolve and wash out the parasites living in the biofilm or the gel of the large intestines. Hookworms are blood drinking parasites, and are living in most peoples intestines. These are very small parasites (5-20mm long) but have voracious teeth like a shark.

Intestinal Hookworms
Intestinal Hookworms

What Is The Large Intestine or Colon?

The “Colon” is about 5ft long and 3 inches in diameter, and is the very last part of the intestines.

I call this area of the large Intestine the “Main Sewer” or “The End of The Human Digestive Septic System”. The small intestine in adults is a long and narrow tube about 7 meters (23 feet) long. A variety of destructive parasites can live anywhere in the 40ft of intestinal tract.

How Does The Colon Work?

Think of the colon as the largest muscles in the intestines. The excess water is absorbed in the colon. Beneficial Bacteria in the colon break down the remaining food or materials. Then the colon moves the leftover decomposing material into the rectum.

Your Diet and Lifestyle have a lot to do with the Intestines Functioning Correctly.

Muscles in the rectum move the waste, called stool, out of the body through the anus. The colon absorbs water from wastes, creating a stool of a variable of consistencies (such as diarrhea and constipation) with a variety of colors and shapes.

The Colon is very susceptible and can accumulate many species of parasites, fungi, mold and candida to name a few.

What Is “Biofilm or Mucus” In The Intestines?

Biofilm or pathogenic mucous are protective shielding that pathogenic microbes/parasites use to guard themselves from our immune system. In other words the mucus, or biofilm, acts as a cloaking device for the parasites, so the body cannot detect them as an intruder to either deactivate or kill this parasitic creature.

Biofilm can occur in many areas of the body like on the teeth for example. Once biofilm is accumulating, the parasites that live in the biofilm/mucus defecate or poop in the mucus and this causes another layer of sickness or dysfunction to people without them knowing it.

Mostly all parasites have their own defense system so they cannot be harmed or found in the body by the immune system.

Think of the biofilm is a way for the parasites to hide in the body, and be protected by this slime over their entire body.

In the “Colonoscopy: Moving Parasites” video below, watch the parasites that live in the biofilm or mucus. Notice the “Snake” or “Serpent” like parasites are not in the center of the intestines, or in the feces, but this class of parasites actually live and thrive in the mucus/biofilm on the side of the intestines. This therapy supports removing the biofilm and the parasites that live in them.

Using the 2 stage Lemon Juice/Skin and Salt Enema first is a good beginning. Try a few times and see what happens before using the more effective intermediate/advanced Lemon Enema recipes and protocols.

Using the beginning recipe of the Lemon enema in part 1 and having a healthy diet void of any processed foods or refined sugar, is a great start to reduce and slow the manufacturing of toxic biofilm/mucus in the colon.

Natural Agents That Disrupt Biofilm and Mucus.

Some natural compounds that can help reduce biofilm and mucus in our diets are: Cinnamon, Apple Cider Vinegar, Lemons, Limes, Curcumin, Oregano Oil, Activated Charcoal, Proteolytic Enzymes, Live Ferments, Live Foods and Distilled Water .

This specific Lemon Enema Biofilm Removing Therapy works best when practiced a few times in a row, and right after one another.

I have found that using 2 separate 32 ounce enemas is very effective to clean out the colon of debris, and some biofilm.

Remember, this enema therapy is specifically to reduce and wash out biofilm and parasites living in the gel of the intestines.

Hookworms are one of the species of parasites that live in the biofilm and mucus of the intestines. Hookworms live in the intestines and eggs are passed easily from feces of infected animals/people.

Signs and Symptoms of a Parasitic Infection

Recipe for Beginning Lemon Enema.

This therapy is much more effective when you are liquid fasting and/or have gone to the bathroom first to remove as much debris as possible.

This is a 2 stage enema therapy, so you are going to use 2 – 32 oz separate enemas within about a 30 minute period.

The first enema is with the lemons only. The first enema is to remove the first layer of colonic debris.

In the second enema I will combine the lemon juice and Himalayan Liquid Sole Salt to add to the removal of all intestinal debris. This allows the colon to be irrigated with natural compounds to support removing biofilm and parasites that live in the gel walls.

Supplies Needed:

  • 2 – 32 ounce Mason Jars
  • 64 ounces of Distilled Water
  • 4 Lemons
  • Liquid Sole Salt – for second enema

I like to use an electric lemon juicer (Alex's Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer 34 oz). Electric juicers really make juicing lemons and the white inner skin super easy to juice. Once you have juiced the lemons really well you can turn the lemon inside out and juice some of the skin too, which adds to the potency of the enema.

Juice 4-5 big lemons thoroughly to make about 4-5 ounces of lemon juice.

After I am done juicing the lemons, I add all the lemon juice to the blender and add the yellow/green skin of ½ to 1 of the already juiced lemons, and blend on high for 20 seconds or so.

Pour all of the juice from the blender into a fine meshed strainer or nut bag to remove all of the little pieces of lemon debris, before adding the juice to the enema bag. Straining the juice is a necessity even if you do not use the blender and just juice your lemons, so your enema bag and tube will not clog on you.

The lemon juice strength/potency can be increased simply by adding more lemon juice up to 4 ounces per 32 ounce mason jar. It’s always recommended to start with 2 ounces of lemon juice per 32 oz when first trying for a few times, and find your tolerance.

Remember, this enema therapy to be more effective with biofilm removal is performed in two separate stages.

In each stage I try to use 32 ounces of liquid each time, and hold as long as I can. The first recipe is only to remove the debris out of the lower colon and the second recipe is to perform a deeper and more effective flush.

Beginning Enema Techniques and Visual Workshop
Watch “Beginning Enema Techniques and Visual Workshop” On How To Do An Enema

1st Stage (Beginning) Lemon Enema.

The enemas are best held when you heat up the lemon juice until lukewarm or about body temperature (90 degrees or so) before using. Too cold is just as bad as too hot if you want to hold the enema as long as you can.

Add 2-4 oz of strained lemon juice into one of the 32 ounce Mason jars, then fill up the jar (up to 1 inch from the top of the Mason jar) with distilled water and mix well.

If you want to have more of an intestinal mover use 1-2 Tbsp of Ionic Magnesium Concentrate with this recipe.

Try to hold this emena in for as long as you can. I always try to get my abdomen above my head doing either a headstand or shoulder stand for as long as I can, and hold the enema in to help move the lemon juice deeper into the colon.

After you are finished with 1st Stage wait 5- 10 minutes and now you are ready for 2nd Stage recipe.

2nd Stage (Beginning) Lemon Enema.

The first 32 oz Mason jar is only using the lemons and second enema (within 10-15 minutes from the first) is combined with the Sole Salt.

Add 2-4 oz of strained lemon juice and 1-2 Tbsp of Himalayan Liquid Sole Salt to another 32 ounce Mason jars, then fill up the jar (up to 1 inch from the top of the Mason jar) with distilled water and mix well.

Try to hold this enema in for as long as you can. This enema is stronger so you may not be able to hold it as long as 1st Stage.

Again, I always try to get my abdomen above my head doing either a headstand or shoulder stand for as long as I can hold the enema in, to help move the lemon juice deeper into the colon.

If you want to increase the strength and effectiveness of either recipe just add more lemon and salt to your desired tolerance.

I like to do this 2 stage enema therapy while I am fasting to make sure that there is as little debris in the intestines as possible. The less intestinal debris/old food in the intestines, the more effective you will be with this therapy.

This Biofilm Removal Therapy can be very effective if using 1-2 times a week for 30 days.

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Hope you enjoy this “Lemon Enema For Dissolving Parasitic Biofilm and Mucus” Video Course :))

Dr. Robert

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Lemon Enema For Dissolving Parasitic Biofilm and Mucus Part 2

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  1. Is it better to do this enema toward the end of water fasting? I am concerned that it would stop or interfere with the ketogenic state, I am currently doing a water fast and planning to go 21 days for my Lyme and parasite health condition. Could you please tell me when it would be best to begin doing this enema in my fast?
    Thank you!

    1. Post

      Hi Lillian.

      Enemas can be done several days per week, or even for some people every day. The lemon enema will not take you out of a ketogenic state so don’t worry about that, but it will help dissolve bio-film which is the protective coating of parasites.

      You may want to look into using anti-parasitic drugs, such as Ivermectin and/or Fenbendazole that many self-medicating people and doctors have had good results from. In the future I will be doing a video on this information.

      Hope that helps 🙂


      Dr. Robert…

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