Intestinal Parasite Pineapple Cleanse Recipes

Intestinal Parasite Pineapple Cleanse Recipes

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This Enzymatic Parasite Pineapple Cleanse really works incredibly well to help Detox and Regenerate the Small and Large Intestines.

We are going to make 3 easy recipes: Tapache Live Pineapple Ferment, Dipping Sauce for Fresh Pineapple and Bacopa Monnieri for Parasites.

Tapache Live Pineapple Ferment

First make the “Tapache” Live Ferment by removing all of the skin of the pineapple into a large jar.


Fill with distilled water or clean water – I prefer the distilled H20 for all of my recipes.

Mix all of the ingredients and cover well for 1-2 days, and the ferment is completed and ready to drink.

This ferment is massively filled with enzymes and live nutrient bacteria to stimulate cleansing and regeneration of the intestines.

Dipping Sauce for fresh Pineapple.

Recipe for the Super Nutritional “Dipping” Sauce for the Fresh Pineapple.

Mix together and use this super nutritious dipping sauce for the pineapple pieces.

Bacopa Monnieri for Parasites

Cold processed Bacopa Monnieri is a powerful herb for intestinal cleansing and mind cognitive enhancement.

I only use “OO” veggie size caps to fill the Bacopa Herb. This herb is very bitter so I never mix the Bacopa in any recipes because it will ruin the taste.

I usually take 2 – “OO” veggie caps of Bacopa 2-3 times a day for the length of the cleanse.

If I get to much intestinal turbulence I take less or none at all.

I live in Hawaii so it’s really easy to get ripe organic beautiful pineapples a few times a year.

We actually grow these pineapples on our farm and they take 1 year to grow.

Try to get organic if you can and wash with non toxic soap on the skin of all fruits and veggies before they are eaten.

When I do this cleanse and protocol usually for 3-7 days.

Also, drink some of liquids of vitality recipes all day long. Use a variety of the liquids of vitality and a big serving of the pineapple ( I eat the whole pineapple at one sitting usually for my evening meal ).

Tonight I am going to have this feast with a whole pineapple with a super nutritious great tasting dipping sauce to savor the enzymatic pineapple in. The dressing has lots of proteins and the right types of healthy oils for the intestines and the super creamy taste you like too.

The enzymes in the fresh pineapple really help clean out the intestines.

Recipe #1 – Pineapple Ferment or Tapache should be sipped throughout the day anytime. These are live bacteria to help restore intestinal strength and vitality.

1 ounce/body pound = 150 pounds / it is recommended to drink 150 ounces of a variety of liquids of vitality.

Trade your dinner for this super pineapple dinner and then, with the parts most people throw away, we are going to make ferment drink called “Tapache” with the parts of the pineapple you are not going to eat.

This makes a strong ferment that is excellent to drink daily to get a stomach full of good enzymes and probiotics.

See the Pineapple Kombucha Live Ferment Drink Video – to see how to make this elixir.

I am doing a parasite cleaning now, so I will show you what I am doing for that. I have been using the herb called Bacopa Monnieri is an Ayurvedic Herb that is used typically for increasing the cognitive abilities.

This works excellent on loosening the bowels and ridding the bowels of lots accumulated creatures and garbage too.

I usually do this for 2 weeks unless I get a bad reaction to it. Then I will stop until I can try at it again.

You are what you “Eat, Drink, Say, Hear and Do” so be conscious of that.

Hope you enjoy this Intestinal Parasite Pineapple Cleanse Recipes Video :))

Dr. Robert

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Intestinal Parasite Pineapple Cleanse Recipes

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