Intermediate Sauna Gwashing Techniques

Intermediate Sauna Gwashing Techniques

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Intermediate Sauna Gwashing Techniques – We are going to use a variety of Terrain Modification protocols with three participants at the Earther Academy Hawaiian Retreat to Clean, Detox and Rejuvenate the Skin and Pores.

We will be showing you how to do some intermediate and advanced Gwashing techniques on Mike from Nevada, Amber from California and Brett from Whales, UK. They were all 21 day participants of the detox and rejuvenation retreats we do in Hawaii several times a year.

We will use some vital protocols to open up and reduce the amount of pore parasites such as candida, yeast, mold, heavy metals, petroleum, plastics etc.

In Part 1 (9 min) – will be on how I work on the face and parts of the body where Mike has many tattoos. Wait until you see all of the gunk and toxicity that comes out of his skin and pores.

Part 2 (38 min) – you will see how to use some dissolving acidic minerals, in combination using the Gwashing skin and pore techniques on Amber’s face and body.

Part 3 (40 min) – we are in the sauna and will discuss dissolving agents to detox and stimulate the skin and pores to purge toxicity and skin fungus.

In a very short period of time (usually 30-60 days) the skin will have lessened or eliminated the wrinkles, dry skin, pimples, acne, black heads and dark spots using these various techniques and re-lubrication protocols. We all gain toxicity, chemicals, parasites, plastic, petroleum etc. living in the world today. Mainly from the the air, water and foods we consume daily.

I always recommended people to go in the sauna for at least 30 minutes, so as to soften up the skin and pores before using any of the gwashing protocols. Remember, this is an intermediate to advanced course so take your time.

There are many types of gwashing tools you can use. I have many of the ones in our Recommended Products List from Amazon Prime and

Watch the other many videos that we have in our Skin Cleaning, Detoxification and Rejuvenation page, so you can get some pointers before you start this therapy.

Products used in the course: Fulvic AcidMagnesium Chloride and Living SilicaOrganic Coconut Oil and Cacao Butter 1lb.

If you are bruising the face to any degree, you are going at it to hard and/or the tissue is not healthy. Healthy tissue will not bruise or bleed easily. It took me several years to stop bruising everywhere, that is how much sick tissue I had. I never bruise now, ever. Even if I go at it very aggressive in the sauna as I always do now.

The bruised marks, or what is called ecchymosis, is very common on most people who first do any of the gwashing therapies. The marks will usually disappear in a few days. In time the body or the face will not get any marks or bruises when the tissues become healthier. Always wait until the bruising, or ecchymosis, is gone before performing this therapy to that area again.

With older and damaged skin you will have to experiment very slowly, to see how your skin will take this type of rejuvenation therapy. I have seen some people be too aggressive when they first started. I have found it is better to work with the body for several months, so you can get used to using these protocols on easier parts of the body first.

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Hope you enjoy this “Intermediate Sauna Gwashing Techniques” Video 🙂

Dr. Robert

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Intermediate Sauna Gwashing Techniques Part 2

Intermediate Sauna Gwashing Techniques Part 3

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  1. I would like know if Mike had any other protocol done before this Face Gwashing video? I tried this and it did not work? i put Fulvic and Coconut Oil on the face and then scrap with the Gua Sha Tool. Nothing came out from under the skin? Was i supposed to steam my face first? or Skin Wash first?

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