Human Parasites Categories 1-5

Human Parasites Categories 1-5

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Human Parasites Categories 1-5 – We have classified 10 different and distinct categories of “Human Parasites”.

Human Parasites Categories 1-5

Everybody has a variety of Parasites, of which there are many classes, categories and hierarchies. The first step is to get a bigger picture of these very elusive and very unknown parasitic creatures.

“Where Do They Live? What Do They Eat? and How To Remove Them Safely?”

Let’s show you the first 5 categories/levels of these bizarre and sometimes very dangerous creatures. This may be the most real “Eye Opening” and “Life Changing” video course you have seen in your life. The pictures I am going to show you are not CGI they are a variety of real parasites or what I call “Intra-Terrestrial Aliens”.

Parasites live in and on us all, but are totally alien and hitchhiking on us, all at the same time. This is why I like to call them the “Intra-Terrestrial Aliens” or “Alien Hitchhikers”.

I have been studying parasites for almost 40 years. Parasites are the most Bizarre and misunderstood creatures in the world. These powerful and very numerous creatures live elusively off unsuspecting hosts – silently controlling many of the physiological, mental and emotional well being of any infected host. As you will see these various forms of Parasitic Creatures live in us silently and unsuspected.

Many of these parasites have the ability to hijack our nervous system and control us very easily.

I was so excited to investigate these bizarre unknown creatures that live on our skin, pores and in our bodies, causing many sickness and disease, and it is virtually unknown to most doctors how to treat the disorder correctly.

Human Parasites Categories 1-5

Simple Parable: Creatures of the Ocean and Creatures of the bodies.

Parasites can be akin to the myriad of mysterious unknown creatures of the oceans – billions of unknown species/classes/hierarchies from dominant to submissive eaters of the food chain. One species eating another in a constant dynamic of survival of the fittest, and researchers only understand a small fraction of the creatures we call life within the oceans – our bodies are just like the oceans.

The average human body is actually about 18 gallons of a salty water, and we also have billions/trillions of tiny creatures reproducing cells, bacteria, parasites etc. – all living either harmoniously together or in a constant “Civil War Battle” against each other in our human water bodies.

Some of these creatures may be beneficial, but most of them are definitely NOT!!!

Creatures will always live, survive and thrive where they can… if they can… and when they can! Like a wild weed will grow and reproduce where it can as well.

This is a private video course because of the level of information being given is not acceptable to some of public social media networks.

Understanding and learning about parasites and toxicity are some of the most important you will want to learn and practice.

Human Parasites Categories 1-5

Hopefully after watching our private Earther Academy Lectures, Workshops, Essential Philosophy and Protocols on Parasites and Mind Controlling Parasites – you will have a much better understanding about Parasites and what you can do about it to reduce or remove these harmful creatures on your own.

Recommended Courses and Categories: Parasites, Stimulating The Fountain of Youth via The Great Lymphatic System and Mind Controlling Parasites.

Remember, this Earther Academy Course is a Private Workshop, and we will present over 80 custom slides for you to learn and get visuals on this very important subject – so study well.

When the Terrain Modification protocols change your life for the better please share the information to your family and friends.

Hope you enjoy this “Human Parasites Categories 1-5” Video Course πŸ™‚

Dr. Robert

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Human Parasites Categories 1-5

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